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A Green Technology for Enhancing Resource Recovery from Sewage Sludge

A randomised controlled trial of Standard Of Care versus RadioAblaTion in Early Stage HCC (The SOCRATES HCC Study)

A semi-autonomous wool bioharvesting system

ARC Centre of Excellence for Transformative Meta-Optical Systems (TMOS)

Achieving Nitrite Shunt For Mainstream Sewage Treatment Using Human Waste

Adapting Multimodal LLMs to Data Scarce Applications

Advanced physics-based fusion concept for the extraction of additional information from noise using nonlinear time series analyses in a stream

Advancing vaccine adjuvant research for tuberccculosis

Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled Nystagmus Detection and classification for Diagnosis of Positional Vertigo Syndromes

Artificial Intelligence-Enabled Secure Signal Processing and Connectivity for Autonomous Sensors (AI-SSPCAS)

Bench-Q - An automated system for quantum performance analytics and resource estimation - student Jannis Ruh

Benchmarking Quantum Walks and Related Industrial Implications - Student Gabriel Waite

Blockchain & Distributed Ledger Technologies Tokenization - Sebastian Wunderlich

Boosting Business Innovation Program 2023-2027 Re-fund - Deep Green Biotech Hub

CSRIO's Data61 Project for Fast-adaptive Foundation Models - Federated Adapters on LLM

CSRIO's Data61 project for Fast-adaptive Foundation Models - Personalised Self-supervised Learning

Centre for Research Excellence for Interstitial Lung Disease – towards Individualised Care (IDILIC)

Dimension-reduced Reinforcement Learning for Large-scale Fleet Management

Dynamic model assisted fault diagnostics of wind turbine gearbox

Effect of the Acoustic Black Hole on the turbulence transition of a laminar boundary layer flow over a compliant panel

Fluent Mobility for the Blind Individual Using Multimodal Auditory Sensory Augmentation

HRI-UTS Research Collaboration - Cardiac Pathophysiology Program

IQP Based Secure Quantum Computation Verification - student Karl Rombauts

Improving the lives of people with Phantom Limb Pain - the TITAN trial

Nanobubbles for effective and energy efficient water treatment

Nanothermometers on live cell

PFAS transport through landfill clay liners enhanced with proteins.

Passive Control of Flow-Induced Vibration of Hydrofoils

Quality Assessment of Enterprise Knowledge Graphs for Effective Enterprise Architecture

Quarkov Decision Processes - student Chris Howell

Rebuilding bone with exercise in multiple myeloma

Research on Inter-modality Semantic Interactions in Cross-media Analysis

Robust cement-based sensors for smart automation in future infrastructure

SmartSat HDR: High Performance Beam Steering Antenna Systems for SpaceApplicationsWideband

Structural protective design on large capacity flywheel energy storage system

Super Supplement - Boosting coral resilience through nutritional subsidies

Sustainable and Fit for Purpose Concrete Materials for Construction of Assets

The development and application of innovative biostatistical methodology for the study of prenatal alcohol exposure and its effect on cognitive and behavioural deficits in children

UAV Aided LEO Communications Systems for Rural and Regional Areas

Unsupervised domain adaptation in cross-modality medical data analysis

Vute Sirivivatnanon secondment to Smartcrete


A Machine Learning Framework for Concrete Workability Estimation

A novel approach to identify and treat mesothelioma

AI to assist disaster emergency response

ARC Research Hub for Nutrients in a Circular Economy (NiCE)

ARC Research Hub for Solutions and Stewardship to fight AMR

ARC Training Centre for Collaborative Robotics in Advanced Manufacturing

An Achilles’ heel of ovarian cancer: targeting ARID1A mutant tumours

An intelligent condition-monitoring system for mineral screening machines

Applications of Calcined Clay in Lower Carbon Concrete

Assessment of Dynamic Pile Driving Using Machine Learning

Balance and reinforcement: privacy and fairness in high intelligence models

Building Digital Marketing Intelligence Empowered by Narrative Visualisation

CAPACITY: A telehealth, effectiveness-implementation hybrid trial to increase physical activity in adults with chronic low back pain

Developing lithium metal batteries: a game changer for renewable energy

Digital twin of reinforced concrete bridges for intelligent asset management

Digitisation threshold effects and mitigation in small-scale Circuit QED Quantum Simulators

EV Charging as a Service

Effective, efficient and scalable processing of the graph of graphs

Efficient AI for Medical Imaging Analysis

Efficient Encodings for Quantum Neural Networks - student Tuyen Nguyen

Engineering Bed-Rest-in-a-Dish to Discover the Therapeutic Strategies to Promote Dynamic Resilience in Older Adults

Enhancing Genomic Testing Pathology Orders: A Digital Decision Support Tool

Experimental-numerical-virtual Integrated Inverse Design

Extending Remaining Useful Life of Second-Life Batteries for Energy Systems

Federated Circular Economy

Future generation digital identity management - Data Zoo

Good vibes: how do plants recognise and respond to pollinator vibroacoustic signals?

Graph Representation Learning for Fair Teaming in Crisis Response

Improved security and privacy for online platforms

Indistinguishable Quantum Emitters in van der Waals Materials

Interfacial engineering of multilayered metal organic framework membranes

Internet Timing for the Ages: Establishing the New Timekeeping System New Project

Investigating non-Markovian noise in quantum devices - student Soumik Mahanti

Large-scale Quantum Tomography - student Mingyu Sun

Learning Software Security Analysers with Imperfect Data

Modernise geotechnical investigation and analysis with machine learning

Multi-analyte liquid biopsy-based biomarkers for oropharyngeal cancer

NSW Defence Innovation Network

NSW RAAP - ARC ITRP Nutrients in a Circular Economy (NiCE) Hub

Near field Sensing Technology Enhanced by Optimization Algorithms for Agricultural Applications

Next-Generation Distributed Graph Engine for Big Graphs

Next-Generation Intelligent Robotic Mobility Aid for Vision Impaired People

Optical Metasurface for Single Small Extracellular Vesicle Analysis

Optimal Participation Scheme for Virtual Power Plants in Energy and Reserve Markets

Our Recovery – A consumer-led, evidence-based online program to optimise pain self management in the community

Quadrature Mineral Availability for Renewables PEMMSS [23204]

Quantum Complexity Theory and Quantum Algorithm - student Soumya Sarkar

Quantum Programming Language Theory with High-level Features - student Yingte Xu

Real-time bridge performance evaluation based on crowdsourcing and learning

Real-time compliance verification of digital asset transactions - R Avice Scholarship

Refining Design Deformation Predictions by Improving Concrete Volume Stability Assessment

Response of Vertical Drains in Soft Subgrade under Cyclic Rail Loading

Responsive Metal-organic Framework Glass Membranes for Molecular Sieving

Stabilising soil foundation with biopolymer for enhanced rail transport

Steerable Multi-beam Antennas for LEO Communications

Strategic EV Integration: Embedding Research in EV Demonstration Projects

Sustainable Sensing, Enhanced Connectivity, and Data Analytics for Precision Urban and Rural Agriculture

System modelling to improve the performance of Offshore Sustainable Power

The Times of Just Transitions: Towards a pluriversal politics of time, justice and sustainability

Thrive - Next Generation Artificial Intelligence Graduate Program - This proposal is not needed, this relates to the head agreement signed with CSIRO and partners

Toward Human-Centred Safe Reinforcement Learning in the Real World

Use of Construction and Demolition Waste and Recycled Glass Materials in Sealed and Unsealed Roads

sEV-derived circRNA in EMT progression and treatment option in Mesothelioma


3D Printed Deep Learning Reconfigurable Intelligent Metasurfaces for Beyond 5G and 6G Communications and Sensing

A Machine Learning Approach to Skills Identification and Team Formation

A non-intrusive approach for crowd distribution estimation and behaviour insight

A novel ion-selective membrane for efficient lithium recovery

A novel probe for miRNA detection in living cells - Ziwei Wu

A sentinel network for vibration-based termite control

A vascularised lung-on-a-chip model for nanotoxicity testing

Additively manufactured 5G millimetre-wave mobile antenna-in-package with Dynamically-steered beams

Advanced Prototype Packaging Facility (APPF)

Advancing Machine Perception: Countering Malicious Fake Visual Data

An Efficient Cyber Threat Detection Method based on a Novel Meta-heuristic Algorithm and an Enhanced Classification Algorithm for a Real-world Cyber Dataset

Anomaly Detection of Stock Market using Deep Learning Models

Applications of Calcined Clay in Lower Carbon Concrete

Artificial Intelligence for management of electric vehicles and vehicle to grid (V2G) resources optimization

Asian Australian x Asian American/Diaspora Studies

Assets Tokenization Using Distributed Ledger Technology

Australian Program for Drug Repurposing for Treatment Resistant Ovarian Cancer Treatment

Automated Tasking of RAS Teams for Active Modelling of CBRN Threats

Big temporal graph processing in the Cloud

Bio-digital convergence: AI-guided diagnosis - Reliable and Efficient Foot CT Scan Analysis

Building a non-coding RNA system biology network to identify mechanistic pathways in oral cancers Project

Building a traceability data infrastructure to track provenance and quality in Australian seafood supply chains

Certified AI via Software Analysis and Verification

Circular RNAs - Novel Biomarkers Detectable in Blood Plasma to Facilitate Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Diagnosis

CogSat: Cognitive Satellite Radio - SmartSat CRC

Computer Vision-Based Human Activity Recognition and Intent Prediction

Contextual behaviour predictions in dynamic mobile e-commerce

Coordinated Autonomy through Dec-MCTS with Communicated Behavioural Intent

Creating a Perceptive Mobile Network Using Joint Communication and Sensing: Laying the Foundation

Cryptographic Group Actions and Their Applications

Data61 Scholarship - Yue Tan PhD Postgraduate Student

Deep Learning Attacks and Active Defences: A Cybersecurity Perspective

Design and development of a framework and supporting toolkit for Diversity and Inclusion in AI system

Design of mitigation measures for noise in metro tunnels

Developing 3D bioprinted cardiac patches using human stem cells for heart regeneration

Developing an electronic nose for frontline detection of illegal forest products

Developing phytosystems for the biofiltration of air pollutants

Disinformation Defence Initiative: Delivering tools and analysis to fight the growing threat of disinformation for Australia.

Dynamics and Control of Complex Social Networks

End-of-Service Life Estimation Model for Concrete Sewers

Energy Independence and Microgrid Deployment: Examining the Implications for Defence Operations and Supply Chain Resilience

Enhanced helmet protection

Enhancing Knowledge Graphs with Machine Learning

Evaluation of oromucosal nabiximols and vaporised botanical leaf cannabis in cancer-related anorexia cachexia syndrome in palliative care: A pharmacokinetic study and Phase III double-blind RCT

Formal Verification of Quantum Logic Circuits

Framework development of soil organic measurement and carbon neutrality management of rangelands through integration of remote sensing technology and data-driven approach

From Graphs to Quantum Channels: A Complexity and Information-theoretic Study - student Chuanqi Zhang

Fuzzy transfer learning for real-time decision making under uncertainty

Harnessing Solar Energy to Attain Near Zero Carbon Emission Brine Treatment

Heart Research Australia 2023

High Efficiency, High Linearity Gallium Nitride Amplifiers for Space-Based Active Antenna Arrays

ICON9: A phase 3 randomised trial of cediranib and olaparib maintenance in patients with relapsed platinum sensitive ovarian cancer

Improvement in Bayesian mean estimation of quantum state tomography - student Liangxing Wang

Improving pollutants dispersion in street canyons for better urban living

Intelligent Robots for Electric Power Transmission Tower Maintenance (ToMBot) - Stage 2

Intelligent pattern recognition for water end uses enabling recommendations

Interpretable Behaviour Analysis with External Structured Knowledge

Knowledge discovery and recommendation of multimedia data in healthcare

Low-Cost Multiple Pencil-Beam Lens Antenna System

Low-Cost Wireless Transmitter with Compact Package for Industrial Sensing

Low-cost sodium borohydride production for the hydrogen economy

MLA Video based automated cattle weighing system

Machine Learning on Knowledge Graphs for Industrial Process Monitoring and Control

Machine learning-based design of triply periodic minimal surface structures

Matching Social Media Influencers to eBay Products for Marketing Monitoring

Meta-Lattice Composites for Survivability and Resiliency of Satellites from High-Power Microwaves

Metcalf Prize for Stem Cell Research

Microbial Control in Wastewater Treatment Systems using a Renewable Material

Milk protein profiling powered by multiplexed single molecule assay

Miniature Physiological Sensors with Integrated Brain Signal Decoders for Brain-Robot Interaction

Modelling Unrestricted Quantum Boltzmann Machines - student Sreeraj Rajindran Nair

Multi-functional metamaterials for efficient vibro-acoustic control

Multi-objective Ship Routing Under Uncertainty

NeuroGame: Can neuromodulation of brain rhythms relieve chronic pain?

Novel hydrogen-rich liquids for storing and transporting hydrogen at scale

Novel testing methodologies for deployable detection of water pathogens

Nutrient recovery from urine via membrane bioreactor optimization

Off grid solar membrane water treatment

Online Behaviour Tree Synthesis for Adaptive Multi-Agent Coordination

Positioning Everywhere: World-first compact 3D LiDAV for precision navigation

Prediction of fracture by clinico-genetic profiling

Privacy Preserving Digital Agriculture

Project IMP@CT: Individual Mandibular Plate @Point of Care Technology

Quantum Differential Privacy: A Causal Perspective - student Zhicheng Zhang

Quantum algorithms for knowledge representation and reasoning - student Afrad Basheer

R1P46 - Low carbon footprint supplementary cementitious materials for concrete and blended cement use from mineral carbonation

RACE for 2030 Industry Scholarship: Fast-track to net zero carbon buildings (Round 2)

Remotely Sensed Rangelands Carbon Project

Research and Innovation Staff Exchange: ROVER-Reliable Technologies and Models for Verified Wireless Body-Centric Transmission and Localization

Research on Measuring the Institutional Capacity of Key Productivity-Promoting Institutions in Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) members

Robotic-assisted game-based rehabilitation program for upper limb function in people with spinal cord injuries: A feasibility study.

Robust Meta Learning for Risk-aware Recommender System

SFRC establishment and pilot work of using game theory and time series based prediction model for renewable electricity pricing forecasting

SQA Scholarship - R4 - Supplementary - Optimal Quantum State Estimators for Fidelity - Student: Afham

SQA Scholarship R3 - Extending quantum computational renormalisation to communication and memory - Darcy Morgan

SQA Scholarship R3- Algorithms and Complexity for Hamiltonian Problems - Yupan Liu

Secure and Resistant Blockchain for Financial and Business Applications

Selecting Low Carbon Concrete For Transport Infrastructures - NOW AND FUTURE

Self-Healing Concrete for Mitigation of Chloride Induced Steel Corrosion

Steerable Multi-Beam Conformal Transmitarrays for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Communications

Stem cell-derived extracellular vesicles: therapy of the future for osteoarthritis

Stochastic Modelling of Economic Time-Series Through Graphic Models and Machine Learning (ML) techniques to Identify Extreme Scenarios in Decision Making Project

Structural safety and reliability of unreinforced masonry shear walls

Sydney Quantum Academy Career Development Funds

The Role of Energy Absorbing Rubber Grid on Ballast Track Performance

Thermal hotspots detection in nanoscale two-dimensional electronics

Tools for fault-tolerant resource estimation based on core algorithmic subroutines (Zapata, Aalto, UTD, IonQ)

Towards Human-like Machine Perception for Embodied AI - Wenguang Wang

Trade Surveillance Based on Deep Anomaly Detection

Transfer Learning for Genome Analysis and Personalised Recommendation

UTS-Boral Centre for Sustainable Building

Understanding and Reducing the Spread of Antibiotic Resistance in Anaerobic Sludge Digestion

Using Big Data to improve public transport: from model-driven product-centric services to empirically driven customer-centricity- Mathew Hounsell scholarship

Using LLM to Understand Medication-Related Trends in Social Media


2022 NSW Education Waratah Scholarship - Clara Liu Chung Ming

2023 Visiting Scholar at The State Library of New South Wales

3D Printed Self-Deployable Antenna Arrays for CubeSat Applications

3D sensing with deep learning to estimate lean meat yield of beef cattle

A Novel Toolkit to Study Phytoplankton-Bacteria Symbiosis

A Secured Smart Sensing and Industry Analytics Facility for Industry 4.0

A framework for generating Social Carbon Credits

A safety-preserving ecosystem for autonomous driving

AI-Based Conversational Virtual Assistant Utilizing Advanced Generative AI

AI-Powered Scoliosis Assessment with 3D Ultrasound Imaging: A Radiation-Free Breakthrough

AI-Powered Virtual Student Advisor using large language models and Generative AI

APO/UTS-Guidance for APO member Governments On How To Optimally Deal With The Advancement Of Digital Technologies Through Their Policy Intervention To Maximise The Benefits For The Whole Country(Project title in current extension agreement: Research on Measuring the Institutional Capacity of Key Productivity-Promoting Institutions in Asian Productivity Organisation (APO) members)

ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology


ARENA Demand Flexibility KSA - Phase 2 [23274]

ARIA - Bionic Visual-Spatial Medical Device for the Blind

Active control of low-frequency noise

Active noise control in enclosures

Advanced Microgrids for Residential, Commercial and Industry Buildings

Advanced Navigation: Live Mapping

Anomaly event detection in surveillance videos under limited supervision

Anti Cheat System for chess

Application of iron slag reactive filter media=electrokinetic process for PFAS removal from contaminated soil

Assessing HTA methodology to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of gene therapies and value frameworks for evaluation and policy making for cell and gene therapies.

Automatic Machine Learning with Imperfect Data for Video Analysis

Automating E-Waste Management Phase 2

Autonomous learning for decision making in complex situations

Autonomous, bioinspired nanorobotics

BTP - Stage 1 - Enhancing Safety through Intelligent Hydraulic Tooling

Barriers, Challenges and Opportunities to the development of Australia's ESCO market

Bayesian nonparametric learning for practical sequential decision making

Boron Nitride Workshop 2024 (BNW2024)

Bridging Innovative Research and Digital Education in Applied Information Security for critical infrastructures and holistic digital transformation (BRIEDIS)

Bringing generative AI to the NDIS complaints process: phase 2

Building Critical Mass for Palliative Care Research through Collaborative Support, Exchange and Challenge

Business Researcher Placement (BRP): Towards Cohesive Storm Water Management Knowledge Using advanced AI and software engineering methods

CRC-P Round 12: Sensor and data innovation for smart triaging and wellbeing in aged-care - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Caloric heat management space technology - Stage I

Cancer Institute NSW Travel Fund: Presentation on AACR Annual Meeting

Cancer imaging and targeted radiation therapy: Innovation, discovery and translation

Centre for Skills – Identifying the gap between talent required and students trained

CfID - Stage 1 - Exploring Inclusive Extended Reality (XR) for Community Benefit

Climate-Smart Adaptive Resilience and Engagement for Animal Evacuation, being the Project described in the Project Plan

Clinical Mastitis Treatment Decision Tool

Clogging of Permeable Reactive Barrier when treating Acidic Groundwater

Co-designing Materials Reuse

Community preferences for care at the end of life

Conformal Antenna System for Compact Airborne Platforms Operating in a High Temperature Environment

Contribution of Comammox Process to Sustainable Wastewater Treatment

Controllable synthesis of multifunctional boron-based 2D materials

Cost-effective rapidly deployable high data-rate wide area WiFi (WAWiFi) system for remote public broadband services

Creating a single-cell diagnostic tool to direct choice of targeted combination therapy in advanced neuroblastoma


Data-driven Traffic Analytics for Incident Analysis and Management.

