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Engineering Bed-Rest-in-a-Dish to Discover the Therapeutic Strategies to Promote Dynamic Resilience in Older Adults

Project Member(s): Philp, A.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Wellcome Leap Inc
Wellcome Leap Inc

Start year: 2023

Summary: Objective 1 – Utilising short-term unloading of young, old healthy and old sarcopenic micro-muscles, we will decipher the mechanisms of inactivity mediated muscle wasting. Objective 2 – Develop a bed-rest-in-a-dish platform by exposing young and old healthy/sarcopenic micromuscles to systemic inflammation/oxidative stress (patient blood samples) and unloading. Objective 3 – Utilising phospho-proteomics and RNA-Seq transcriptomics, we will profile the molecular pathways regulating dynamic resilience on young and old healthy/sarcopenic micro muscles, to identify 3 lead therapeutic targets to prevent muscle deterioration during bed rest conditions.

FOR Codes: Sports science and exercise, Sport, exercise and recreation