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Project Member(s): Pietroni, N., Falque, R., Vidal Calleja, T.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Investment NSW (Space Research Network)
Investment NSW (Space Research Network)

Start year: 2023

Summary: Metakosmos is a Sydney-based space tech startup working on next-generation spacesuit technology with dual-use applications. The core technology of their flagship product ( Kosmosuit) has 3 main components ( sensorsuit, exosuit & software). This collaboration project is intended to focus on sensorsuit, and its main scope is to use innovative 3D modelling algorithms to digitally adapt the suite to a 3D scanned human body. The sensorsuit is intended to be deployed into multiple environments on land, water, air & space. In this project, we will experiment with new methods for adapting pre-existing sewing patterns to fit a target individual. We will experiment with some technology we are currently working on the practical side to see how existing pattern designs can be adapted to a real-world 3D scanned body. We will experiment with the specific case of space suits. The pipeline prototype starts with 3D scanning of the person's body and ends with adapting the patterns. We will rely on one paper we published in 2021 and some new unpublished technology we are developing

FOR Codes: Clothing, Aerospace equipment, Computer graphics