Decarbonising built environments with hempcrete and green wall technology

Decarbonising commercial and industrial process heating in Australia

Deciphering the molecular mechanisms of parasite-host interactions

Deep Analytics of Non-occurring but Important Behaviours

Deep Learning-based Automatic Assessment System for Scoliosis with Ultrasound Imaging

Deep interaction learning in unlabelled big data and complex systems

Defence acquisition optimisation using quantum algorithms

Deriving deep insights from user behaviour based on interactive videos

Design a robust, high precision multi disease screening network for automated screening of medical images

Design and Enhance Indoor Home Space for The Disabled

Designing AI & Software Engineering Methods for Storm Water Management Knowledge

Designing of a Low-profile Multi-array Antenna System incorporating Electronic Beam Steering

Detecting referable glaucoma using artificial intelligence

Detecting smart contract vulnerabilities in blockchain software

Developing miRNA based therapies for endocrine tumours

Developing optimal strategies to support smoking cessation among RYO users

Development of BlueDeck Steel Sheeting Design Software

Development of financial information processing system based on ChatGPT 4.0

Digital Twin: Connected Next-Generation Packaging Machinery

Directly transforming sewage sludge into high-value liquid bioenergy

Discovering Deep Insights Into SG Contribution

Effects of Toxicants on Plant and Algal Growth and Metabolism

Empowering 5G Infrastructure with Collocated 3G/4G/5G Base Station Antennas

Enabling Methodologies for Automated Monitoring and Control of Robotic Grit-Blasting Process and Multi-Robot Collaborative Blasting

Enabling Resilient Space Computing with Advanced Thermal Management

Engineered nanoparticles for the delivery of miRNA-125 inhibitors to manage influenza virus infection in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)

Erasmus Global Mobility 2022

Experience of Students with disabilities engaging in WIL placements

Experimental reproduction of vibration response of a panel under turbulent boundary layer excitation

Extending the lifetime of switching power converters

Farm-wide Wi-Fi: Next Generation RF and Antenna Technologies for Enhancing Rural and Agricultural Connectivity

Field Data based Predictive Maintenance and Enhanced Track Design Procedure

Future preservation of past life: A multidisciplinary investigation of ancient biological remains from medieval cemeteries (FUTURE PAST)

Gas Explosion Resistance of Non-Cement Based High Performance Concrete

Gmetrik MVP App Phase 2

Google - Circuit Certification

Graph Neural Networks for Analysing Network Performance and Geospatial Data from Mobility Intelligence

Harnessing immune plasticity to develop new immune therapies for breast cancer

Heart repair using personalised heart tissues

Hierarchical Data Fusion Framework for Air Pollution Nowcasting

High-fidelity tumouroids: accelerating next-generation personalised medicine

INOVATe 2.0 Individualised Ovarian Cancer Treatment Through Integration of Genomic Pathology into Multidisciplinary Care - Phase 2: Evaluation, Implementation and Integration into Clinical Practice

INT - 1287 Efficient Quantum Compression of Audio Signals

IOT-based digital sensing with machine learning to predict food and beverage quality and contaminants

Identifying effects of binge-eating in adolescence on cognitive function and the gut microbiome

Imaging Profiling Platform for Thrombotic Disease and Anti-Platelet Therapeutics - new translational methodologies for characterising, identifying and monitoring thrombotic disease

Improving Wikimedia resilience against the risks of content-generating AI systems

Improving the efficiency of agricultural production management using digital twining and lean principles

Indigenous Justice Reports: new narratives and practices in sentencing

Indoor Positioning System for Train Stations

Integrated Farm Modelling to Improve Resilience and Sustainable Prosperity

Intelligent Backscatter Communications for Green and Secure IoT Networks

Intelligent Real-time Monitoring of Layer Flock Behaviour and Welfare

Intelligent Redirecting Surface

Inter-Satellite Links using Millimetre Waves (ISL-MW)

Investigating new immersive sound design methods for game engines

Investigating the impact of microplastic inhalation and ingestion in a healthy lungs and pre-existing lungs disease

Investigating the potential of polysaccharides, probiotics based Fisetin loaded self-nanoemulsifying drug delivery system in alleviating influenza infection in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Investigation into the mitigation of tunnel reverberation noise

IoT Enabled Digital Twin MPC System Development for Industry 4.0 Applications

IoT Sensors and Networks for Next Generation Autonomous Urban Greening and Hydroponics

Is inclusive science better science? (Finance DG)

Joint Research Centre for Quantum Computing - Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Joint Research Centre in AI for Health and Wellness - University of Ontario Institute of Technology

Joint Research Cluster on Artificial Intelligence - Indian Statistical Institute

Joint research and collaboration between UTS and Infinite Water

Laser-free on-chip super-resolution microscopy

MAC protocol design for reliable underwater communication

Machine learning and artificial intelligence and its application to identifying Australians who are immunocompromised

Machine learning-based signal processing on vibration data from building mechanical system for system health monitoring

Mango trial using validating MiAC-S: Non-chemical, vibration-based termite control for the protection of fruit and nut tree saplings

Maximising Bioenergy Recovery from Sewage Sludge

Maximising the Use of Waste Glass in Sustainable Composite Columns

Metastructures for Simultaneous Vibration Suppression and Energy Harvesting

Multi-service, Compact and Low-Cost RF and Antenna Systems for Enhancing Rural and Agricultural Connectivity

Multiscale modelling of fluid–particle transport in porous media

NBI Heyfield Community Battery Prep [23178]

NF-kB decoy oligonucleotide-loaded functionalized nanoparticles as a novel therapeutic intervention in asthma

NSW Connectivity Innovation Network

NSW Department of Industry Labour Market Study

Network Utilisation Metrics [23149]

New Development and evaluation of new assays and test methods. Investigating AGO2, a Key Enzyme in the miRNA Pathway, as a Non-Invasive Diagnostic Biomarker for Solid Tumours and Evaluating the Potential of a Combined Panel with Conventional Tumour Markers for Improved Cancer Detection and Tumour Origin Identification.

New therapeutic option for lymph node metastasis in rectal cancer: radiation-triggered photodynamic therapy in deep tissue

New therapeutic option for lymph node metastasis in rectal cancer: radiation-triggered photodynamic therapy in deep tissue

Next generation bridge monitoring using novel synergic identification

Next-generation membranes for high throughput exosome harvesting - 2022 Round 2 NSW Education Waratah Scholarship

Novel boron materials to supply laser fusion

Numerical Modelling of Flow-Induced Vibration of Structures


Open DLT-based Network Inventory and Service Management

Optimal planning and operational strategy for biogas power generation system design in wastewater plants

Optimising Multimodal Transport Networks: Sharing the Road Space - Top Up PhD Scholarship - Delilah Slack-Smith

Overcoming microplastics induced inhibition on waste-to-energy conversion

Patient Journey Modelling – from data to insights into patient pathways

Personality Impacts on Individuals, Enterprises and Economies

PhD Scholarship on Cross-market Analytics by the Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre

PhD Scholarship-Yiran Zhou-3D Reconstruction for Surgical Robotics

Plantabox for Targeting the Urban Heat Island Challenge

Product Recommendation Systems with Multimodal Content Analysis

Project and Portfolio Valuation in Force Design (DSTG)

Quantum Machine Learning Algorithm for Generative Models on Near-Term Quantum Computers - Student: Yidong Liao

Quantum algorithms for studying phase transitions - Student: Lena Gasser

Quantum computation: through the algorithm and complexity theory lens

RACE FT H2 - Glebe Energy Transitions: A place-based upgrade model for social housing (Phase 1) [22219]

Radio Frequency Camera for Low-Complexity and High-Resolution Radar Imaging

Real-time phylogenetics for food-borne outbreak surveillance

Recovery of valuable metals from industrial wastewater

Reducing noise emitted by heavy vehicles in open cut coal mines

Research on key wireless technology of 6G network

Research, development and design to improve the process of food waste bioconversion - GoTerra - Commonwealth Grant Agreement

Reverse Engineering Approaches to Vehicular Networks - Xiaojie Lin

Robotic Perception with Unconventional Sensors

Robotics-ready AI in Viticulture

Robust Federated Learning for Imperfect Decentralised Data

SLAM Research Based on Multi-sensor Fusion - Student: Mengya Xu

SPHERE - Palliative Care Clinical Academic Group

SQA Postdoctoral Research Fellow - Marika Kieferova

SQA Scholarship - Post-quantum cryptography - Gang Tang

SQA Scholarship R3 - A quantum approach to Knowledge Embedding, Reasoning, and Retrieval in Artificial Intelligence. - Srikara Shankara

SQA Scholarship R3 - Development of algorithms for QMDPs and QOMDPs - Jingtong Ge


SWAMSmymob - Provide South West Aboriginal Medical Service with a social media platform to deliver health services to remote communities

Safety testing for advanced bioengineered tissues for in vitro and in vivo applications

Satellite servicing docking system with Event-based cameras

Sectoral pathways to limited global warming to below 2C using the One Earth Climate Model (OECM) - ECF 2024 [23287]

Selective Rubidium Extraction from NEOM Seawater Desalination Plant

Sensing Innovation Constellation

Smart Flood and Storm Intelligence Sensing Initiative

Smart Personalized Privacy Preserved Information Sharing in Social Networks

Software Analysis of transactional Interoperability between Blockchain ledgers

Stochastic Assessment of Terrorist Blast and Fragmentation Casualty Risks

Studying scale-dependent complexity in Digital Quantum Simulations in Circuit QED - Student: Angsar Manatuly

Sustainable Energy Solution for Smart Farms: Efficient RF Energy Harvester for Wearable loT Devices

Sustainable, affordable and robust 3D (Bio)printing solutions to enable the access to advanced therapies, diagnostic systems, and biomedical education within disadvantaged communities

Taming Large-Volume Dynamic Graphs in the Cloud

Targeted Graph Embedding for Anomaly Detection in Large-scale Networks

Terabit mm-Wave Backbones for Integrated Space and Terrestrial Networks

The CSIRO International Hydrogen Research Collaboration Program

The I-DIMENSIONS Project: Integrated DMG genomIc Methylomic EpigeNetic Spatial transcrIptomic prOteomic subtypiNg System

The Research Centre on Micro-Social Change (MiSoC) (Economics DG)

The Strong Families Trial: Randomised controlled trial of a family strengthening program to prevent unhealthy weight gain among 5- to 11-year old children from at risk families.

The impact of integrated care in New South Wales on patients and the health system

Thermal control for space photovoltaics

Topological Design of Mechanical Meta-Structures

Towards Air Quality Forecast in Adverse Conditions: Data Constraints and Extreme Events

Towards Circular Economy: Developing Innovative Membrane Technologies for Wastewater Reuse and Resource Recovery

Towards Precision Farming: Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT) for IoT Devices

Transferrable benefits from feasibility study of Derwent Bridge microgrid

Translation of best practice osteoporosis refracture prevention: Stopping fragility fractures to keep Australians out of hospital

Two- way Auslan: Automatic Machine Translation of Australian Sign Language

Uncertainty Management in Machine Learning and its Applications in Food Data Analytics

Utilising the potential of quercetin solid lipid nanoparticles to induce immunogenic cell death as a novel strategy for lung cancer treatment

Valuing well-being alongside health: What can and should be done? (CHERE)

Visual Simultaneous Localisation and Mapping in Deformable Environments

Water filtration challenge: removing plastic microfibers from laundry wastewater - Phase 2

When Contract Law goes to Therapy

When seeing is not believing: protecting visual data privacy in the artificial intelligence age

iHA: Hyperspectral imaging and Artificial Intelligence-driven diary food and plastic waste provenance


#thismymob: Digital land rights and reconnecting Indigenous communities [UTS Rapido]

(Em)powering communities on the journey to energy resilience [22146]

5D BIM Research Project

A Scalable Framework for the Verification of AI Ethics with Multiple Diversity Elements in AI-Informed Talent Decision Making

A blood test for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer by single extracellular vesicle analysis

A peptide-based adjuvant therapy to reduce the toxicity of Amphotericin B

A smart device for titration experiment automation

A thermodynamic pathway to intracellular delivery

ARC Training Centre for Musculoskeletal Biomedical Technologies

Accelerating next generation personalised medicine

Adversarial Learning of Hybrid Representation for Emerging Malware

Analytic support for the COVID-19 Vaccines Strategy Project

Analyzing spatio-temporal vegetation trends in South Korea

Application and Verification of Near-term Quantum Devices (SQA)- Bin Cheng

Assessing concentrated solar multi-effect distillation ‘Flamingo’ at JWA pilot testing facility

Assessing the anti-inflammatory potential of various phytoconstituents encapsulated liquid crystalline nanoparticles as therapeutic intervention in asthma

AusLEAP: Facilitating the volunteer placement of international students in established community, charity and social enterprise organisations to acculturate in new environment

Automate Energy Baselining: Phase 2 Innovation Connections Project - Business Researcher Placement

Automating EWaste Management Phase 1 Stage 2 - Business Researcher Placement Agreement

Automation technology for hydroponic vertical farming

Bondi Bio CRC Project - Processing & extraction of carotenoids from cyanobacteria

Burning Glass Institute: Building a knowledge graph that combines supply and demand-side labour data

CO2 enhanced microbiological methanation for biomethane production at wastewater treatment plants

COVID-19 Recovery Project

Characterisation and prediction of end-user quality of experience in real-time multiplayer games using objective network performance criteria

Characterisation of Amorphous Metal Materials for High-Frequency High-Power-Density Transformers

Characterization of the phytoremediation potential of Ambius' Live Picture GO

Circle 8 – Smart Bin Development

Circulating tumour cells: clinical application in head and neck cancers

Cognitive Trust-Based Task Assignment in Human-Machine Teaming

Complexity, chaos and digitization effects in small-scale Circuit QED Quantum Simulators - Student: Cahit Kargi

Conceptual design of a next-generation wind turbine

Condition Assessment Robotics Tool Kit: Development and Maintenance of Submerged Pressurised PWIT Robotic Tool

Cooling SmallSats - Thermal lattice metamaterial technology

Cost-effective, deployable photonic sensor system (analytics)

Coupling Techniques for Reasoning about Quantum Programs

Cyber smart enterprise


DIN Internship: ISREW using passive S band multibeam antenna

Damage Identification of Bolted Spherical Joint Connection in Spatial Structure Based on Active Sensing Technique

Data Analytics and Insights of Occupational Violence for Uplifting OVS Data Informed Practice Capability

Data-Centric AI

Defending AI Models against Adversarial Attack

Determining Structural Behaviour and Mechanical Characteristics of BlueDeck Profiled Steel Sheeting for Use in Composite Flooring Systems

Developing Covid-19 Aware and transparent pharma supply chain system underpinned by advanced AI and software engineering methods

Developing a robotic arm for space applications

Development of automated wool handling

Development of edge computing machine learning models for acoustic monitoring in industrial 4.0 applications

Dialogue-to-Action: Towards A Self-Evolving Enterprise Intelligent Assistant

Digital enterprise architecture maturity and performance data modelling

Digital simulation of the Rabi model quantum phase transition in circuit QED - Student: Fabio Henriques

Discovering how termites use vibrations to thrive in a predators' world

Donation - Folate for Miscarriage Pilot Study

E-band Power Amplifiers for HAPS and LEO Satcom Links

Economically Efficient Green Logistics through Cyber Physical Systems

Educational Material Management for Efficient Online Education

Efficient and scalable similarity query processing on big streaming graphs

Engineering Two Dimensional Polymers for Membrane-based Chemical Separation

Enhanced durability of concrete materials and structures under harsh mining environments

Epigenetic profiling and eradication of relapse-initiating cells in paediatric acute lymphoblastic leukaemia

Equivalence checking of quantum circuits - Student: Xin Hong

Estimate financed emissions and climate vulnerability risk assessment

Evaluation and Implementation of Shared Spaces in NSW: Stage 2a

Evaluation of the Accuracy and Feasibility of using Electromagnetic Sensors in Hip Replacement

Evoenergy - Battery Dispatch Algorithm (Customer Energy Innovation) [22178]

Exploiting Quantum Algorithmic Primitives to search for the Quantum Frontier - Student Sheng-Ku (Karl) Lin

Extended deep learning for air pollution forecast enhancement: validation and demonstration

Extending the Lifetime of Remotely Deployed Sensors Using RF Energy Harvesting

Farm-wide microgrid decision support system for the Australian cotton industry

Feasibility of using Robotics for communication infrastructure deployment - Phase 2

Figurative language detection and interpretation for public health

Finite Element Modelling of Power Cables

Foragecaster - Planning Sprint

Foragecaster Sprint Extension

Governing the City in China: The Territorial Imperative

Grey Zone Theories and Models: Forensic Analysis and Real-time Detection of Disinformation Campaigns

HALO - APR Intern - Effective Human-Robot Interaction using Extended Reality for Control of Mining Equipment

IEEE IFEEC 2023 Conference Support

Identifying a global health/public health research agenda for self-care in chronic disease: A transdisciplinary, multi-sectoral global summit

Impact of Radiation and Microgravity on Heart-on-a-Chip

Inclusive planning for health and wellbeing [23039]

Injured Worker Support System Evaluation

Integration of Live Surround Video for the First Immersive RockCommander VR Digital Twin Prototype

Integrin Activation by Fluid Flow Disturbance: Mechanobiology Approaches

Intelligent platform for storing, provenance and managing Gold-standard Carbon Credits

Intervertebral disc-on-a-chip: a precision-engineered platform for low back pain studies

Investigating Transformative Energy Productivity Improvement in the Food Systems Value Chain

Knowledge Graphs for Business Process Modeling

Knowledge Lake using the Social Data Analytics

Lateral load resisting capacity evaluation for seismic restraints of mechanical services

Leak Sensing and Prediction Integration into Sydney Water - UTS: DSI

Leak Sensing and Prediction Integration into Sydney Water - UTS:RI

Learning to Pinpoint Emerging Software Vulnerabilities

Lithium Recovery from Reverse Osmosis Brine Using Membrane Distillation-Electrochemical Supercapacitor Hybrid System

MR Roboto - Stage 3 - Integrated Control System Testing

MR Roboto - Stage 4 - Integrated Control System Commissioning

Machine learning based treatment planning for laser-driven multi-ion particle therapy

Mending Broken Hearts using Stem Cells and 3D Bioprinting Technology

Metaverse and XR Workplace Safety Training Management with CSR

Mix design of ultra-high performance concrete roof tiles

Modelling impact of traffic disruptions by using integrated Deep Learning and transport simulation - Artur Grigorev

NARRATE - Narrative and Relationship Real-time Awareness Topical Explorer

Nanoparticle with Metal Organic Framework for Lithium Recovery from Brine

National Heart Foundation and UTS Partnership (CBSI)

Natural language processing for deep document analysis

Non-contact Integrity Assessment on Façade Panels of High-rise Buildings

Novel inkjet-printed organic solvent nanofiltration membranes

Novel ‘Mechano-medicine’ combats deadly sticky blood clots in diabetes

Numerical modelling of flow-induced vibration of structures: Part 2

Objective real-time live cattle assessments to improve profit

On innovative multi-model/view data mining algorithms and applications

Operationalisation of the intelligent sewer tools (analytics)

Operationalization of the sewer condition assessment tools

Optimisation of surface chemistry on membranes for biofouling reduction in the treatment of municipal wastewater

Optimise Replacement Bus Services During Network Disruptions – A Data Driven Approach

Parametrized quantum circuits in near term implementations. Student: Mauricio Morales

Predicting raw water quality in catchments

Predictive Modelling for High Resilience Enterprises

Product design research and development for agritech animal husbandry

Quantum Computing algorithms for Deep Learning architectures - Student: Lirande Pira

RACE FT B4 - Energy Trends Visualisation [21247]

RACE for 2030 Opportunity Assessment- Home energy technologies and smart algorithms [21163]

Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III trial of oral melatonin for the prevention of delirium in hospital in people with advanced cancer

Rapid identification of the real-time health risk for elderly people

Research Border Held consignments to understand the categories and root causes of delays

Research into Greyhound Safety and Welfare in Victoria

Research into the impact of co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, and startup hubs on the NSW economy

Responsive Passenger Information Systems: evaluating passenger congestion in order to design responsive nudges

Rhino-Rack 2022 pull-test

RiMaBoT Operationalisation Collaboration (Sydney Water)

Robotic Field deployment and Scoping of the Phase 3

SRN: A multi-modal satellite-based system for vessel classification, recognition, and tracking via optical and synthetic aperture radar imaging.

