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Decarbonising commercial and industrial process heating in Australia

Project Member(s): Trianni, A., Islam, M., Wilmot, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Race for 2030 Limited (Race for 2030 Limited CRC)
Race for 2030 Limited (Race for 2030 Limited CRC)

Start year: 2023

Summary: The proposed project is a result of a collaboration among cross-disciplinary experts, primarily in the fields of engineering, physics, and environmental science, with a particular emphasis on optimising industrial heat pumps. A2EP, with the backing of research partners such as UTS and RMIT, along with ANZ energy consultants, endeavours to augment knowledge and awareness in the Australian process industry concerning the potential advantages of implementing industrial heat pumps as a means of decarbonizing processes. The proposal is strategically designed to address technical, non-technical, regulatory, and commercial challenges highlighted in the B3 OA. To overcome these obstacles, the proposal seeks to instil business confidence in industrial heat pumps by showcasing their efficacy through case studies and pilots. Furthermore, an improved decision-making tool is envisaged to assist in identifying the optimal techno-economic solution based on the specific needs of the industry.

FOR Codes: Industrial engineering, Energy generation, conversion and storage (excl. chemical and electrical), Commercial energy efficiency, Industrial energy efficiency