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System modelling to improve the performance of Offshore Sustainable Power

Project Member(s): Gunawardane, K.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Blue Economy CRC-CO LTD
Blue Economy CRC-CO LTD

Start year: 2023

Summary: The project on System Level Modelling of Power Systems underpins the development of BE CRC’s offshore phase of hydrogen DCMG infrastructure. The state-of-art electrical/power system analysis and modelling are used as tools to achieve optimal performance scenarios. This project is designed in association with bench-scale Hydrogen DCMG to carry out real-time and hardware in the loop analysis to determine some vital factors such as energy forecasting, fault protection, energy storage, and demand-side management. The outcome of the project will provide a solid grounding of the fine technical details supporting the decision-making of the offshore hydrogen DCMG architecture.

FOR Codes: Energy transmission and distribution (excl. hydrogen), Hydrogen storage, Hydrogen distribution, Electrical energy storage, Electrical engineering, Electrical energy generation (incl. renewables, excl. photovoltaics)