SUCCEED Child Feeding: What should tube-feeding training for carers look like to be a small thing with a big impact?

Seafood Safety: High throughput diagnostics for ciguatoxin risk assessment

Secure and Trusted Platform with Privacy-Preserving Data Service and Sharing

Sequential decision-making in dynamic and uncertain environments

Shear stimulated Brillouin microscopy for cell mechanobiology in 3D Microenvironments

Shrinkage, cracking, self-healing and corrosion in blended cement concrete

Sidewinder II 3D printer - Commissioning and Software Support

Single Chip Hybrid Energy Harvester for a Smart-Building Sensor Node Application

SiteHive Acoustic Classifier Technologies for Construction Noise Sources

Space Machines Co. Pty Ltd smallsat vibration test planning contract research scoping project (Phase 1)

Space Machines Smallsat Vibration Testing Contract Research 2023

Space Research Network Internship - Giovanni D’Urso - German Aerospace Center (DLR), Institute of Space Propulsion

Space qualification of Gallium Nitride power amplifiers

Subsurface Atomic Force Microscopy using Dual Probes

Sydney Quantum Academy (SQA) - Postdoctoral Research Fellowship - Christina Giarmatzi

The Aboriginal land estate in NSW: opportunities for economic activity

The Development of a Framework of Consistent and Meaningful Innovation Output Metrics across the Greater Cities Commission (GCC) Innovation Districts

The Effect of the Use of Interactive Infographic in the Development of Cyber Security Competencies among Umm Al-Qura University Students

The creation of a Vietnam Women’s (Em)Powerment Index grounded in international women’s rights norms: Measuring progress on the advancement of Vietnamese women’s participation in government and public institutions

The right to be forgotten: GDPR modelling in cross-domain social networks

Towards Data-Efficient Future Action Prediction in the Wild

Trust-aware internet of things service recommendation

UAV Failure Mode Recognition Framework (DIN PP22)

UTS x FLOW Parallel Coordinates Chart Project

Understanding the naturalness of the software systems — data-driven approach for improving software quality, reliability and security

Verification and Analysis of Quantum Programs

Vibro-Acoustic Behaviour of Panels

Vibroacoustic Responses of a Finite Submerged Cylindrical Shell Excited by a Turbulent Boundary Layer/Acoustic Diffuse Field

Visual Computing and Big Data Research

When every second counts: Multi-drone navigation in GPS-denied environments


Joint Research Agreement on Distributed Algorithm Construction for Digital-Twin Computing Concept

"Vertical remote sensing (VES) system for diesel vehicle emissions in single-lane applications" for THEi RGC IDS CRG proposal

(Worthington Rail) Repeat of Fatigue testing commuter rail car body floor panel assembly

5G Connected Cobots

5G enabled livestock counting with real-time data access

A CO2-enriched smart hydroponics system using recycled brewery waste

A Game-theoretical Approach for Feature Obfuscation in AI Models

A Knowledge Graph for Health Querying Health Data

A data-driven methodology for recommending career pathways

A digital identity information framework for open banking ecosystem

A literature review report on scaleup firms and the scaleup landscape in NSW compared to other Australian states and internationally

A novel fused sensor and miniaturised electronics design for the monitoring of a wide range of cardiorespiratory parameters for healthy ageing

A novel outer-selective hollow fibre nanocomposite membranes tailored for osmotic membrane bioreactor technology: alternative technology for high quality water reuse

A novel strategy for the treatment of chronic skeletal joint defects

A paradigm shift in the management of future cardiovascular risk following hypertensive disorders in pregnancy using mini-hearts and patient-derived stem cells

A secure, open and intelligent Cloud platform for government data analytics

ACRS Terry Walker Award for field studies relevant to Australian coral reefs

AI Enhanced Life Insurance Underwriting System and Insights of Mental Health

AI Linguistics System Conversion in Media Industry

AI Meets Quantum: Quantum Algorithms for Knowledge Representation and Learning

AI meets Quantum: Quantum algorithms for knowledge representation and learning - Student: Guangxi Li

ARC Training Centre for Advanced Technologies in Rail Track Infrastructure

ARCCIM gifts and donations

Adapting a tool to measure the experience of care in people with serious illness in the Australian hospital setting.

Agent Behaviour Modelling via Deep Reward Learning: An Urban Traffic Environment Use Case

An Intelligent Bibliometric System for Medical Knowledge Discovery – Phase III

An automatic deepfake technology integration pipeline for benchmarking deepfake detection methods

An industrial CO2 sink using microalgae

An integrated model for sustainable rural water management based on machine learning and remote sensing

An investigation on the suitability of modern automated machine learning techniques to improve data-driven decision making for NSW Police Force.

Anaerobic digestion for generating power and displacing natural gas/diesel

Analysis of termite vibrations and acoustic signatures to innovate stealthy hexapod gait pattern

Application of membrane distillation (MD) pilot site at the Middle East site and technological development

Army sovereign Software-Defined Battlefield Network

Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making: Decision making in uncertain, dynamic and complex information environments

Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making: Dynamic Planning under Fundamental Uncertainty

Artificial Intelligence for Decision Making: Machine learned models from simulation data

Artificial intelligence based algorithms for managing sudden risk in dynamic and uncertain environment (Management)

Artistically rethinking creative coding for digital media

Aus LEAP: Facilitating the voluntary involvement of international students in established community organisations

Australian Centre for cannabinoid clinical and research excellence (ACRE): quality and safety in the implementation of medicinal cannabis use in the community

Australian Pork Limited Benchmarking System

Automated Diagnosis and Fixing of Software Vulnerabilities in Cyber-Physical Systems - Student Ding Hua

Automated risk analytics for controlled exports

Autonomous Robots for Timber Building Construction Automation-- Stage 1: Scoping study and Demonstration

Boron removal using capacitive deionization (CDI) and ion exchange (IX) for Australian seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants

Bridging the gap between Neuroscience and Computational Intelligence in Brain-Computer Interface

Business Reseacher Placement: Full scale evaluation of concentrated solar multi-effect distillation for treating model wastewaters

COVID-19 Vaccines Strategy Project - analytics support

CRC-P Shoulder Replacement Implant Design for Additive Manufacturing

Cercle A reusable cup without the hassle

Characteristics and Analysis of Water Treatment Coagulants

Churn prediction scoping study

Cloud based Application for Energy and Carbon Footprint Analytics

Cobots - The Impact of Robotics on Work, Health and Safety

Collaborative Research to Develop sub-THz Communication Technology for Space Application

Control and state estimation in the next-generation interconnected systems

Copyright and Cartography: Understanding the past, shaping the future

Crashworthiness topology optimisation for light-weight battery compartments

Cricket NSW Journey Intelligence

Customer data architecture and PoC implementation

Cyber Security for Vehicles and Vehicular Networks

Cyber-Attack Detection and Information Security for Industry 4.0

Data Analytics for Albury and Wodonga Economic Zone

Data analytics for sewer rising main failures

Data-Driven Energy Innovations in Asia-Pacific

Decision Engine to Support the Path to Net Zero

Deep Learning Based Fish Species Recognition, Size Estimation, and Freshness Measurement

Deep Learning for Finance

Deep correction of DNA sequencing errors by data mining algorithms

Deep learning based anormal imaging conditions detection and reducing in medical imaging

Defining the evolvable phenotype landscape for marine phytoplankton

Designing self-powered agriculture sensor for remote sensing purposes

Detect Liveness Based on dynamic blood vessel pulsations and eye Movements

Developing a high-throughput single-cell exosome screening tool

Developing an effective defence to cyber-reputation manipulation attacks

Development and design of a sustainable cooler using post-industrial waste and advanced manufacturing - Phase 1

Development of Benchmarking Tool for Productivity Estimates and Improvements for Construction Industry

Development of ultra-high performance concrete columns against blasts

Digital Privacy in the Age of Big Data and Machine Learning: People's Expectations and Experiences

Digital Twins for AI-based Autonomous Systems

Digital transformation for effective management of disaster responses and search-and-rescue

Ecosystem Based Scalable Agile Adoption Model

Efficient Deep Learning using Sample Pruning and Optimized Ensemble Training Schedules (Challenge # 3: Effective updating of deep learning models with limited new data)

Efficient prediction of flow-induced noise for marine vessels

Electrical Design Machine Management - Sovereign Propulsion Systems Pty Ltd

Empowering Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (ATSI) communities via Machine Learning curriculum

Enhanced detection, localisation and identification of sand-covered naval mines using novel hybrid signal processing methods

Enhancing privacy preserving in dynamic cyberspace

Ensuring treatment efficacy and patient safety through continuous tumour monitoring during cancer radiotherapy

Estimation of unsteady loads from turbulence ingestion on a realistic airfoil geometry

Evaluation and Improvement of the Robot Systems for Assisting Hip Replacement

Examining sustainability claims for bioplastics [22041]

Experience of Students with disabilities engaging in WIL placements

Exploring uncertainties in force design decision making process and the potential of AI support

FEA modelling and analysis of kinetic burst scenarios in flywheel energy storage

Feasibility evaluation of the sensors and robotics for small water pipe liners

Flow and stratification based algal bloom prediction model for the Murray River

Gmetrik App MVP

Grant for Developing 3D bioprinted cardiac patches using human stem cells for heart regeneration

Graphene based Nanophotonics for Polarization and Photodetection Filter Design

HALO Stage 3 - IMCRC Activate

Heavy-haul Indian Railway: Towards Safe, Efficient and Sustainable Design

Hierarchical Learning Agents for Cyber Defence

How Fatigue Changes Autonomy Use

Hybrid vigour and hybrid mimics in lentils

IMCRC: Just-In-Time Patient Specific Tumour Implants Variation

IMCRC: Just-In-Time Patient-Specific Tumour Implants (CBSI)

Identifying optimal greyhound race track design for canine safety and welfare

Imaging Profiling Platform for Thrombotic Disease and Anti-Platelet Therapeutics

Implement the detection of leaks and breaks - analytics

Incentives learning for Federated Machine Learning Platform

Incorporating ubiquitous data in air pollution forecast model for performance improvement

Increase Australian Sovereign Industrial Capability

Industry engagement for CTWW PhD student

Integrated inclusion: developing best practice for engineering education and the profession

Intelligent Bibliometrics for Tracking and Predicting Technological Change

Intelligent Kiosks: Integration of Artificial Intelligence and Kiosks

Intelligent frost prediction and active protection through cyber-physical systems in the agricultural sector

Intelligent multi-factorial approach to automatically gauge the wellbeing of aged care residents

Investigating cyclic behaviour of lime treated clay- Project for the Inland Rail project from Narrabri to the North Star

Investigating the acceptability and effectiveness of digital monitoring for identifying youth at risk of suicide and improving their engagement with crisis helplines

Low Temperature Far IR Spectroscopy of Water in Opal

Lowering Noise Emissions From Gas Turbines

MR Roboto - Stage 1 - Scoping study and prototype digital twin

MR Roboto - Stage 2 - Towards automated sensing and control

Machine Learning for Accurate Air Pollution Forecast

Machine Learning for Spectral-based provenance, traceability and authenticity identification

Machine learning based treatment planning for laser-driven multi-ion particle therapy

Macquarie Cyber Security Assessment

Making sense of text (AI Decision Making Initiative) - Document Corpus Analysis

Medical body slice image segmation and 3D reconstruction

Metamaterials for control of acoustic radiation forces

Mud Pumping in Heavy Haul Railroads - Assessment and Control

Multi-Stream Drift for Real-Time Decision Support

Multi-band Decoupling Techniques for 4G/5G Base Station Antennas

Multi-band MIMO Antenna for Enabling Long-range Communications in Rural and Remote Areas

Multiparameter analysis of exosomes for non-invasive early detection of pancreatic cancer using a point-of-care nanoplasmonic sensor

Neuromorphic Algorithms for Hardware-Based Anomaly Detection – Phase 2

Neuropeptide-based approach to improve myelin repair in Multiple Sclerosis

New Deep Learning Paradigm

Novel Mechanisms of Neurodegenerative Disease (Pt 3)

Novel Polyelectrolytes for Natural Organic Matter Removal from High Colour Water

Novel polyelectrolytes to increase NOM removal and floc strength

Opportunity Assessment: B5 Anaerobic digestion for electricity, transport and gas

Parallel and Distributed Quantum Computing: Algorithms and Programming Models

Pilot study of YOZO Smart Loan and Credit Assessment

Practice-based Study of Project Portfolio Management and Strategic Alignment in the Construction Sector.

Predicting kiwifruit yield

Preparation of Titanium Oxide (TiO2) and Calcium Oxide (CaO) produced from TiCl4 flocculation for Air and Wastewater Purification

Prodigy Platform Analytics and Nakatomi Computer Vision

Product Prototype Development for Automated Sheep Counting on Mobile Devices

Program Analysis for Mobile Device Security

Prototype diamond magnetometer for navigation

Provision of Commonwealth environmental water services to support the functions of the Commonwealth Environmental Water Holder (CEWH) and the Commonwealth Environmental Water Office (CEWO)

RACE FT B5 - Mapping organic waste in Sydney [21084]

RACE Opportunity Assessment N3 - Local DER Network Solutions [21128]

RACE for 2030 - N1 - Standard Track: My V2X EV – Informing Strategic EV Integration [21226]

RACE for 2030 CRC - Opportunity Assessment: N4 DSO and Beyond: Optimising, planning and regulation for DM & DER [21174]

RACEforBusiness - B2 Opportunity Assessment: Industry 4.0 for energy productivity


Randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled phase III trial of oral melatonin for the prevention of delirium in hospital in people with advanced cancer

Rapidscan - Enhanced Time Domain Signal Processing Methods for LiDar as Payload on Autonomous Systems (Part A)

Real Economy and Financial Networks: Formation, Structure, Policy Responses

Real-time object detection and optimal path finding for large scale un-manned Vehicle in automated warehouses

Reclaimed Waste Resources to Engineered Materials and Solutions for a Circular Economy

Reejig skill & CV data analytics with data science techniques

Regulation of Internet of Things Devices to Protect Consumers

Research on building robust automatic docking recognition system

Research on robust environment recognition technology for automatic docking

Rethinking institutional culpability: criminal law, philosophy and horror

Review of WVA’s Climate Smart Agriculture (CSA) Approach

Revolutionising Mineral Separation using Additive Manufacturing

SafeTech: An initial development of a framework for human safety in IoT enabled smart buildings

Scholarship top up - Luneberg Lens

Secure and efficient data leak prevention on cloud

Sequential Monte Carlo methods for TTCP CAGE

Sign Language Translation in the Wild

Skeuomorphic situational awareness platform for strategic data visualisations

Social Media Use in Project Management – Multiple Case Studies of Transport Projects

Social and Economic Impacts of A Development Project

Space Microgravity to Disrupt GBM Mechanotransduction

Standalone solar-powered capacitive deionisation desalination pilot demonstration in Tuvalu: Techno-economic assessment

Strengthening forestry and bioeconomy connections through efficient energy production and use

Strengthening palliative care delivery in an Australian hospital through nursing leadership: a mixed methods action research study

Sustainable Performance of Future High Speed Rail and Heavy Haul Freight Corridors: Effect of Climate Change and Mitigation Measures

Sustainable Wastewater Management

TCRN Nursing Scholarship Award 2018

Technical Expertise and Advise on Machine Learning and its application to Chronic Conditions Inference for Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies Project

Technical Intelligence for Gene Research

Testing Rig Project with Westmead Children's Hospital

Testing the validity of EQ-5D-5L respiratory bolt-ons in a large Australian dataset

Towards Circular Material Futures: Development of innovative solutions to recycling and re-purposing existing pre-farm gate waste

Towards high reliable Palm Identification

Ultra-sustainable concrete with high SCM content

Understanding the effect of Positive Prime on Brain Dynamics

Using AI and a hybrid ESS solution to fully integrate solar generation into the distribution system

Using Deep Learning to achieve Wi-biomedical

Using social media data to discover new potential Farmer-to-consumer (F2C) markets for the Australian agrifood industry- Amit Kumar

Valuing Victoria's Wild-Catch and Aquaculture Industries

Video based Automated Monitoring of Welfare and Health for Livestock Export

Water filtration challenge: removing plastic microfibers from laundry wastewater

Water-Energy Policy Interfaces

Weather Source Analysis for Wine Grower Spray Rules

Work Planning tool PoC with attribute based encryption

Zurich Insurance Adaptive Deep Learning Underwriting Quality Assurance Modelling

iMOVE CRC Internship DoT Victoria - Impact of off-peak fares - Yohanes Puraditya

iMOVE: Ai-RAP Automation for Australian Road Safety

iYarn project evalution

 Integrated Miniature Video and Radio Sensors for "Seeing Through" Imaging and Object Tracking 


'A day in a life’ of a child in Australia and Korea: sharing language and culture through snapshots of everyday experience

(Phase 2) Data-driven and intelligent human resource hiring, upskilling and churn prediction

3-Dimentional Printing Technology for Millimeter-Wave 5G antenna Designs - Student Mengze Li

3D Printing – Rural Industry Opportunities

A Deep Multi-Task Learning Framework for Informative Genes Recognition - Student - Feiyang Ye

A Longitudinal Study of Trust Calibration Methods with Individual Differences

A Novel Non-GPS Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Solution for Reconnaissance Missions

A biometrically enabled training solution for the measurement of cognitive overload and threat perception in air traffic controllers

A compact and portable electrochemical gas sensor array to spot explosives

A phase III wait-listed RCT of a novel targeted inter-professional clinical education intervention to improve cancer patients’ reported pain outcomes

A provable privacy-preserving data sharing system for the cloud environment

A separation platform for resource recovery from wastewater

AI and Computer Vision Measurement Technology- Enabling Digital Manufacturing Supply-Chains

APR Intern - Sheila Sutjipto at SABRE Autonomous Solutions

APR Intern -Workplace Technology Research Project

APR Intern- Investigating the use of satellite data for soil carbon monitoring within agricultural areas of Australia


ARC Research Hub for Nanoscience-Based Construction Material Manufacturing - to establish fluid pressure models, strength development models and early age shrinkage characteristics of self-compacting concrete

Accelerating the kinetics of intermetallic compound formation at low temperatures

Accounting for preference seperability in stated choice experiments

Adapting a tool to measure the experience of care in people with serious illness in the Australian hospital setting.

