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Uncertainty modelling in underground mine planning and scheduling - Part 2

Project Member(s): Memar, J., Gu, H.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Datamine Australia Pty Ltd
Datamine Australia Pty Ltd

Start year: 2023

Summary: This is an extension project to PRO22-14660 and will involve: 1. Literature review covering: • Chance/Probabilistic Constraints approach • Stochastic Dominance approach • Risk measures including variance, VaR, CVaR and more recent developments • Mathematical solutions o static stochastic programming o two-stage stochastic programming o Multi-state stochastic programming o Large scale problems with exogenous and/or endogenous uncertainties • Mining industry research applications • Applications in other industries 2. Risk-averse stochastic programming prototype for RCPSP • Sources of variability o Grade uncertainty only (see Faria, note that two-stage is equivalent to deterministic) o Grade and duration uncertainty (see Peter) • Investigation of risk measures that can be supported by the current prototype, e.g., variance, semi-deviation, etc. • Solution assessment and risk analysis on the new test data that will be provided by Datamine • Comparison with risk-neutral solutions 3. Workshops with Alford Mining Systems (at least two at Melbourne), technical discussions and reporting

FOR Codes: Primary mining and extraction of minerals, Operations research