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Bridging Innovative Research and Digital Education in Applied Information Security for critical infrastructures and holistic digital transformation (BRIEDIS)

Project Member(s): Rizoiu, M.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Australian Academy of Science (Ukraine-Australia Research Fund)
Australian Academy of Science (Ukraine-Australia Research Fund)

Start year: 2024

Summary: OBJECTIVES The primary goal of the international research project "Bridging Innovative Research and Digital Education in Applied Information Security for Critical Infrastructures and Holistic Digital Transformation" is to advance the field of information security within the context of critical infrastructures while simultaneously fostering comprehensive digital transformation through research and educational collaboration. The following objectives guide the project: 1. to develop innovative and effective strategies, methodologies, and technologies to enhance the security of critical infrastructures in an increasingly interconnected and digital world. By conducting advanced research, the project seeks to identify vulnerabilities, mitigate risks, and create robust defence mechanisms against cyber threats that could potentially disrupt essential services and systems. 2. to implement holistic digital transformation by embracing technological advancements and modernisation to optimise critical infrastructures' efficiency, reliability, and resilience. 3. to push the boundaries of innovation in research and education, to develop novel technologies, methodologies, and best practices that have a tangible impact on the security and transformation of critical systems. 4. to create a platform for cooperation that will bring together researchers, educators, experts and institutions to encourage the international exchange of ideas, knowledge and experience, generating integrated solutions that will contribute to a holistic understanding of the complex challenges associated with information security and digital transformation

FOR Codes: Data engineering and data science, Artificial intelligence, Teaching and curriculum