Advanced measurement technologies for globally competitive Australian meat value chains

Advanced measurement technologies for globally competitive Australian meat value chains - Year 4

Adversarial Machine Learning for Input Feature Obfuscation

Adversarial Reinforcement Learning and Performance Analysis

An Intelligent Bibliometric System for Medical Knowledge Discovery – Phase II

Anti-Slavery Partnerships to Prevent Modern Slavery in Australia

Application of advanced privacy enhancing methodologies to support research and development of clinical tools using patient data

Applications of evolutionary game theory to resolve Newcomb's Dilemma

Applying Generative Adversarial Network in Medical Image Analysis

Assessing the Physiological and Mechanical Loads Achieved During Small-Sided Games in Elite Youth Soccer

Assessing the technical feasibility of lithium and potassium brine dewatering

Automated industrial energy baselining

Automated, real-time monitoring of bird and flock movement and behaviour.

Automatic 3D Measurement: Accuracy Improvement via Enhanced Deep Learning

Automatic Bug Triage Processing Model

Beyond Video Captioning: Video Storytelling and Surveillance Using Deep Learning Techniques - Student: Zhanzhong Gu

Bio-acoustic termite control device – laboratory experiments

Bio-inspired vibration-reduction for sensing and detection

Blockchain based Workflow and Policy Management Platform

Blockchain driven payroll management application (Phase 2)

Blockchain enabled inventory management – A Pilot Project

BroadLink UTS PhD Research Scholarships

Building the capacity of cancer nurses in genetics and genomics via online education and Zoom simulation workshops

CCAA - Balanced alkali limit in cement for alkali-silica reaction risk-free concrete

Cloud Based Quarantine Monitoring System

Colonial First State Investments Limited Research Collaboration

Combating escalating harms associated with pharmaceutical opioid use

Condition Assessment Robotics Tool Kit: Sewer Rising Main PWIT Robotic Tool

Continued Development of a Body Condition Scoring Tool for Sheep

Continuous Transformation of Government Agencies in the Digital Era

Cooperation Policy Mechanism of Transnational and Transcontinental Power Connectivity and Trade

Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Measures (additional hardware purchase for 325720/1032875/PRO19-8977)

Custom Fan Blade Digitisation and Design for Additive Manufacturing

Cyber Security Governance Model

Data Quality Monitoring and Assessment Toolkit 2021

Day of Operation Decision Support Tool Development


Deep Bayesian Hierarchical Reinforcement Learning for Autonomous Penetration Testing

Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning

Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning (second extension)

Detect, Explore and Neutralize NEW threats using advanced Machine Learning

Developing a Novel Data Driven based Process Monitoring and Reporting System for a Pharmaceutical Company

Developing a truly intelligent water meter through advanced data analytics (15133)

Developing innovative design and performance procedures for stabilising landfills bearing long term infrastructure loads

Development Of Video Analysis Algorithms Demo Software To Assist With The Current Manual Processing Of Shoppers’ Eye Tracking Information

Development of Artificial Intelligence-driven condition assessment of truck tyres- APR INTERN AGREEMENT

Development of a Robot Burring System for Hip Replacement

Development of emerging digital technologies required for IoT and Industry 4.0 transformation of a glass assembly manufacturing plant

Development of statistical test metrics to analyse the dynamics of omnidirectional wheel vibrations

Digital Identity Architecture and Compliance- Scholarship for Memoona Anwar

Digital Identity Platform Strategy and Compliance- Scholarship for Kamrun Nahar

Digital Nomadism: How IT Enables New Forms of Working and Organizing

Digital enterprise architecture maturity and performance evaluation

Digitisation of mobility solutions process and costing

Dynamic Integration of Knowledge Services Using Agent Based Models

EEG Neurofeedback as a Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury Pain: A Pilot Study


EU Water JPI 2018 Joint Call (SC5-33-2017): Closing the Water Cycle Gap with Harmonised Actions for Sustainable Management of Water Resources

Effective, Efficient and Scalable Query Processing of Geo-textual Streams

Efficient Distributed Optimization Algorithms for Digital-twin Computing

Efficient Multimedia Representation and Processing for Artificial Intelligence on Computing Edges

Electrification and renewables to displace fossil fuel process heating

Electronic nose-based food quality control

Enforcing Labour Standards in Supply Chains through Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration (CBSI)

Enhance the capability of fleets of maritime robotic vehicles, particularly gliders, to mutually localise and maintain required formations using limited acoustic and satellite-based communications facilities

Enhancing Rehabilitation Services For Aboriginal Australians After Brain Injury

Enhancing information credibility using mathematical prediction

Evaluation and Implementation of Shared Spaces in NSW: Framework for road infrastructure design and operations to establish placemaking Stage 1: Examination of existing Shared Space knowledge

Exploring the practicality of quantum algorithms for solving differential equations

Exploring the role of the gut microbiota and diet in COVID-19

Fatigue testing commuter rail car body floor panel (Alstom)

Feasibility Evaluation of Potential Technologies for Deepwater Ocean Outfalls (DOOFS)

Feasibility study on additive manufacturing of large-scale components with high wear resistance

Fine-scale resolution of genomes in natural microbial communities

Food Agility CRC- Research Theme Convenor (RTC) and Deputy Chief Scientist (DCS)

Food and Beverage (including Dairy) Provenance - From the farm to the consumer's table

Gas Metal Arc Welding Process Monitoring with Acoustic Sensing

Google PhD Fellowship: AI-empowered Communications- Huynh Nguyen Van

Google PhD Fellowship: Towards Multi-modal Perception in Egocentric Videos

Green roof and solar array - comparative research

Harmless refugee or dangerous invader? Identification of traits that allow a subtropical coral species to thrive in Sydney Harbour


Hierarchical Multi-Agent Navigation

High Specificity Semantic Change Detection- APR Intern

IPWEA climate resilient design guideline

Impacts of Additive Manufacturing for the Surgical and Medical Device Supply Chain (CBSI)

Implementing Advanced Machine Learning Techniques in Adaptive Business Architecture for Business Model Innovation

Improving external validity of stated choice experiments

Improving the Faculty of Engineering and IT Building's Visibility

Increasing maternal and childhood vaccine uptake: managing the challenge and opportunity of complementary medicine practitioner

Industry 4.0 implementation in a short-run sheet metal manufacturing environment

Innovation connection -- Dual-Polarized Multi-Band 3G/4G/5G Base Station Antenna Array Miniaturization

Innovative exergame program to increase physical activity for pregnant women with obesity

Intelligent Data Analytics for Property Management

Intelligent Robot for Maintaining the Internal Surfaces of the Arches with Partition Plates in the SHB

Intelligent machine-learning methodology for real-time network management framework

Intelligent technological integrations for enhancing LED uptake

Intervertebral disc (IVD)-on-a-chip; a new research tool enabling detailed mechanistic studies for IVD regeneration

Irreversible work cycles - Student: Maria Quadeer

Jericho Indigenous Animated Character Project

Low Temperature Far IR Spectroscopy of Water in Opal

Low cost high precision radiotherapy: A synergistic framework for tumour tracking during treatment

Low cost, efficient and more reliable power switching network

Luminescent Nanoparticles for Controlled Localized Release of Immunomodulatory Agents

Macarthur WFP System Optimisation

Making Sense of Sensing: Towards Cyclical Material Futures

Manufacturing SME Database Design to Service Digital Twin Capability

Measuring inflation expectations and inflation expectations uncertainty

Mechanics of hard soils and soft rocks

Medico-Legal Drivers of Low Value Care

Microfluidic encapsulation of tumour tissues for single cell analysis

Multi-relational Product Matching Recommendations via Text Matching and Knowledge Engineering Techniques

N2 Opportunity Assessment - Low Voltage Network Visibility & Mapping [20288]

NSW Dept of Education K-2 Literacy and Numeracy Action Plan Phase 2 Evaluation 17113

Natural Language Processing (NLP)-based Learning Intelligence

New Mitigation Risk Allocation Approaches for Infrastructure Projects

Next generation material imaging, spectrometry and fabrication techniques

Nicolas Baudin France Australia - Multi-objective optimization for road-side management

Non-Biased Talent Shortlisting Algorithm

Novel and alternative polyelectrolytes to reduce polyacrylamide demand for sludge conditioning and dewatering

Novel audio watermarking techniques for tracing multimedia piracy

Object Detection using Deep Learning

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Advanced Stochastic Interference - Student: Yunce Zhao

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Cold-Start and Transfer Learning

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Fog Computing: A Cloud to the Ground Support for Large Scale Machine-to-Machine Networks - Student: Wenhua Wang

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - GIS Based Navigation for Autonomous UAV Localization - Student: Shuai Zhang

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Optimal Dynamic Pricing in Revenue Management with Uncertainty Demand

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Research on Complex Event Detection Based on Multiple Modalities and Skip-Gram Model - Student: Xin Zheng

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Research on machine learning enhanced SLAM for automatic systems

Particle segregation and dynamics in inertial microfluidics systems

Pasture Images Analysis, Machine Learning, Automation

Pelagic symbioses: Teasing apart phytoplankton-bacteria relationships

PhD scholarship top up - GBDTC student

Post-partum App - Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy - Phase Two

Predictive analytics for the detection of leaks and breaks in CBD areas - Sensing

Promoting Wagyu Beef Traceability between Japan and Australia

Provision of External Evaluation of Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee (PBAC)

Quantitative Risk Assessment of Unsaturated Soil Slopes

Quantum Property Testing--A fundamental technology for quantum big data

Quantum computing, computational supremacy and Silicon Spin Qubit architectures. Student: Alexis Shaw

RACE E1 - Trust - Opportunity assessment [20264]


Rapid Point of Care SARS-CoV2 Detection, using a sensitive saliva antigen screening test

Re-Engineering Internet Timekeeping for Scalability, Accuracy, and Trust

Research Proposal for Quantum Optimization - Student: Youle Wang

Research and development of an in-road scanning device to identify trucks with potentially faulty brakes

Research and development of the accelerated fatigue testing of a vehicle roof carrier system (Rhino Rack)

Reshaping superannuation practice in Australia using big data analytics

Respiratory Particle Transport: Aging Effect and Targeted Drug Delivery

Review of Mornington Peninsula Shire Smart Parking System

Review on the feasibility and design constraints of using rain gardens for wastewater polishing

Revolutionising mineral separation using additive manufacturing

Robust Video Coding and Transmission Algorithms in UAV Communication Networks

Seabin Digital Transformation

Signal Aspect Transition Detection

Smart Batteries Using Predictive Data Analytics at Cloud

Smart Linings for Pipes and Infrastructure

Software Quality as Human Practice Phase 4

Solar driven produced water treatment for beneficial uses

Stryker R&D + AM Hub – Business Development (CBSI)

Study on the effect of driving style on fuel consumption and emissions of diesel vehicles in Hong Kong -- A sub-project of JCEC ECF proposal

Super-resolution imaging techniques based on van der Waals materials

Supply Chain Improvement for Gerard Lighting

Sustainable Utilization of Hypersaline Oil-Produced Water for Green Energy Production

Synthetic Energy Absorbing Composite for Improved Track Performance

Synthetic Lumos

Technical Expertise and Advise on Machine Learning and its application to TGA COVID-19 Social Media and Healthy Mind, Healthy Body projects

Technical Report on Current State of the Art in Point Cloud Computer Vision Technologies in the GIS Domain

TfNSW - Safety and risk evaluation of Train Level Crossings

The Governance of Blockchains

The Institutions of the Humanities: A history of Australian humanities

The clinical and economic impact of a multicomponent digital therapeutic mobile app in multiple subpopulations and different chronic conditions groups: a retrospective analysis

The development of a high-speed object detection framework

The development of forensic tools to aid in the conservation of one of Australia’s most illegally trafficked reptile, the shingleback lizard (Tiliqua rugosa)

Three dimensional bio-printing - establishing the future of personalised medicine approaches for women's cancers within SPHERE

Topology optimization for acoustic–structural design in robotics

Towards Deep Learning for Air Quality Monitoring

Towards Extreme Object Detection

Towards scalable autonomous benthic imaging and monitoring

Trajectory completion via deep learning

Transforming energy productivity through value chains

UTS students and graduate attributes: the impact of involvement in university-based extracurricular activity

Understanding Micro-Videos for Customer Profiling and Personalized Marketing

Understanding cancer workforce capacity to implement newly recommended exercise counselling and exercise referral: a mixed methods study

Understanding fat oil and grease blockage at Bondi WWTP

Use of Salivary Non-Coding RNA Biomarkers in Head and Neck Cancer

User behavioural analtyics for smart mobile network service optimisation

Using AI and Drones for Innovation District C19 R&D Challenge

Using behaviour change theory to drive scalability of the hand-held fan for chronic breathlessness

Western Sydney Hydrogen Hub (WSH2) in Sydney Science Park

Widely Accessible High Precision Radiotherapy with Multi-Modal Adaptive Tumour Tracking (MATT)

Women PhDs as entrepreneurs


(Extension No. 2) QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

A General Neural and Fuzzy Fusion Engine for Human-Machine Autonomous Systems

A pilot study on designing active noise cancelling headphones

AI and Drones for Security and Surveillance

Active Control of Acoustic Radiation of a Transformer

Adaptive Value-Flow Analysis to Improve Code Reliability and Security

Advanced machine learning theory and related applications

Advanced prediction methods for Merlin Entertainments Group (MEG): 3-Month Project on Asset Operational Cost Modelling

Advances in real-time satellite monitoring of flow in rivers and estuaries

Air Pollution Cleanup-based water energy food nexus technology

An IR study of true thermochemical stability of ionic liquids

An Intelligent Bibliometric System for Medical Knowledge Discovery

An Ontology and Semantic Model of Digital Identity and Deontic Entitlements

An automation tool for detecting and consulting code compatibility on Android apps

Analysis of the Transport for NSW / SIRA Linked Dataset- Multidimensional characteristics of all people injured in motor vehicle crashes

Analytics to predict anaerobic codigestion & downstream process performance

Animal Logic Scholarship for Lightfield scanning

Applications and Technology of Electronic Nose

Arterial stiffness prediction based on Noninvasive Pressure Waveforms

Automated Machine Learning with Imperfect Data

Automated Sheep Counting in the Live Export Industry

Automated part repair using 3D scanning and supersonic 3D deposition

Automatic Short Term Mine Scheduling and Optimization

Automating Transfer Learning in Credit Risk

B01852 Kempsey Bridge- Stringer Coped End Connection

Beef Export Supply Chain Tracking - a Pilot Trial

Beyond 1914: Knowledge, war, peace and nation

Big Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Data Retrieval and Classification Based on Cognitive Style

Blockchain driven payroll management application

Brain-state drift detection and management for uncertainty estimation and human performance modeling (ACA-BSDD) & related projects

CA - Design development for geopolymer concrete in precast engineered component applications

CFD modelling on the design of a CO2 blower -- a subproject of THEi ECF proposal

CMCRC PhD Scholarship for Marta Khomyn (Supervisor Talis Putnins)

CSI - Design Proposal to Redevelop CSI Furniture Range-Covers first three project stages

CSIRO-UTS Collaboration on Big Data Technologies

Categorising and prioritising content in the Sane Australia peer support forums

Centre for Road Safety - Local Government & Towards Zero Community Partnerships Project

Childhood cancer from the inside out: using virtual reality to create certainty in clinical decisions using complex Genomics

Complete blood fractionation using a low-cost microfluidic system

Condition Assesment Robotics Tool Kit: Feasibility for Water Main PWIT Robotic Tool

Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Measures

Cultural biographies, medical knowledges: A sociological study at the intersections of cancer and culture

Data Analytics: Multi-modal approaches data analytics to prioritise sensing and developing predictive analytics

Data Streaming Platform with Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Assets

Data-driven and intelligent human resource hiring, upskilling and churn prediction

Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning (Part 2)

Deep learning for anthropometry with smart devices

Design and develop of an innovative method for the estimation of diesel vehicle emissions for utilisation with non-invasive optical scanning methods

Design and development of Green Driving Simulation using transient dynamometer

Design of a locomotive whistle for high-speed trains

Developing novel hand rails for aged care beds

Development of a novel mobile sensory system for bridge health monitoring

Development of compact and appropriate onsite sanitation technology for reducing public health hazards and environmental pollution in the urban areas of Bhutan

Development of improved forward osmosis (FO) membrane in collaboration with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) and a comprehensive performance evaluation of MCI FO membranes

Development of improved forward osmosis (FO) membrane in collaboration with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) and a comprehensive performance evaluation of MCI FO membranes

Diary provenance - From the farm to the consumer's table

Disruptive technologies to trace, track and tackle antibiotic resistance

Drone Detection using Deep Learning and CNN

Dwell-time and Delay Analytics for Railway Network

Eco-friendly ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) with mineral admixture from industry wastes

Efficient Processing of Large Scale Multi-dimensional Graphs

Efficient and Scalable Subgraph Search from Big Graphs in Cloud

Electric vehicles analytics using traffic simulation modelling

Electrifying commercial vehicles in Australia

Engagement on Food Agility Research Expert Working group: Mission 'Food for Life'.

Exploration of CBNs as Hydrogen Storage Material

FEIT Industry Post-Thesis Award Scholarship - Jonas Garcia Rincon

Fast convolutional neural network structue for mobile devices

Feasibility study of applying active noise control on nature ventilation windows

Food Waste to Energy - Co-Digestion Project

GPU acceleration for simulating financial systems

GST Impacts and Opportunities in Emerging Technologies

Glycine Transport Inhibitors for the Treatment of Pain

HALO - Stage 2 - VR Safety Training

Heart to Heart: Longitudinal study of first-time NSW mothers with cardiac disease and their babies

Help our marine life to stop eating microplastic "Junk" food

Identifying optimal greyhound race track design for canine safety and welfare Phase 2

Image-based phenomics for biodiversity discovery

Imitation learning for structured prediction in Natural Language Processing

Implementation of the operational Phase of the Intelligent Internal Tool Kit for Critical Water Mains 

Implementing Machine Learning Techniques in Adaptive Business Architecture for Business Model Innovation Deliverables

Implementing a national clinical pathway for pain to ensure equitable, cost-effective, evidence based, person-centred care for people with advanced breast cancer

Industry 4.0 Testlab for Industrial Algae Production

Integrated Directional Sound Reproduction with Parametric Array Loudspeakers

Intelligent Multi-agent Coordination and Learning

Intelligent sensing and robotics for sewer condition assessment

Investing in Domestic and Family Violence prevention

IoT Data Fabric and Analytics Driven Energy Exchange Between Microgrids and Utility Grids

KeyPlayer FinQ Android App Development

Large dynamic time-varying models for structural macroeconomic inference

Learner Attention Analysis via Computer Interaction Behaviours

Liquid-phase hydrogen carriers for energy storage and delivery

Long non-coding RNA expression improves the risk profiling and treatment outcomes for patients with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Low Power IoT Design for Remote Telemetry

Machine Learning-based Sydney Trains Carriage Load Prediction

Management of soil and ground water for a new, sustainable urban renewal project in waterfront precinct

Mapping and countering the diffusion of hate speech across social media

Materials architecture design for low cost energy storage application

Measuring financial literacy

Metal-mediated mechanisms and therapeutic approaches for treating brain injury across age

Micro-services-based architecture for unstructured and structured data storage and data analytics

Micro-supercapacitors on silicon with superior power densities based on solid source MXenes growth

Mobile Acoustic Sensing to Strategically Detect Leaks

Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) 2020 competition

Multi-factor automation, intelligent processes and data capture for digital Human Resources (HR) (Phase 2)

Multi-functional Antenna Arrays for Secure and Reliable Wireless Systems

Multiplexed Bio-imaging Mass Spectrometry - multiplexed elemental and molecular imaging of the zinc transporter pathway in the ageing mouse brain

NATA Accreditation Assessment Efforts Model (AE Model) (CBSI)

NSSN/Sydney Water CUPS Acoustic and Pressure Transient Sensing

NSW Cardiovascular Research Network 2020 Professional Development Awards

NSW Office of Chief Scientist Conference Sponsorship Program 2021

Network Slicing Demonstrations

Next Best Action Analytics

Non-urban water governance: rethinking compliance and enforcement

Nutrient recovery from urine via membrane bioreactor

On-board vehicle emission testing

Optical tweezers for bio-nanotechnologies

Optimisation of signalised intersections by minimising vehicle stop-time

Oyster industry transformation : Building sustainability and profitability in the Australian Oyster Industry.

