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Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Secure Signal Processing and Connectivity for Autonomous Sensors (AI-SSPCAS)

Start year: 2024

Summary: This program is a pioneering initiative that seeks to redefine the boundaries of artificial intelligence (AI) application within secure sensor connectivity and signal processing, spanning a multitude of critical applications. This visionary program is a collaborative endeavour that brings together leading research institutions, defence industry experts, government, and satellite operators, united by the common goal of addressing the challenges of next-generation wireless sensor networks in Internet of Things (IoT) and Internet of Drone (IoD) infrastructure. Our approach centres on the development of innovative algorithms and systems that merge the principles of efficiency, security, and agility. Our overarching concept recognizes that robust and secure wireless IoT and sensor networks demand a holistic approach, fusing the intricacies of networking design and deployment with data-aware spectrum access and data processing of IoT and IoD networks. One of the critical aspects of this program is to develop capabilities in IoD image analysis and interoperable operation between remote sensors of IoT and IoD systems using AI for practical applications like smart farming. To ensure these sensor networks' seamless and secure functioning, we're introducing a cognitive approach to AI-enabled radio spectrum access, promoting autonomous radio resource utilization. This vision of connectivity extends to the novel integration of satellite and terrestrial networks, creating a unified and uninterrupted network across diverse geographic regions. We envision the deployment of these sensors as an autonomous process, optimizing data detection and collection. This valuable data will be subject to AI-enabled advanced signal processing, carried securely through the IoT network.