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Development of BlueDeck Steel Sheeting Design Software

Start year: 2023

Summary: BlueDeck Steel Sheeting System is a rigid permanent metal decking formwork for simplifying the construction of suspended concrete slabs. It’s made in an Australian manufacturing facility from high-tensile steel and offers high-spanning capabilities. The durable galvanised finish creates a neat, clean, low-maintenance ceiling finish. Bluedeck is the ideal solution for a range of applications including carparks, office buildings, hospitals as well as deep beam-style slabs. The structural behaviuor and mechanical characteristics of the product have been studied by UTS composite structures research group in the past project and structural parameters have been extracted by experimental and numerical investigations. Since the design procedure of the composite flooring systems using BlueDeck steel sheeting is complex and time-consuming, a user-friendly design software will be developed by the composite structures research group to simplify the design procedure for this product.