PWC robotics/mechatronics POC project

Performance validation of new drinking water systems

Phase 1: Embedding evaluation as part of core business: A customised, co-designed evaluation framework to improve outcomes for people with disabilities, their families and carers

Point-level Temporal Localization in Video

Polyelectrolytes to reduce polyacrylamide demand for sludge conditioning and dewatering

Pornography’s effects on its audiences: synthesising an innovative interdisciplinary approach

Precursors to two-dimensional nanosheets of elemental boron and hexagonal boron nitride

Privacy protection in location services

Product Recommendation Systems with Multimodal Content Analysis and Optimisation

Prototype mufflers for freight locomotives

PwC-Coke Indoor Delivery Robot

QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

Quantitative analysis of structure and material based on deep learning segmentation and identification in medical imaging

RMCRC and Sydney Trains: Responsive Passenger Information System - Stage 2

RMCRC-UTS Scholarship-2: Rail Infrastructure Defect Detection Through Video Analytics - student still to be confirmed.

RMCRC-UTS Scholarships - Big Data Analytics for Condition Based Monitoring and Maintenance

RMS - Load capacity models for ASR-affected field structures

Rail Manufacturing Cooperative Research Centre (CRC)

Real Driving Emissions and benchmarking of a hydraulic hybrid vehicle platform for commercial vehicles

Recommendation for Billboard Advertising Space with Deep Learning

Remember to forget: improving retrospective remembering experiences through selective creation, curation and retrieval of media

Reshaping Australian Manufacturing Oral History Project

Retaining Wall in Basements using starter "L" bars top and bottom utilizing Dincel Construction system

Retirement Income Policies and Products

Review of Emerging Technologies to Support the Validation of As-Built Building Information Models

Running on salt - sodium-ion batteries for renewable energy storage

SUSTech Scholarship - Bin Cheng

SUSTech Scholarship - Jinliang Deng

Satellite tracking of emerging health threats from grass pollen exposure (old title was: Ecological and climate drivers of changing grass pollen aerobiology)

Scholarly Solution Support System

Secure quantum computing in a distributed world

Securing the quantum internet with high-dimensional quantum systems

SharkSafe: Automatic Shark Detection

Smart Beaches - The project will deliver safer and cleaner beaches, better beach facilities and improved provision of beach services. The project will enhance community digital literacy and participation and provide an integrated smart beach analysis and sharing platform.

Smart Infrastructure Data Analytics for Train Timetable Evaluation and Track Inspection

Smart Infrastructure Data Analytics for Water Pipe Failures

Smart Infrastructure and Transport Analytics

Stipend for OpenFlow Research

Stroke Rehabilitation System with Hybrid Human Machine Interface

Student top-up scholarship, Analysis of termite vibration signatures to innovate stealthy hexapod gait pattern, (Robotic Systems), project PRO19-7275

Studying bio-inspired materials to innovate stealthy robot gaits

Surgical Robotics Research Project Scoping Study

Sydney Water Operationalisation of the ACAPFP

Taking the first step - identifying local issues and workable solutions to improve healthcare for older people

Targeting cancer-associated fibroblasts (CAFs) toward reduction of tumor immune suppression capacity in triple negative breast cancer.

Technical expertise and advice on Machine Learning and its application to Healthcare Data

Technologies to manage wastewater and solid waste for cities and the industry

Test analyses for the Soundcheck and HZ software

The Australian Environmental and Planning Law Library

The Last Outlaw: Making a Nation from the Crimes of Jimmy Governor

The Medicare Safety Net and its impact on moral hazard, equity and welfare

Transdisciplinary Tastes Grant Top up

TreeManager2 Ranking Matrix

Trusted Fish Provenance and Quality Tracking System

UTS Rapido Vietnam: Water Systems with Industry 4.0 Technology Implementation to Enable Sustainable Communities in Red River Delta and Phu Yen

Uncovering Skilled-Immigrant Engineers Potential For Employment In Australia

Understanding algorithmic distribution in the Australian media industry (DECRA 2019)

Using quantum artificial intelligence to bootstrap a quantum computer

Verification of quantum cryptographic protocols: a process algebra approach

Video analytics and narrative generation

Water Quality Prediction for the Woronora Delivery System

Water reuse and recycling in mining industry

Wearable Realtime Localisation and Dosimeter Device

Working the gig economy: The organisation of digital platform work


3D cell tracking for high content screening

A Bibliometric Study for Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Research: Methodology and Case Study

A Bio-Inspired Climbing Robot for Cleaning and Painting Internal Surfaces of the Arches in the Sydney Harbour Bridge

A Simple Approach for Audio and Music Separation

A compact microphone array system for outdoor low frequency noise measurements

A low energy gravity fed membrane adsorption system for arsenic and bacteria removal from groundwater in developing countries

A new biomechanical model for understanding aging of stored Red Blood Cells

A portable system for detection of drugs of abuse in healthcare applications

A study into the industrial application of laser Doppler vibrometry

APR Internship: Making any pen SMART!

ARC Research Hub for Energy-efficient Separation


Aboriginal Allied Health Workforce Pathways Scoping Project

Active Australian Leptospermum honey: new sources and their bioactivity - PRJ-009186

Adaptive Digital Business Ecosystem Modelling

Advanced Analytics on a Data Platform without Data

Advanced Data Analytics for Scene Understanding in Large Scale Multimedia Datasets

Advanced Data Mining Methods for Analysing Real Estate Data

Advanced Data Mining Models for Stock Market Analysis

Advanced Smart City Data Analysis – Advanced Arabic license plate recognition and Speaker verification through voice signal analysis

An Automatic Software Application Prototyping System

Analysing formwork innovation for Benon Construction Resources

Artificial Intelligence-based virtual teacher

Australian Water Partnership India River Basin Planning and Institutional Strengthening [18169]

Behaviour Discovery for Real Time Strategy Games

Beyond Context: Exploring Semantic Similarity for Small Object Detection in Crowded Scenes

Big Data Machines: Internet-Scale Machine Learning Techniques to Combat the Curse of Big Data

BigPrivacy: Scaling privacy preservation for big data applications on cloud

Blink Secure Tech: Machine Learning-based approach for enterprise security assessment (Phase 1)

Blockchain based IoT for Supply Chain

CBA-UTS Social Robotics Research

CCANZ - Development of protocols for the use of aggregate minimising the likelihood of potentially adverse alkali silica reaction (ASR)

CMCRC PhD Scholarship for Duc Man Nguyen (Supervisor Talis Putnins)

COMPARE- Constraint Induced or Multi-Modal aphasia rehabilitation: An RCT of therapy for stroke related chronic

CSIRO Postgraduate Scholarships - Oceans and Atmosphere - Carla Sbrocchi

Cancer Supportive Care Clinical Studies Collaborative (CSCCSC)

Catchment Needs Assessment Framework Phase 2

Catchments needs assessment framework 3 for NSW rivers (CNAF3, variation to Phase 2)

Characterisation of stormwater in Blacktown

Characterisation of stormwater in ku-ring-gai catchments

Co-operatives in Australia – Explaining Growth, Decline and Revival

Coastal Water Quality Monitoring Collaboration

Cognitive Information Fusion - Phase 1

Combining Hand-Crafted and Deeply Learned Features for Logo Detection over Large Scale Imaginary Data

Creativity in aged care: Connection, Engagement, and Environment

Data Science Innovation - Customer Representations and Chatbot

Data Security in VANET Cloud

Data mining to measure financial advice value in superannuation

Data mining to measure superannuation engagement

Deep Learning for EEG-based Fatigue Assessment

Defence against Data & Device Integrity Attacks in Internet of Things (IoT)

Demonstrating the Role of Intermediate Clinical Endpoints for Cancer of the Prostate (ICECaP) in Estimating Economic Value”

Designing Responsive Regulation: Consumer and public participation in rule-making within a converged communications environment

Designing effective learning experiences: Investigating novice and expert teachers’ design processes

Developing Blockchain-centric quantitative user activeness measures and incentive mechanism over virtual network environment

Developing a Novel Coding Scheme for Content and Thematic Analysis of Cancer Council Online Community

Development of Precision Localisation Technology for a Mobile Platform Operating in Industrial Environment

Development of a novel adsorbent and cost-effective method to extract economically valuable rubidium from sea water DP150101377

Discovery of compounds with potential anti-inflammatory properties

Disrupting social media disruption through incentive systems

Distributed Control and Estimation in Networked Environments

Distributed Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Measures

Efficacy of Alternative Technology-Strategy-Policy Pathways to Decarbonize the Australian Electricity Generation Landscape: An Institutional Perspective.

Efficient Coding for Distributed-input Distributed-output Wireless Systems

Electronics of the future: self-powering wireless circuit design

Enabling Labour Market Agility (D61 Challenge: E06)

Enabling Prefabricated Construction to Improve Mass Housing Delivery

Endeavour Postdoctoral Research Fellowship

Endpoints for Petroleum LNAPL Remediation - Technology Performance and Risk Reduction

Energy efficient membrane-based hybrid system for sustainable desalination

Enhanced Biometrics and OCR Application in the Digital Identity Verification Process

Enhancing Communication using Small Quantum Devices

Eradication of high-risk bacterial clones using bacteriophages APP1107322

Evaluation of Wollongong Midwifery Group Practice

Evaluation of the TEN Program

Evaluation of the effects of in-utero traffic PM exposure upon offspring lung health

Evaluation of various technologies for engineering GPU-based High-Performance Cloud

Examination of Bacterial Attachment on Prototype Cochlear Implant Devices

Explore and model the relationship between price, supply and demand in the container shipping market

Exploring new interaction techniques for mobile applications used by field technicians - Phase 2

Exploring the use of real-time animation tools to create engaging and effective audience experiences

Extending and enhancing services in the legal industry: An Australian case

Extension No.1: QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

Face Detection, Verifcation and Recognition in Video Frames

Factors affecting preparation and performance in professional rugby league

Feasibility study for 'Heat in the Street's project about outdoor workers and heat stress.

Feasibility study of applying active noise control on enclosures

Feasibility study of battery powered commercial vacuum cleaner.

Field assessment of the botanical biofiltration of air pollutants

Food Agility CRC - secondment fees

Governance of Innovation in Protfolios Programs and Projects (3P)

Health Destination Pharmacy: Creation of a data base - Industrial scholarship

HealthSense: Technological Human Health sensors capable of providing feedback and Intervention

Hypertension in Pregnancy and Cardiovascular Disease - Bridging the Gap for Women

INT - 0475 & Data Fusion for Household Surveys:

INT - 0527 & Automatic Code Compressions: Kha Anh Vo (Student)

INT 0544 & Applications of a behavioural agent-based simulation model - Firouzeh Taghikah (Student)

Improving Fuel Efficiency in the NSW Road Transport Sector

Improving the quality of maternity care for women with female genital mutilation

Innovative Vibration Isolation Unit with Quasi-Zero Dynamic Stiffness

Intelligent data-driven market gap prediction for developing new products and services

Intelligent digital concierge for hotel micro-stays and recommendations to customers

Investigating thermosalience in a unique nickel dithiocarbamate using low temperature powder diffraction

Investigative Study of Lead-acid Battery Failure in UPS System

Jane Austen and Maternal History: Uncovering the Leigh family archive

Laboratory Study to Evaluate the efficacy of Flavocide against Urban Insect Pests

Learning from Multi-modal and Multi-source Data

Letter of Agreement for Professorial Chair in Concrete Engineering

Leverageing artifical intelligence and genome editing for treatment of AML

Locality Sensitive Hashing for Big Data

Longitudinal Study of Australian Volunteers

Lurking under the radar: How has the exotic plant pest Verticillium dahliae VCG1A remained undetected for over 30 years?

Machine Learning Theory Based on Convex Optimization

Mining primary care linked data, phase 1

Mitigating the adverse impact of low data volume and class imbalance on deep learning based methods

Mobile officing supported by Data Visualisation & Document Recognition of Archive Documents under Extreme Complex Settings

NIHR Principal Fellow Award

Nanofiller reinforced concrete for high performance thermal energy storage

National Volumetric Imaging Facility: Observing the Cell in its Native Environment

Natural language processing for analysis of systematic reviews

Natural language processing for analysis of unstructured data

Networking Tranby: Indigenous student experiences

New Polyelectrolytes to Improve Natural Organic Matter Removal from Water

Next-Generation 3D Printed Medical Implant Design and Manufacturing

Optimal Design of Solar Photovoltaic & Concentrated Solar Power System for Coal- Fired Power

Optimising teaching and learning with mobile intensive pedagogies DP150101214

PSC - PMES Data Analytics

Past experiences and recent advances on use of intelligent compaction for earth fill, granular and stabilised soils

Personalized energy scheduler for reducing food production costs in Australian farms

Phase II pilot cluster randomized controlled trial of a nurse led triage and assessment system to optimize outcomes for older people with cancer

Predictive Maintenance Models for Sydney Trains

Preparing the community - An agency-based framework of community engagement for disaster preparation

Prerequisites for the introduction of a National Women's Competition: A scoping research project.

Pressurized forward osmosis - reverse osmosis processes for seawater desalination

Protect Data in Decentralized Mobile VANETs

RAAP funding for the ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology

Random Number Generation and Analytics for Client Understanding

Recommender Systems for New Properties

Reconfigurable Conformal Antenna Arrays for Broadband in the Sky Networks

Reducing Inappropriate Polypharmacy for Older Australians

Remote Tank Diagnostics and Insight

Removing a Key Barrier for Autotrophic Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater

Research Scholarship - Customisable micro solid phase extraction applications

Research on the Bilingual Schools Program

Resolving the warming East Australian Current's impact on a marine food web

Restoration of tree hollows for hollow dependent mammals

Rheological Testing of Sludge (North Head WWTP Biosolids Upgrade – Stage 1)

Rheological measurement of digested sludge

Robust Intelligence: Rational Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty

SCORE: Shared care of Colorectal cancer survivors – A randomised controlled trial of hospital-based follow up versus shared hospital / community follow up for survivors of colorectal cancer

SUSTech scholarship - Ensemble Learning Methods for Visual Financial Modeling

Safeguarding Northern Quolls from Cane Toads

Scaling the Provision of Personalised Learning Support Actions to Large Student Cohorts

Scatter Correction and Detector Crosstalk Modelling for Fast CT Imaging Systems.

Security for 5G/IoT Network Infrastructures using SDN/NFV Technologies

Ship type identification from learned satellite image databases

Situational Analysis of FGM in Sri Lanka

Standing up to racism and racial bullying among Australian school students

Strategic Behaviour in Games

Study of on-road vehicle vibration patterns and their co-correlation and relationship to item use, maintenance events and life cycle

Supporting Mental Health Nurses towards cultural and clinical change: Facilitating ongoing reduction in seclusion and restraint in inpatient mental health settings in Australia

Sydney Trains bus replacement timetables using advanced optimization

Targeting leukaemia specific regulatory elements for the treatment of intermediate and high risk patients

Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN III)- OzFlux Facility

The Data Ring: Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Analytics

The GreePRO: Harnessing energy from concentrated fertiliser solutions during irrigation

The International Wolf Project - Jewish National Fund of Australia Arava-Finkel

The effects of a home-based whole body vibration intervention on falls, falls risk, and functional gait and balance measures in people with multiple sclerosis

Topology optimisation of mechanical metamaterials with additive manufacture

Towards Reliable Traffic Surveillance Via Camera

Towards multi-factor automation, intelligent processes and data capture for digital Human Resources (HR)

Triaging content in ReachOut's online peer support platform

Ubiquitous Communications for 5G Networks

Ultra-Reliable and Cost-Effective Communication Infrastructure for Future Internet of Things (IoT)-Based Railway Applications

Understanding and Appreciating Midwives Study

Understanding the molecular basis of hybrid vigour in rice - Student: You Zhang

Urban liveability and smart cities

Using AI and Drones for Security and Surveillance

Using advanced analytics and AI techniques in digital traffic systems & guided selling

Validation of technology developed for organic micro-pollutant removal from the Sydney Olympic Park Water Reclamation and Reuse Scheme

Variation to RMRCR/Downer agreement - Integrated Passenger Behaviour - Dwell Track

Visualizing Patient Journeys

Water Spray Lining Demonstration and Testing

WentWest General Practice Pharmacist Project - Evaluation and Health Economics Analysis Plan.

WiFi Sensing for Behavior Recognition

‘Confidence to Care: A multi-state randomised controlled trial of structured nurse led home-based support and education for carers of people with high grade glioma’


17074 PM&C Place-based Practice - Social Ventures Australia

A Bayesian Random Set Framework for Fusion of Hard and Soft Data: Theory and Methods

A Study of AC/DC Switching Power Supplies Performance

A new compound in the gold-sodium system?

A supercapacitor-battery based hybrid energy storage system (HESS) for light Passenger EV application

Acoustic design of large exhaust mufflers for mining applications

Active Management of Complex Non-self finalising Behaviours through Deep Analytics

Adaptive Base Isolation using Innovative Magnetorheological Elastomers

Adaptive robust closed-loop real-time BCI systems with minimum calibration (BCI-ARMC)

Adding Artificial Intelligence into Playtec for user experience enhancement

Advanced Smart City Data Analysis – License plate and audio event recognition

Advanced livestock measurement technologies ALMTech Year 2

Agent Based Conversion of Policy Documents to Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL)

Algorithms and complexity for testing isomorphism of algebraic structures

An Energy Efficient and Secured Scheme for Adaptive MAC Protocols in Sensor Networks with application to Underwater Acoustic Networks

An Intelligent Robotic System for Underwater Structure Maintenance

Analytics Model to Support Strategic Planning in a Regulatory Environment

Applied use of Additive Manufacturing in the production of outdoor furniture.

