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Energy Independence and Microgrid Deployment: Examining the Implications for Defence Operations and Supply Chain Resilience

Project Member(s): Li, L., Lu, D.

Funding or Partner Organisation: Department of Defence (Australian Army Research Scheme)
Department of Defence (Australian Army Research Scheme)

Start year: 2024

Summary: According to a special report on future energy requirements of the Australian Defence Force (ADF), a rapid transition towards alternative fuels and renewable energy sources in operational strategies is crucial to ensure energy security for the ADF. This project aims to thoroughly investigate the risks associated with this transition and its implications for achieving energy security, with a focus on the Australian Army. The study will explore energy independence concepts and methods to reduce reliance on conventional energy. Microgrid deployment within military installations will be explored as a means to enhance energy security and operational capabilities, particularly during grid disruptions. The research will assess potential risks related to alternative power solutions, including cybersecurity threats and supply chain dependencies. It will evaluate the impact of energy transitions on defence logistics, considering challenges and opportunities in integrating diverse energy sources. Furthermore, the study will explore the broader implications of energy independence for defence missions, sustainability efforts, operational flexibility, and environmental impact. By providing a comprehensive evaluation of the benefits and risks of global alternative energy solutions, the research aims to inform the Army's strategies for adopting emerging technologies, strengthening supply chain resilience, and ensuring a secure energy supply for critical defence operations.

FOR Codes: Electrical energy transmission, networks and systems, Energy systems and analysis