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Open DLT-based Network Inventory and Service Management

Project Member(s): Wang, X., Abolhasan, M., Liu, R.

Funding or Partner Organisation: BT Australasia Pty Ltd
BT Australasia Pty Ltd

Start year: 2023

Summary: In this project, we will develop an open DLT-based network inventory and service management platform and evaluate the performance of DLT platforms. We will engage with BT customers to get customer inventory and service data and work together on use case design to demonstrate the real-world benefit of the DLT technology on inventory and service management. Based on the outcomes of the first two pilot projects, the DLT platform will be able to receive, store and process network inventory and service data with different views and provide consistent DLT-certified network inventory and service data. We will work closely with BT stakeholders to align and integrate the development with BT business models and procedures. We will investigate the performance of the DLT technology in scaling up to a large amount of network equipment across multiple organisations. This project will demonstrate the value of DLT technology in securely managing network equipment and services. The developed open DLT-based platform will encourage collaborations among BT partners to overcome the challenges of reverse logistics and service disputes to improve customer satisfaction, reduce environmental impacts, and save production costs.