Applying NLP and Text Mining to enhance Therapeutic Goods Administration’s capabilities in data analytics

Arnott’s Packaging Futures – Pilot Study

Art Access to Promote Liveable Communities

Artificial Intelligence enhanced life insurance underwriting automation and optimisation

Australian Wool Innovation - Process Development Australia

Big Data Big Impact Grant: Deep Learning of Complex Genomics Data for Effective Clinical Decisions

CMCRC PhD Scholarship - Mohammad Habibullah Pulok

CSIRO (manufacturing) post graduate top up scholarship

Capacity building for health workers to deliver SRH&R in humanitarian crisis: A framework for maximizing training efforts

Characterising microbial interactions that drive organic sulphur cycling in Antarctic waters

Characteristics and wellbeing of Australian War Widows

Clinical-community links to improve health promotion and social and emotional wellbeing (SEWB) in Indigenous communities

Close Environment Optimization of Intelligent-Smart LED Systems (Phase 2)

Cobar Shire Council Service Delivery Review

Cobar Shire Council- Service Delivery Project

Comparative Verdicts Machine Learning Proof of Concept

Comprehensive Cloud Application

Comprehensive free access to Australian industrial and workplace relations law

Conjoint Appointment between UTS and Woolcock Institute of Medical Research - Prof res

Copyright Agency NEW Writers Program

D X-­‐ray screening to support productive and efficient processes in the meat industry

Deep Learning Smart Systems for Educational Management

Determining The Best Outcome Measures For Assessing Cost-Effectiveness Of Interventions For Childhood Mental Disorders

Developing an innovative functionalized nanofibrous membrane distillation to treat RO brine 13IFIP-B065893-01

Development and augmentation of the Junglefy Breathing Wall

Development of a non-invasive liquid biopsy for prostate cancer: Identification of unique exosome microRNA (exomiR) signatures in patient body fluids for cancer diagnosis and prognosis.

Development of self-learning algorithms for decision support tool for smart aviation maintenance

Digitally Interactive Prototype for Good Manufacturing Practice Training Module - SeerPharma Business Placement

Digitally Interactive Prototype for Good Manufacturing Practice Training Module – Evaluation - SeerPharma Research Placement

Donation to UTS Innovation & Enterprise Research Laboratory

Drone on Demand: additive manufacturing  (DIN Project)

Dual Input Clutchless Powershifting Transmission for EV and HEV Powertrains

Eco-driving technology for logistics transport fleet to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Embedding SDN capability into the Exablaze suit of switches and NICS - Stage 2

Emergency Treatment Performance Master Classes

Energy Sector Development Project

Establishing a Mobilising Mission and Understanding Present and Future Challenges

Evaluation of NSW Environmental Trust Grants

Evaluation of the Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening (StEPS) Program

Evidenced-based modelling of thin-film lubrication in total hip arthroplasty

Experimentation and Evaluation of Clunking Noise Control Strategies

Explore the Effects of Self-Control on Investment in Human Capital

Exploring new interaction techniques for mobile applications used by field technicians - Phase 1

Extending the QALY project – testing the face and content validity of candidate items within the Australian context

Features of the Aboriginal polity in NSW

Federation Council- Community Strategic Plan

Foundations of quantum cryptography for distribution of secret keys

Frequency Based Timetable using advanced Optimisation

Global Republics: Universities and the origins of the Knowledge Economy

Graphene on SiC as outstanding functional and structural nanomaterial for applications from the nano- to the macroscale

Growing the Evidence Base and Research Capacity in Australian Osteopathy

Gwydir Council- 2017 Economic Impact

Handbury Foundation: Better Bedside Nursing Handovers Translational Research at St Vincents hospital

Home Gardens of Haberfield - Inner West Councils - Stronger Communities Grants Program

How Australian CEOs are dealing with the current challenges of Disruptive Technology and Innovation

IP Australia Machine learning research

Identification of new Vibrio-specific BioBricks and creation of a temperature-sensitive origin of replication BioBrick for use in Vibrio-specific vectors

Identifying the value of New Caledonia’s “extreme” corals to manage reefs under climate change

Image analysis of Fire Trails with P300 - Proof of Concept

Implementation of a Control System for Multiple Underwater Gliders

Implementing autonomous vehicles at SSP, with the aim of integrating them into everyday life at SSP and beyond

Improved Navigation for Underwater Gliders

Improved polyelectrolytes for NOM removal to maximise water production in direct filtration water treatment plants

Improved sample preparation for clinical, environmental and food analyses using the ePrep and novel separation automated technologies

Integrated Passive and Active Control of Humming Noise from KCGM's Haul Trucks Project

Intelligent internal tool kit for critical water mains

Investigation of the thermosalient effect using far-IR spectroscopy

IoT-enabled water controller research and implementation

Jollychic Intelligence Design System

LAUGH: Ludic Artefacts Using Gestures and Haptics

Learning under Concept Drift for Adaptive Decision Support Systems

Mannus Lake algae bloom monitoring study

Maths Inside: Highlighting the role of mathematics in society as motivation to engage more in mathematical activities.

Mechanics of Micro manufacturing novel composite micro drills

Mentoring for Managers

Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems with Perturbed Parameters

Mutually Adaptive & Closed-Loop Overall Performance Management System (BCI-maBCI)

New generation nanostructured coatings with combined control of spectral and angular emissivity

Non-invasive detection of hypoglycaemia in people with diabetes using brain wave activity

Optimal Targets for Emergency Treatment Performance

Post-reform accommodation payments in residential aged care facilities

Precision medicine and health economics

Preparation of briefing papers for ELDAC

Productivity in Mass Multi-storey Timber Construction

Professions, Professional Standards and Capital Markets in the 21st Century: Regulatory Engagement, Design and Strategies

Proteins Involved in HIV Infection and Host Defence

RAAF Design Led Innovation Program


Reliable parameter estimation for dynamic systems with big data

Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) in Pregnancy: Challenges of Health Service Provision

Rheumatic Heart Disease (RHD) in Pregnancy: Challenges of health service provision

SPARK-Miracles project

Scheduler UI/UX research and implementation

Securing Networked Control and Estimation Systems and Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

Semantic Indexing of Large Scale Video Archives

Shared Curriculum Design, Delivery and Assessment in Engineering Fundamentals

Statistical Methods in Estimation and Control

Study and Validation of Pervasive Sensor Systems for Logistics

Supporting Climate Risks XDI project through Virtual Reality and 360 video (17131) Climate adaptation and risk dataset are powerful and effective to assist decision makers.

Supporting GPs in decision-making around optimal stroke prevention therapy: Exploring the role and impact of an alternative care pathway comprising a novel decision support tool and use of consultant pharmacists in primary care (A Pilot Study)

Supporting the Build of Project Sentinel

Sustainable Process for Treatment of Waste-Water Reverse Osmosis Concentrate to Achieve Near Zero Liquid Discharge

Synthetic Aperture Radio Holography for High Resolution Remote Sensing

System-Level Active Perception

TRANSFERRED OUT - Cost efficient scheduling of big data application workflows on cloud through information correlation

TRANSFERRED OUT - Non-invasive prediction of adverse neural events using brain wave activity

Tactical Behaviour Discovery - Real Time Strategy Games

Tailor’s Mark: UI/UX Prototype Development (Stage 1)

Technology Development for 3D Human Body Scanning and Measurement

The Analysis and Interpretation of Real-Life EEG and non-EEG Data Collected in Two Unprecedented Longitudinal Studies (RWN-VDE2)

The Effect of Enhanced Biological Process Removal (EBPR) on Biosolids Conditioning and Dewatering

The Importance of Being Politically Connected

The Internet of Things Based Smart Farm

The State of the Art of Robotics and Automation in Construction – Army Applications

The effect of pre-season workload and between-match microcycle length on match performance in professional Australian Football

The impact of Artificial Intelligence on law practices : An Australian case

The microbiome and immune dysregulation

Topology Optimization for Integrated Design of Composite Structures and Materials and Applications in Bionic Robots

Transport Data Science and Advanced Analytics

TreeManager 2

UAV Flight Formation with Deep Matching

UQ Led - Indexing Large Video Databases to Support Efficient Query Processing

UTS Evaluation of Hammond Care End of Life Residential Homes Project

Ukrainian Democracy Initiative (UDI)

Understanding the mechanisms by which parasite worms prevent multiple sclerosis

Understanding the stability of core/shell upconversion nanocrystals at elevated temperatures

User-based Radio Spectrum Harvesting System

Value of Unreliable Power in Pacific Islands

Vibration Analysis and Control of Clunking Noise for Digital Products

Violence against Nurses and Midwives from patients and/or relatives and friends

Virtual anatomy and medical tomography image restoration for clinical medical diagnosis and surgery rehearsal

White Ribbon Australia: Breaking the Silence Program

Wireless Data Delivery for Workplace Wearable Technology


2017 Landscape Architecture Foundation Case Study Investigattion

2017 Oxfam Research Scholarship and Student Agreement - Ross McClure

3D imaging for phenotypic trait estimation of beef and sheep carcasses

A Lifecycle Management Perspective of Intelligent Buildings: Design, Delivery, Operations and In-Use

A New Generic Approach for Assessing Blast Effects on Reinforced Concrete Members

A Novel Radio Resource Management Scheme for Ultra-Dense Networks

A Sustainable Business Model Design for Digital Disability Housing Platform

A qualitative approach to understanding what aspects of health are important to people – Australian extension

AAG - NEMP Evaluation

AAG- Recovery From Non-natural Disaster Event

AGD4: Forced Marriage Grant

AMSI Scholarship: Ocular Robotics - Target motion modelling for structural fatigue analysis

ASIC Executive Analytics Workshop

Acoustic design innovations for managing motorway traffic noise by cancellation and transformation

Advertisement Recommender and Visual Analytics Tools

Aggregated passenger number prediction for transport for NSW

An Evaluation Framework for Tax Incentives and Concessions

Asbestos Safety and Local Government

Assessment of fish responses to rat baiting program at Lord Howe Is.

Automatic Derivation of JSON from LIXI Standards

Bellingen Service Delivery Reviews

Big Graph Processing in MapReduce

Brighton Council -Workforce Planning Training for South East Tasmanian Councils


CHEST Australia: reducing time to consult in primary care with symptoms of lung cancer

Chip liquid chromatography-inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry: A new hyphenated microfluidic instrument for metallomics - LP120200079

Chronic Pain and calcium permeable AMPA receptors

City of Sydney- Creative Spaces

Civica- Perspectives on the Library Digital Space Experience.

Civica- The Challenges of Leading in a Digital-First Environment

Close Environment Optimization of Intelligent-Smart LED Systems

Cloud-based IoT for Remote Monitoring in Smart Homes

Colonial First State (CFS) Internship

Comparative eco-physiology of two contrasting arid-zone woodlands in Central Australia: hydrological niche separation and ecosystem resilience

Content recommendations based on user interactions and unstructured data within Atlassian's Confluence product

Data Analytics System for VET Industry Private and Public Stakeholders

Detection and Monitoring of explosives and other hazardous chemicals on trains through the air conditioning system - Feasibility study

Developing Best Practice for End of Trip Facilities in CBD Office Buildings

Development of a sustainable ground water treatment system for nitrate removal using novel surface modified adsorbents - Project No 4.1.17-13/14

Development of audio characterisation algorithms and prototype acoustic software tools

Development of high efficiency nanocatalysts using novel electron beam fabrication and imaging techniques

Development of nanoparticles and molecular imprinted polymers-immobilized electrospun polymeric nanofibrous mats for environmental remediation

Development of the Implementation Plan to support Jobs for people with disability: A plan for the NSW public sector

Dissecting the mechanisms underlying muscle fatigue in ALS using acute and cumulative resistance exercise

Doubly disadvantaged: harnessing elements of resilience and establishing information for systems change

Dubbo Regional Council- Councillor On-Boarding Training

Dubbo Regional Council- Development of an Organization Structure

Dynamic Spectrum Sharing in B4G Networks

EU FP7 CIP ICT PSP 2013 VOICE - Virtual Open Incubation Ecosystem - led by Aalborg University

Early Detection of Seagrass Habitat Loss Caused by Eutrophication

Embedding SDN capability into the Exablaze suit of switches and NICS

Embedding SDN capability into the Exablaze suit of switches and NICS

Emergency Treatment Performance Project

Enabling User-Centric Wisdom Engines for Big Information Network Search

Energy Consumption Model

EnviroFrontier - Tree Manager System

Equipping the company board and senior public sector executives to drive digitisation and transform their businesses

Estimation of oxygen consumption based on wireless wearable sensors

Executive remuneration and tax avoidance of multinational firms operating in Australia

Extreme corals of the Great Barrier Reef unlock secrets to coral reef security

FIAL Proof of concept prototype

Fly Ash Alternative for Concrete Application - Stage 01

Fuzzy Transfer Learning for Prediction in Data-Shortage and Rapidly-Changing Environments

GER - Development of Strategic Plan for Great Eastern Ranges Limited

Gasworks Water treatment trials

Gift Agreement : Srinivas Desirazu to Dr. J Raman

Gwydir Council- 2017 Local Government Innovation Grant Deliberative Panel

Harnessing the Power of Social Platforms for Caring for Older People: A Social Media Strategy Plan for the Whiddon Group

Health Linked Data Utility Analysis - Risk Stratification Tool for Australia Health Care Home

Health professionals views on child obesity

High Reliability Communication over 5G Unlicensed

Hybrid Vigour and Hybrid Mimics in crop species

Impacts of extreme hydro-meteorological conditions on ecosystem functioning and productivity patterns across Australia

Impacts of lantana invasion on habitat use by native and exotic animals in Lake Macquarie bushland

In situ pXRD of thermolysis of metal dithiocarbamate complexes

Indexing Large Video Databases to Support Efficient Query Processing

Indexing Large Video Databases to Support Efficient Query Processing

Indonesian Design Emerging (AII-100)

Innovative Techniques for Security and Privacy Aware Management of Big Data on Clouds

Intelligent cloud based applications for milk logistics (Phase 2)

Interactions between aberrant transcriptional programs and methylation in primary myelodysplasia and leukaemia

IoT: LED light-based Multichannel Grid Communications Platform – Hardware Design

Jewish House Crisis Accommodation Program

LED light-based Urban Positioning System – Software Design

LED light-embedded Multichannel Grid Communications Platform – Software development

LP140100950 Assistive Robotic Systems for Augmenting Human Strength in Industrial Applications

Lismore City Council -Richmond Tweed Regional Library Governance Model

Litchfield Council Library Services

Lithium Ion Battery Module Packaging and Testing - 1-113

Livingstone Shire Council- Organizational Health Check Review

Location-aware Frequent Pattern Mining from Uncertain Spatial Transaction Data

Lowes TC - TC Plus clonal plant propagation

MIDROC Regional Strategic Plan & Development of Entity

Mandate - Mobilising And Transforming Teacher Education Pedagogles (Eramsus+Key Action 2 Cross-Sectoral Strategic Partnership Project) - Admin Hull University

Mental Health of Young People with Developmental Disabilities

Mentoring Intercultural Learning through Study Abroad

Mining Large Negative Correlations for High-dimensional Contrasting Analysis

Mission Impossible Engagement Protocol

Model-checking quantum Markov chains: towards verification techniques for quantum cryptographic systems

Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) 2017 competition

Monitoring Membrane Fouling Using Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy.

Mornington Shire Council- Service Mapping and analysis

Multiple-matches in a day in junior high-performance tennis players.

NSW EPA - Bin Trim Success Factors and Legacy

NSW LaHC-Social Infrastructure Needs Analysis and Social Impact Assessment

NSW State of Inclusion Conference

National Taxonomy Research Grant Programme - Student Travel Grant Arjun Verma

Non-compliance regulatory hot-spots

Nonlinear Transfer Distance Metric Learning for Gleaning Knowledge from the Crowd

Novel single photon sources for new generation of quantum communications

On Improving the Efficiency of Video Recognition

On-farm 3D camera system to assess traits in Angus cattle at feedlot entry

Optimizing Bus-Bridge during Train Service Interruptions

Overseeing the Internet: new paradigms of network measurement

PMHC - Analysis of Operating Efficiency

PMHC - MIDROC Regional Strategic Plan & Development of Entity

Penrith City Council- THINK BOLD Forum and Development of Place-based Organizational Architecture

Performance of titanium salts compared to conventional FeCl3 for the removal of algal organic matter (AOM) in seawater

Porous Carbon Based Catalysts for Lithium Air Batteries

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council - Analysis of Financial Ratios

Post Thesis Industry Scholarship

Predictive Analytics to enhance Ausgrid’s Safety Outcomes

Predictive agricultural forecasting

Preparation and scoping for the Health Economics portion of the ASCOLT Study

Preparing accounting students for WIL success through a collaborative SME-supported model

Professional identity and agency: changing the way STEM students think about their learning and development

Project Corgi - Phase 1 Proof of Concept (POC)

Quantum Privacy: A Mathematical Foundation and Novel Solutions for Highly Secure Communications

RMCRC Project 3.1.2: Integrated passenger behaviour, train operations diagnostics, and vehicle condition monitoring system

Real time 3D analysis of P8 fat and muscle score of Angus cattle

Reconstruction and Navigation for Endovascular Catheter Procedures by Intravascular Ultrasound and Electromagnetic Sensing

Research & demonstrate at concept level a Real-time Data Supply System for a planned Cloud-based Milk Tanker road-safety Anti-roll-over monitoring system for a tanker manufacturer.

Research related position funded by a gift/donation from the Neilson Foundation to Anti-Slavery Australia

Residential Apartment Strategy - Strata Sector Baseline Research

Roam CVM comparison and visualization for transport for NSW

Scalable IoT Platform for Remote Monitoring in Smart Homes

Scholarship -Durability Assessment of Service Life Loss Through Delayed Ettringite Formation in Australian Manufactured Precast Elements - Student: Johnson Mak

Scoping study for Development of Intelligent Robots for Electric Power Transmission Tower Maintenance

Shoalhaven Council - Community Development Service Review

Smartphone application development for configuration of smart Bluetooth enabled fan controller

Social Impact Assessment for the Sydney Zoo

Social Networking in a Changing Ocean: Microbial-Scale Ecological Interactions Control Ocean-Scale Chemistry

Stuck here forever? The dynamics and social consequences of long-term private renting in Australia

Superior chemical and gas sensors based on novel interface technology

Supra-classical quantum simulation in physically restricted models of quantum computation

Sydney Harbour-ing Unknown Coral Treasures

Sylvester & Browne Lawyers - Social Impact Expert Witness regarding the Development Application D/2016/810 for 37-41 Oxford Street, Surry Hills

TRANSFERRED OUT - Multiview Complete Space Learning for Sparse Camera Network Research

The Algae Prototype Panel (APP) Project

The Coal Rush and Beyond: Climate Change, Coal Reliance and Contested Futures

The atlas of trace metals in the mouse brain: A new tool for neuroscientists - LP120200081

The evolution of Gambierdiscus in the order Gonyaulacales, with a focus on ciguatoxin production in Australia.

