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The Development of a Framework of Consistent and Meaningful Innovation Output Metrics across the Greater Cities Commission (GCC) Innovation Districts

Project Member(s): Schweitzer, J., Agarwal, R., Bliemel, M., Gruenhagen, J., Ormiston, J., Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Sydney School of Entrepreneurship Limited
Sydney School of Entrepreneurship Limited

Start year: 2023

Summary: This project will identify the key drivers of technology innovation within Innovation Districts leading to innovation outputs, increased productivity and economic growth and serving to develop and identify relevant metrics to measure the impact and progress of Innovation Districts against a set baseline. It will develop a framework including benchmarking made up of relevant short, medium, and long-term metrics (and baseline) across Innovation Districts to monitor and measure the impact and innovation outputs of Innovation Districts.

FOR Codes: Economic development policy, Innovation management, Entrepreneurship, Management and productivity