The health cost of extended delays for inpatient treatment

The long term design life of the modular geocellular infiltration units (Atlantis systems) to be utilised in innovative environmental railway and road projects

Thermal Analytics on Object Temperature Changing in Mining Environment

Thought Leadership on NSW Strategic Direction for Innovation in Accessible Tourism

Transcriptome Interrogation of Stem Cell-Based Gene Therapy for Osteoporosis

Ultrosound technology cooperation project

University learning in the digital age: Investigating how students learn online

Unstoppable Me: iPad Anxiety treatment for children with intellectual disability

Unsupervised Multi-Author Document Decomposition

Urban Ecology Renewal Investigation Project

Video to Text Description

WUHAN - Nano-geopolymer composites for underground prefabricated structures

Waiting times operational forecast for Transport for NSW

While stocks last: understanding the impacts of habitat degradation on fish reproductive spawning migrations

importance of Free Living diAzotrophs for COrals


210Pb and radiocarbon dating reveal history of carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands

A Framework for Physical and Social Collaboration: Towards the Smarter Planet Vision

A Machine Learning Perspective to Image Processing and Understanding

A Novel Hybrid Energy Storage System (ESS) for EV and HEV - analysis and experiment - Student Li (Eric) Sun - ID 4-108

A naturalistic observational study of Western herbal medicine practice in selfreported anxiety and depression

A semi-pilot scale absorption study for heavy metals removal from wastewater

Advanced Analytics to Reveal Novel Insights into ‘Worth of Water’

Advanced Condition Assessment & Failure Prediction Technologies for Optimal Management of Critical Pipes

An Edition of the Remaining Unpublished Writings of JM Keynes

An Optimal Electrical Drive System for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Analytics Engagement Framework for NSW Trustee and Guardian

Analytics for Client Engagement- W/O no 15.11-1-1-1

Approximate reasoning with qualitative spatial constraints involving landmarks

Architextiles: building with textiles

Assessment of crop productivity over intensively managed agriculture regions in India and Australia using cutting-edge fluorescence remote sensing data

Attention and Intention of Social Robotics

Australian Management Capability Survey (AMCS) and Innovation Case Studies

BLE-Enhanced Contextual Awareness for Targeted Yahoo Exposure

Briefing Paper: Review of Palliative Care Needs and Services in NSW (Cancer Council NSW)

Building Adaptive Enterprise Architecture - Discovery Phase

Building Deep Insights and Advanced Care Giver - Client Workforce Modeling

Building information modelling: Technology adoption and organisational transformation

Built-in-Brake Wear Sensors II - Digital

Child Cybersex Research Project

Commonwealth Bank of Australia Scholarship Pilot

Concrete Admixtures for Water Tightness - Student: TBA

Continuous Deployment of Data Analytics Applications

Converter for Renewable Energy - Student Mohammad Jafari - RES14/913

Cross-Domain Distributed Data Analytics

Curtailing the Adverse Effects of Expansive Soils on Roads Applying a New Remediation Technique Incorporating Bagasse Ash and Fibre

Cyber-racism and community resilience

DC Optimisation based synthesis of systems in control, signal processing and wireless communication network

Design and evaluation of direct metal laser sintered alloy automotive components for lightweighting -ID 1503

Desktop Review and rapid stakeholder consultation of the palliative care needs of people aged between 25 and 65 years facing an anticipated premature death.

Detection of Sybil Attacks and their Countermeasures in Cluster-based LEACH Protocol - Student Mian Ahmad Jan

Developing Predictive Models for Income Protection Insurance Claims

Developing an innovative high performance thin-film composite membrane using functionalized nanofibrous support layers for engineered osmosis

Development of Globally Optimal Solutions to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Robot Navigation

Development of Mahout-based recommender engine for real-time streaming health data (Phase 1)

Development of a sulfonyl-[18F]fluoride-based radiosynthon for applications in nuclear medicine

Development of an optimisation module for allocating deliveries to trucks of different capacities subject to time windows

Dissecting key steps of the miRNA-mediated gene regulation and its implication in immune response and cancer

Energy-Food-Water Security Challenge: A Multi-dimensional perspective

Enhanced Analysis of Load Transfer Mechanism and Deformation Estimation for Ground Improvement using concrete injected columns (CIC)

Enhanced and highly specific delivery of small interfering RNA and oligonucleotides as therapeutics for gene silencing

Establish method for analyzing the collagens and Proteoglycans in the intervertebral disc using LC-MS technique

Estimating the Positive Benefits of Schedule 3 Consumer Advertising

Evaluating the Benefits of Smart Technology in In-home Care Practice, Illawarra Retirment Trust (IRT) Foundation

Experimental Histories and Alternative Archives

Extended Life of 3D Injection Moulding Tool Inserts

FPGA Software Development for CSIRO Wireless Communications Projects

Fast Processing and Scheduling of Big Data with Cloud Computing - Student Scholarship Agr Chi Yang

Fault Detection and Isolation with Power Optimization in Wireless Body Sensor Networks

Feasibility Study of a Concept for a Rapid Response Internal Condition Assessment Tool

Full Utilisation of Reactive Aggregates in High Performance Concrete

Gender, race, swimming and Australian identity

IDEAL project: Improving Dementia End of Life Care at Local Aged Care Facilities

Implementation of intelligent process mining frameworks for IoT-enabled devices

Incorporation of innovations in the 3D scanning process of manufacturing custom-shape inserts

Increasing the timber office fit-out market by designing for measurable life cycle benefits

Innovative Manufacturing: Industry Transformation Accelerator Program

Integrated Power Systems for Caravans and RV's

Integrating Choice Set Formation and Taste Heterogeneity in Market Segmentation

Intelligent Cloud-based system for remote monitoring of production supply chains (Stage 1)

Interior Urbanism: Architecture, John Portman and Downtown America

Investigate remote sensing and smart monitoring approaches to Water Quality Management

Investigation of effective damage detection algorithms for structural health monitoring of large iconic bridges using vibration measurements

Investigation of fatigue properties of direct metal laser sintered parts for automotive applications - ID1502

Investigation of the improvement of sustainable management of groundwater resources through use of next generation water quality loggers

Longitudinal testing of Combitile impact attenuation flooring prototype

Maker Lab – Community Access to 3D Manufacturing

Modelling and Discovering Complex Interaction Relations Hidden in Group Behaviours in Businesses, Online and Social Communities

Modulation Of Gap Junction Channels For The Treatment Of Spinal Cord Injury

Molecular imaging advancing stem cell-based gene therapy for osteoporosis and bone fracture regeneration.

Multi-objective topological optimization with multiple constraints for complex structures

New approaches to describing and valuing quality of life: application and implications for economic evaluation - Australian Public Health Fellowship

Non-destructive condition assessment of pole/pile/foundation structures and bridges based on guided waves and vibration measurements.

Novel Solar-driven Fibreoptic Photocatalysis Hybrid System for Groundwater Treatment (

Novel Strategies To Boost Tristetraprolin Function: A Critical Anti-Inflammatory Protein In Asthma.

PDE/PIDE Approaches for Pricing and Hedging of Options Involving Several Stochastic Factors

PSC Workforce Profile Data Quality Assessment and Potential for Advanced Analytics

Peer Assessment Evaluation - Australian Council for the Arts

Pelvic floor dysfunction, work productivity and work environment: A cross sectional survey and exploratory study of the nursing and midwifery workforce.

Pharmacy Students and Professional Identity: Developing a tool for measuring professionalism among pharmacy students.

Pilot-scale test operation of an integrated forward - reverse osmosis system for mining wastewater treatment for reuse

Polytitanium coagulant for water purification: A systematic investigation to identify mechanisms and benefits over today's technologies

Predicting health status of geriatric patients from user trusted multimedia observations

Project Agr - Transmission for Plug-in Electric Vehicles (AutoCRC)

Quantum effects in zero-error communication

Real Time 3D Non-rigid Surface Tracking Through Microsoft Kinect Platform

Real-time query processing over multi-dimensional uncertain data streams

Regional High Performance Networks - Pilot

Research, research related position funded by gift/donation

Role of Creativity and Innovation in the Cultural and Art Industry

SPARK 2015

Safeguarding commercial fishing in NSW from ciguatera fish poisoning

Safeguarding recreational fishing in NSW from ciguatera fish poisoning

Salty gas: the ecological risk of saline effluents from coal seam gas and other hydrocarbon resources.

Selenium (Se) Accumulation, Translocation and Biological Speciation in Selected Plants Using Tissue Culture and Radiolabelled Se Salts

Services to map the cultural landscape of regional NSW (16042)

SharkSafe: Automatic Shark Detection

Smashing: Social Media and Innovation project

Social and Economic Evaluation of NSW Coastal Commercial Wild-Catch Fisheries

Social and affective factors in bilingual (Japanese-English) children's Japanese language development in families where parents have different language backgrounds.

Spatially Distributed Complex Multiagent Systems

Strategic Research into Cement Australia Geoploymer Concrete Systems - Student: Kamal Neupane

Superresolution fluorescence imaging in microbiology (LE160100127 - led by University of Wollongong)

Technical advice regarding appropriate clustering options for acute admitted and emergency department patients

Technology and Prototype Development of Human Action Recognition in Shopping and CheckOut Areas 

Testing a novel green wall system for bioparticle emission and the abatement of indoor air pollution

The Innovation Systems of Australia and Korea in the FTA Era: Deepening Linkages to Promote the Diffusion on Innovation

The coral bleaching crisis: what about the fishes?

The function of small ribonucleic acid derived from the 5´ end of transfer ribonucleic acid (5´tRFs) in the regulation of gene expression and the control of the cell cycle

The utilisation of complementary and alternative medicine for children: a mixed methods study to examine parental attitudes and information sources

Understanding and predicting freezing of gait in Parkinson's Disease

Value of Libraries project (16046)

Variation - Advanced Condition Assessment & Failure Prediction Technologies for Optimal Management of Critical Pipes

Watertight Concrete Structures - Scholarship for student Mohammadreza Hassani - RES14/917

 Smart Incontinence Management method during normal physical activity with simulated urinary incontinence


(Variation) Cloud-based Large-scale Distributed Semantic Data Management with Security Awareness - Student: Chang Liu

A General Bayesian Multilinear Analysis Framework for Human Behaviour Recognition

A double-blind, randomised study to explore the effect of the body's own morphine-like chemicals on exercise induced breathlessness in people with emphysema

A novel peptide isolated from a parasitic worm prevents Type 1 diabetes

A study of policies on consumer adoption of electric vehicles

Accuracy Enhancement in Wi-fi Localisation - Student: Jesse Wang

Adaptive Cyber-Physical Technologies with Attention Driven Commonsense Behaviours

Advanced Optical Characterisation of Nanostructures in White Light Emitting Diodes

Advancing the Objects of the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (NSW): An International comparative evaluation of measures used to promote government information release

An Image Processing Based Method to Estimate Cotton Requirements for Nitrogen Fertiliser

Artificial intelligence meets wireless sensor networks: filling the gaps between sensors using spatial reasoning

Assessment and Appraisal of Hansen Yuncken Hiway Platform

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) - Megacharge Project

Australian Rainfall and Runoff - Technical Editor: Research Editorial and Publishing Support

Bacterial Detection and Infection Control using Tethered membranes

Blacktown CBD Market Research

Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the Value Dimension

Can coral optics explain coral bleaching susceptibility?

Classical and Quantum Resource Tradeoffs

Collaboration with IIT to Build a Research Network for Big Data Analytics

Collaborative leadership in the evolving workplace

Control of the Honda Walking Assist device based on active admittance and inertia compensation

Crack Detection In Steel Reinforced Concrete Beams based on Vibration Analysis and Guided Waves

Cross Car Beam - Aluminium Foam for Down Gauging

DIPB Data Mining/Analytics PhD Scholarships

Data Mining of Learning Behaviours and Interactions for Improved Academic Sentiment and Performance Transfer

Deep Pattern Mining for National Health System's Response to Patient Demand

Determination of the condition and strength capacity of in-service timber poles in energy networks

Development of EMG-based Decision Support Tool for Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders

Development of a Deployable Climbing Robot for the SHB Inspection and Condition Assessment

Development of assays for the capture and detection of prostate (cancer)-derived exosomes and exosomal markers

Development of low cost, high quality InGaN photovoltaic devices

Discovering Deep Insights Into Customer Retention in Colonial First State (CFS)

Electricity Demand: Emerging Trends, Underlying Influences and Issues

Environmental Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials for Soil and Groundwater Remediation (3.1.2-11/11)

Epigenetic Mechanisms Controlling Heterosis

Evaluation of an Embedded Smoking Cessation Campaign (Stage 2)

Evaluation of trial job roles in TAFE NSW: Extension work

Evidence to Practice Grant - Improving Breast Screening Rates for Indian and Sri Lankan Women (Campaign Evaluation)

France-Australia Science Innovation Collaboration (FASIC) Early Career Fellowships Travel Grant

Health literacy in CALD population who attend POW Diabetes Centre

Heavy Metal/Metalloids Remediation from Drinking Water by Innovative Adsorbents

High quality water reuse through devloping of membrane hybrid system for persisting organic pollutants removal including PPCPs

Improved design and control of brushless doubly-fed reluctance machine generators for wind power applications

Intelligent Robotic Diver for Underwater Bridge Pylon Cleaning and Inspection -- Scoping Study and Robot Design

Investigation into Role of Pavement Materials in Mitigation of Construction Defects and Cracking in Concrete Pavements - Student Daniel Mezger

Large-Scale Highly Dynamic Wireless Networks: Architecture and Communication Strategies Design

MOVE ON: New Media Art from Australia, Canada and Europe - EU Culture Programme - Admin Org Werkleitz Centre for Media Art Germany

Machine alignment system for remote operation

Making Transitional Justice Work for Women: Rights, Resilience and Responses to Violence Against Women in Northern Uganda, Kenya and Democratic Republic of Congo

Mapping BYOD use and supporting staff development

Marie Curie - International Incoming Fellowship - Nostalgia Future

Measuring the impact of the Qstream Pain Assessment Intervention @ 2 years.

Measuring the impact of the TCRN Qstream Pain Assessment Intervention @ 2 years.

Membrane adsorption bioreactor hybrid system as a pre-treatment to reverse osmosis desalination - EOI accepted - NCED

Mining Complex Concurrency Relationship Patterns for Dynamic Customer/Asset Interaction Modeling through Novel Industrial Behavior Networks

Move On - New Media Art from Europe, Australia and Canada

Neutron diffraction investigation of shear forces on triacylglycerols for forensic application

New Dawn for Value Based Trading Systems in the Beef and Sheep Meat Industries

Novel cloud computing based workflow technology for managing large numbers of process instances.

Process algebra approach to distributed quantum computation and secure quantum communication

Recommending local vehicle charging standards: a comprehensive review of vehicle charging standards, international trends, Australian fleet trends

Reducing the Rollover Risk of Bulk Liquid Tankers

Regional Library Models Research Project

Remaking practices: Learning to meet the challenge of practice change in primary health care

Road-Deposited Sediment Pollutants: Measurement of Mobility and Bioavailability

SAXS - Structural Investigations of NSW Opals

Simulating the Australian carpark: Modelling vehicle-life CO2, fleet mix and policy levers

Smart sewer monitoring system

Sociophysical Interactions: understanding the role of social and tangible technologies in maintaining good habits into old age

Spatial Cognition - Expressive Representation Formalisms and Effective Reasoning Mechanisms

Sphere Packing Array Structure of Precious Opal

Sponsorship to AAI and FEIT for Student Research

Strategic Communication for Strengthening Public Confidence in Migration Policy and Practice

Strengthening frontline clinicians' infection control: A multi method study to reduce MRSA infection and transmission

Students, Universities and Open Education

Studies Investigating the non-protein amino acid BMAA, as an environmental trigger for motor neurone disease

Sustainability Research Project

Synthesis and characterisation of thin film nanocomposite membrane for low energy forward osmosis desalination application -(Student Scholarship Soleyman Mamisaheby)

Taming the Uncertainty in Trajectory Data - UNSW Transfer - UQ LEAD

Taming the uncertainty in trajectory data - DP130103245 -

The 18th International Conference on Quantum Information Processing (QIP2015)

The Effect of Connection Flexibility on the Seismic Performance of Industrial Racking Systems - Student: Ahmad Firouzianhaji

The Optimisation and Improvement of Direct Filtration Pre-treatment to Reduce both Organic and Bio-fouling of RO Membranes

The Potential of Non-coding RNAs in Saliva and Urine as Biomarkers of Prostate Cancer

The characterisation of rock art paintings in Arnhem Land using synchrotron infrared spectroscopy

The improvement of whiplash performance through the application of a reactive lumbar support system

Theorising the relationship between birth unit design and the communication patterns of labouring women and their maternity care providers

Toyota - Traffic Scene Understanding for Automated Vehicles with Focus on Freeway Merging Maneuvers

Use of High Volume SCM with Manufactured Sand in Concrete for Lower Embodied Energy Structures

Using Local Knowledge to Understand Linkages Between Ecosystem Processes, Seagrass Change and Fisheries Productivity to Improve Ecosystem-Based Management

Vehicle objects detection and road terrain classification

Volume Reduction and Biosolids Conveyance

Water4India - Smart, Cost-effective Solutions for Water Treatment and Monitoring in Small Communities in India. Decison Support System Integration - EU FP7-ENV-2012-one-stage SP1 Co-op Collab Project

“XRD study of sinter-resistant gold nanoparticles”


A Holistic Integrated Design Approach for Building Envelopes Incorporating Sustainability, Security and Safety

A Research Platform for Exploring the Genotype:Phenotype Nexus

A Three-Dimensional Ultra-Wideband Microwave Method Based On Multiple Antennas For Early Detection Of Breast Cancer

A new end use of recycled water for sustainable Australian water

A novel forward osmosis electrosorption hybrid system for energy-efficient operation and life cycle assessment

A transportable containerised laboratory for rapid cell sorting and high-resolution bioimaging of living aquatic microbes in field locations

ATO (13.256): Self-finalising Lodgement Analytical Model

Active Learning for Social Network Analysis - Student: Meng Fang

Airports of the Future

Assistive Robotic systems for abrasive blasting - RiB Enterprise Connect

Big Data, Big Impact Grant: Generating Actionable Knowledge from Complex Genomic Data for Personalised Clinical Decisions.

Biologically Inspired Robotic System for Steel Bridge Condition Assessment

CLIC1 penetration of Phospholid/Cholesterol Membranes using neutron reflectivity

Characterisation of ochre pigments from Jawoyn rock art paintings of Arnhem Land using infrared microscopy

Characterisation of the States of Water in Opal Using FTIR Microscopy.

Characterising the Performance and Fouling of Hollow Fibre Membranes (AWRCoE Fellowship)

Characterising the performance and fouling of hollow fibre membranes

Cloud Data Storage Security and Privacy Issues - Student: Xuyun Zhang

Collaboration with Shanghai Jiaotong University and other partners to build a Research Network for Big Data Analytics

Collaborative Sensing and Information Delivery in Future Internet of Things

Commercial Building Costing Cases Studies - Traditional Design Verse Timber - RES13/457

Cost effective storage of massive intermediate data in cloud computing applications

Curriculum Renewal in Interprofessional Education in Health: Establishing Leadership & Capacity.

Data Mining Customer Satisfaction

Debt Collection Optimisation

Design & Emotion conference - How deep is deep? A four-layer model of insights into human needs for design innovation

Design Led Innovation for Export Competitiveness Project

Detecting Significant Changes in Organisation-Customer Interactions Leading to Non-Compliance

Development and Evaluation of a Masterclass on Professional Service Implementation in Community Pharmacy: A Pilot Study

Development of a 20m span Bridge for PNG using Engineered Wood Products

Does urban greening influence the indoor and outdoor air quality of the City of Sydney?

Downer Part B: Human-Machine Interaction (HMI)

Effective Profiling and Detection of At-Risk Taxpayers to Strengthen ATO Compliance

Energy-Food-Water Security Challenges in the Sub-Saharan African Context

Energy-Water-Food Security and Climate Change Nexus: An Institutional Perspective - Assessing Interdependencies between Energy, Water, Land-use and Climate Change - I11006

Enhancing Global Software Development Productivity through Social Computing

Evaluation of 8040 Forward Osmosis Module

Evaluation of the Who Cares about the Environment? research project (1994-2012) Agr # OEH-794-2013

Exploring new tools in non-linear filtering and control - DP110105066

Fertilisers as draw solutes for forward osmosis desalination: A novel approach for fertigation in the Murray Darling Basin

Flashlite: A High Performance Machine for Data Intensive Science ARC LIEF LE140100061 (RES13/967)

Gender inclusivity of engineering students' experiences of workplace learning 

Graffiti Prevention

Graphene - the new frontier electromaterial for rechargeable lithium batteries and supercapacitors

How to Deliver the Design for Future Manufacturing Competitiveness Strategy

Leichhardt's Legacies: Locating the Disappeared

Literature review on the impacts of removing mandated food irradiation labelling on consumers

Lung Foundation Australia / Cochrane Airways Group small grant

Managing Climate Risk in the Grains industry (GTA10826)

Marie Curie Fellowship - Advanced concentrate treatment for integrated membrane based water reuse systems (ACTIWATE)

Measuring Care Services Against Person-Centered Principles (PCECAT Research Project Phase 1)

Membrane bioreactor as a pre-treatment to sea water reverse osmosis desalination and water reuse - Student: Anil Shrestha

Membrane flocculation hybrid system as pretreatment to brackish and sea water reverse osmosis desalination system: Emphasis on chemical use reduction and recovery

Natural Human-Robot Interaction for Service Robots - EOI

New Planning System for NSW White Paper

Novel Data Mining Techniques for Complex Network Analysis and Control

Novel Delivery of Gene Therapy for the Treatment of Advanced Prostate Cancer - NTCRU Research Scholar

Patient and nurse outcomes and the cost of nurses' turnover in Australian hospitals

Performance testing of broadband networks

Photodesorption Phenomena and Photoreactive Nanosorbent Materials for Water and Wastewater Purification

Pilot-Scale Fertiliser Driven Forward Osmosis Desalination of Brackish Groundwater for the Murray River - National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (NCED)

Progressive collapse resistance of reinforced concrete framed structures with membrane action

Properties and Characterisation of Magneto-Rheological Materials under Rotating Magnetic Field Excitation...

Quality of Service (QoS) of 4G Broadband Wireless Networks

Reasoning about, and stepwise development of, quantum programs: a predicate transformer semantics approach

Recycling water and nutrients using a high-rate membrane bioreactor coupled with an ion-exchange system

Responsive Transport Environments: Spatial and Visual User Information Technologies to Allow Improved Passenger Flow and a Better Customer Experience.

Step-climbing attachment for powered wheelchairs - prototype development

Sustainable Construction of Buildings: Development and evaluation of new construction materials to adapt to climate change and to reduce the consumption of energy

The economics of filial informal care: Future trends and directions for policy supports

The identification of 'Blackspots' across Australia

Tjunjunjarra Remote Inland Indigenous Community Solar/Waste Energy Groundwater Desalination Project

Transcriptome Analysis of Prostate Cancer Exosomes: Identifying Circulating Biomakers for the Early Detection and Prognosis of Prostate Cancer - NTCRU Scholarship - Sam Brennan

Translating Assistive Robotic Technology To Aged Care Practice

Travel Grant - Scaling Latent Topic/Class Models to Big Data Collections and Streams: Applications to Medical Domain

Trust-Enhanced Recommender Systems for Personalised Government-to-Business e-Service

Unified analysis of steel and composite frame structures subjected to static, thermal, earthquake and blast loading

Using Smart Phones and Integrated Methodology in a Field Trial to Understand Tourist Dispersal Beyond Gateway Cities

Virtual Clothing Fitting by using a Mobile phone

eGovPoliNet - Building a global multidisciplinary digital governance and policy modelling research and practice community


'Schmatte Business': Jewish emigres in the Sydney Clothing Trades, 1945-1990

A multi-site randomised controlled trial comparing the severity of constipation symptoms experienced by palliative care patients receiving usual care compared to those diagnosed and managed according

ATO Debt Collection Optimisation

Advance care planning in the emergency department: identification of barriers, facilitators and technological solutions (ACP-ED)

An Innovative Powertrain Architecture and Optimal Energy Management for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

Analysis of Institutional Adaptability to Redress Electricity Infrastructure Vulnerability Due to Climate Change - Subcontract

Analysis of Peak Electricity Demand in NSW: Underlying Influences, Peak Reduction Policies & Policy Impacts

Assessment of Blue Carbon Reserves in Thailand

AutoCRC - Conduct Life Cycle Analysis on the new 3D Knitted Composite material concept applied to 2nd row 60/40 split RSB - student Nicolas Molina

AutoCRC - Musculosketetal Model for Seated Position - student Marcelo Araya

AutoCRC - Simulation of Hood Slam Using Multi-Body Dynamics - CAE Model Input Testing - student Alan Lavery

Best Practice Innovation and Creativity Programs in Engineering and Technology Service Organisations

Bridge Project for PNG Forest products

Case Study Analysis on Fisheries Domestication for Policy Advice on Domestication of Pacific Tuna Fisheries for Greenpeace

Choice at the pedagogy-technology interface: interactive whiteboards and i-tables for learning

Circulating MicroRNAs: Non-invasive biomarkers for Head and neck cancers - NTCRU Research Scholar Award

Collaboration with Peking University in the field of Requirements Engineering for IT services

Development of Artificial Neural Network (ANN)/Adaptive Neuro-fuzzy based models for improving reliability of yield estimates for dam storages

Development of Grit-blasting Assistive Devices for Steel Bridge Maintenance

Dulux Strategic Partnership Scoping Project

Effect of Carbon Content and Cold Working on Corrosion Resistance of High-Strength Steel in Concrete - Student Nicholas Allan

Efficacy of Perfect Potion Personal Insect Repellent Against Mosquitoes

Embodied Interfaces for Creative Expression in Dance Performance

Emergency Communication: Addressing the challenges in health care discourses and practices

Enhanced Analysis of Time Dependent Viscous Behaviour of Soft Clay

Estimating Incentive Expenditure

Evaluating Performance of Forward Osmosis Membrane

Fault Tolerant Control for Rehabilitation Review - Student: Yi (Andrew) Zhang

Forensic drug intelligence: A tool in intelligence-led policing

Get set for success: Using online assessments to motivate first year engineering students to engage in and manage their learning

Grid Orientated Control of Distributed Renewable Energy System

Handling and Stability Control of Electric and Hybrid Vehicles - Novation and Variation

Hybrid Solar Air-Conditioning Systems: Modelling and Control

Identifying and developing capability in engineers' continuing professional learning

Immuknowlogy Board Game

Indoor Localization By Angle of Arrival Estimation

Innovative Retrofitting Techniques for the Protection of Anchorage Zones in Cable-Stayed Bridges Subjected to Blast Loads

Intrusion Detection in Peer to Peer Systems Using Statistical Method - Student: Zhiyuan (Thomas) Tan

Investigating and Developing Strategies for Timber Residential Buildings in Australia - Student: Douglas Thomas

Membranes coupled with physico-chemcial treatment in water reuse: New hybrid systems development and fouling assessment

Mining Multiple Information Sources through Collaborative and Comparative Analysis

Multiple Data Source Discovery: Group Interaction Approach

New ways of doing school: Mixing story and technology to generate innovative learning, social and cultural communities

Novel Architecture for Next Generation Wireless Relay Networks

PAKDD 2013: The 17th Pacific Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

Pattern Discovery of Discriminating Behaviour Associated with Hidden Communities

Pricing, Calibration and Hedging of Options on Volume Weighted Average Prices

Quantitative analysis of dynamic performance of vehicles with uncertain system parameters and road inputs

Regional governance for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities: the development of a legal framework and practical models to address discrimination and disadvantage

Research, Evaluation and Analysis Panels RFT PRN 28669 with DEEWR

Review NSW Government's Expenditure Data Cube (EDC) structure and product NSW Procurement, NSW Department of Finance and Services (RFX0562)

Role of Tenascin-C and TLR-4 in carotid atherosclerosis related stroke

Shutter Automation System

Smart Text Understanding from Street View Images for Mobile Platforms

Strategies to decrease pain through implementing a dual clinical PAIN PATHway. Stop Pain Path Phase 1

Structural Timber Innovation Project (STIC)

Supported biomass membrane bioreactor: optimisation of aeration for better fouling control

The Living Effect: Providing Historical and Contemporary Insights Into Notions Of Aliveness In Electronic and New Media Artworks - SSHRC grant administered by OCAD


ALTC Teaching Fellowship

Action Recognition Research for Video Surveillance Applications

An adaptive e-learning community of practice for mechanics courses in engineering

Analysis of institutional adaptability to redress electricity infrastructure vulnerability due to climate change (UQ administered grant)

Automatic Recognition of Human Activities in Surveillance Videos: Overcoming the Curse of Dimensionality

CRC for Contamination Assessment and Remediation of the Environment (CRC Care)

Chaos, Information Technology, Global Administration and Daily Life

Commercial sector/smallholder partnerships for improving incomes in the oil palm and cocoa industries in PNG (ASEM/2006/127 End of Project Review)

Contextualising Interaction Diversity in Physical Information Environments

Cost effective treatment system for stormwater harvesting for medium scale developments

Data Mining Driven, Deep Understanding of Interventions for Improving Compliance

Data Visualisation Technique Analysis

Development of a 250kw Brushless Twin Starter Doubly Fed Induction Wind Turbine Generator

Development of a Mathematical Model for Chatter Prediction in Multi-Stand Cold Flat Rolling Mills

Development of two speed DCT for pure electric vehicle

Efficient Strategies for Coordinating Autonomous Vehicles for Maximising Australia's Waterfront Productivity

Enhancing Remote Laboratory Learning Outcomes Through Lesson Plan Integration Within an LMS Framework

Evaluation of the Open House Project

Evidence for Effective Models of Palliative care and Population-based Tools for Service Planning

Exploring intercultural competency in engineering

Improving online case law within the constraints of free access through heuristic linking and resulting discovery mechanisms

Intelligent Video Analysis for Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection

Intelligent archiving and retrieving of clinic laboratory records in pathology/radiology informatics study

Interval nonlinear analysis of spatially curved structures with material and geometric uncertainties.

Investigation into Treatment of Waters with High Colour/Low Turbidity at Nepean and Macarthur WFPs

Online declaration modeling pilot project

Pattern Analysis and Risk Control of E-Commerce Transactions to Secure Online Payments

Reliable Fault Tolerant Control: Handling Multi-sensor Configuration - Student: Davood Dehestani

Removal of Persistent Organic Pollutants Using Titania (TiO2) Nanoparticles Produced from Sludge

Scholarship: Removal of Persistent Organic Pollutants Using Titania (TiO2) Nanoparticles Produced from Sludge - Student: Yousef Okour

Sensor and Actor Grid for Assistive Healthcare

Simavita Smart Incontinence Management Method Study During Normal Physical Activity with Simulated Urinary Incontinence

Smart communications network management: Delivering bundled interdependent services across internetworked heterogeneous domains

SmartData: developing intelligent database system for communicating information to aviation and professional vehicle operators: towards safer transport industries

Socio-technical integration of climate change adaptation strategies

The Ian Potter Foundation Early Career Travel Grant

The role of ICT in delivering services to underserved communities (Student: Susan Hansen)

Use of Continuous Simulation for Design Flow Determination to Support the Revision of the Australian Rainfall & Runoff Research Projects (Stage 2 Project 8)

Web-based Telecom Service Recommendation System for Optus Potential SMB Customers


A Comprehensive Platform for Dynamic Decision Support in Warning Systems through Better Management of Uncertain Information

A shared, applied epistemology for competency in computer programming - ID11-1963

An Integrated Framework, Supporting Tools and Process Guidelines for Measuring and Managing Inconsistencies in Software Requirements

Analysis of Time Based Social Media User Trends

Application of Social Network Analysis Techniques to Natural Resource Manager Capacity Assessment

Approaches towards the novel assessment framework and methodology of greenhouse gas emissions from urban wastewater cycle in Australia and Korea

Aviator: Single Channel Control System Using Electoencephalography (EEG) Signals

Boral Cross Laminated Timber Project

Capital Markets CRC Scholarship Awarded to Matthew Clifton

Closing the gap: Implementing and evaluating the impact of an early literacy program in informal settings

Coupled Streamflow and Groundwater Modelling For Improved Irrigation Allocation Estimates

Development of a green instant cement

Discovering Activity Patterns Driven by High Impacts in Heterogeneous and Imbalanced Data

Health Insurance Fraud Control and Pattern Analysis - Capital Markets CRC Scholarship - Bo Liu

Health Insurance Fraud Control and Pattern Analysis - Capital Markets CRC Scholarship - Yanshan Xiao

Health Insurance Fraud Control and Pattern Analysis - Capital Markets CRC Scholarship - Zhigang Zheng

Health Insurance Fraud Control and Pattern Analysis - Capital Markets CRC Scholarship - Ziye Zuo

Implementing personalised medicine using global genomic similarity

Integration of Sponge Based Technology and Membrane Bioreactor: A Sustainable Treatment System for Water Recycling

LCA Study investigating the impact of construction on sloping sites

Labshare Project

Luscious Apparatus: costume-wearable technologies informed by bodyweather performance

Making sense of data in childhood cancer

Nanomaterials and processes to utilise photodesorption and photocatalysis for water and wastewater purification

Observations and response charts usability testing and piloting: Response to Tender - The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care

On-site Remediation of Micro-pollutants from Stormwater for Reuse

Optimization-based analysis and synthesis of sparse systems in signal processing and communication

Pilot Data Mining: Mining Discriminative Patterns Showing Significant Behavioural Difference between Lapse & Active Customers

Planning, Communication, and Collaboration in Cognitive Systems: A Constructive Approach

Precision three-dimensional localization system for underground mining vehicles, offering improved productivity and personnel safety

Preliminary Investigation on Fingerprint of Wine Processing Using Analytical Approach

SICK Device Specific Evaluation of UTS Patent #2007904898

Sanctuary and Security in Contemporary Australia: Muslim Women's Networks 1980 - 2005

Scholarship: On-site Remediation of Micro-pollutants from Stormwater for Reuse - Student: Thamer Mohammed

Service Management Capability Assessment

The Pricing and Hedging of Multi-Factor Multi-Commodity Based Swing Options

The culture of teaching and learning in ICT and engineering: Facilitating research professors to be T&L leaders

Understanding project interdependencies

Use of CT Scanned Data in automation of Carcass Processing

Yanhuang Science and Technology Park


"It's all about me" : Anthropomorphised Trading in Believable Electronic Markets

A Method for Condition Monitoring of Water Transmitting Systems

A Molecular Approach to Insulin Resistance in Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes by Targeting at RBP-4 and MCP-1 Genes

A Robotic System for Steel Bridge Maintenance

A pro-active approach to addressing student learning diversity in Engineering mathematics

A protocol for developing curriculum-led human-centred next generation learning environments in higher education

ANU-UTS Climate-Energy-Water Links Project

ARC Centre of Excellence for Autonomous Systems

Advanced Membrane Technology for Enhanced Desalination

An Ontology Driven Framework for Legal Software

An Optimal Integrated Immersed Membrane System as Pre-Treatment for Reverse Osmosis Desalination

Analysis of Rainfall Spatial Variability in Warragamba Catchment

Application Oriented System Level Optimum Design Method for Advanced Electrical Drive Systems

Building communities of expertise in cultural diversity: Web 2.0 and strategies for policy development

Centrelink Fraud Investigation: Opportunities and Test

Characterisation and Modelling of Nanostructured Soft Magnetic Materials for Advanced Electromagnetic Applications

Cheque Fraud Detection Project

Cost effective in-line filtration system to improve water quality in rainwater tanks

Curriculum specification and support systems for engineering education that address revised qualification standards

DIAC NAP Tender: Voices of Muslim Australians

Damage Detection and Estimation of Embedment Length of Timber Poles - Student: Amir Ali Zad

Demand Dependent Active Suspensions for Preventing Vehicle Rollover

Developing and managing sustainable technology-enabled innovation capabilities: An information systems approach

Development of a Model for Assessment of Future Conditions of Bridges

Development of a new, efficient and cost effective advanced membrane bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Domain-Driven Actionable Link Discovery

Double degrees: Research pathways, enabling cross-disciplinarity and enhancing international competitiveness

Dynamic Analysis of Transmission System for Noise and Vibration Refinement

Dynamic Characteristics of Kinetic Suspension Systems for Vehicle Applications

Dynamic Modelling and Gear Shift Simulation of Powertrains with Dual Clutch Transmissions

Environmental sustainability of water re-use using pulp mill effluent for irrigation

Evaluation Methods of Correlation Factors Between Concrete and Mortar Trial Mixes

Examination of the role of biofilms in infection with enteropathogenic Escherichia coli

Flexible Forms of Organising, Management Control Systems and Performance in Organisations Fighting Serious and Organised Crime

Fluidised bed biosorption-flocculation granular activated carbon (FBBSF-GAC) for membrane filtration in wastewater reuse

Founding Industry Member Of The Uts Industry Partner Program (IPP) Business Intelligence And Information Management Centre Of Excellence(Coe)Program

Fuzzy Measure-based Customer Segmentation

Generalized Information Fusion and Scheduling for Effective Situational Awareness

Generalizing Multi-level Decision Support Handling Multi-objectives, Multi-followers and Uncertainty for Critical Resource Planning

Gradient Permeable Reactive Barrier For Groundwater Remediation (2-5-05-05/6) - (Scholarship Variation)

Heritage and Sustainability - Modelling Environmental Performance of Historic Buildings in Xiao He Zhi Jie

How Does Grazing Contribute to the Development of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Drinking Water Reservoirs?

Improving a Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination (SWRO) Process: Novel Ti-Salt Flocculation as Pretreatment

Improving the Reliability of Catchment Modelling for Prediction of Large Floods

Innovative hands-free technology to give the severely disabled greater mobility control

Investigation into the feasibility of using localised mobile phone identification for traffic tracking in urban environments

Investigation of Factors that render Indigenous Communities in New South Wales Less Prone to Crime

Life-span prediction of cement-based construction materials

Management Practices For Hospitals

Multi-dimensional information of seawater quality in Australia

News and Community Conflict: examining the role of journalism in local conflict and conflict resolution

Ontology-based Agent-oriented Development Methodologies

Parkinson's Disease Medication Management Protocol Research Project: A Pilot Study (residential care)

Participatory Art and Design for Citizen-led Strategies and Solutions to Environmental Challenges

Performance & Ultimate Resistance Behaviour Investigation of Thermally Broken Aluminium Profiles Under Static & High Strain Rate Loading

Production of New Integrated Super and Hyper Plasticizers for High Quality Concrete

Risk Analysis and Control on E-Commerce Transactions

Risk Measurement for Large Portfolios under the Benchmark Approach

Stabilization of hydrology at waste disposal sites through revegetation

Study and design of body area networks using near field magnetic induction communication

Study on Advanced Electrical Drive for Modern Transportation Vehicles

Sustaining Practice Innovation in Child and Family Health

Testing Plywood Transom Road Bridge Girders

The Architecture of Academic Research

The Dictionary of Sydney

Time Dependent Response and Deformations of Composite Beams with Innovative Deep Trapezoidal Decks


A Commercially Viable, Innovative XML - Enabled Association Rule Framework

A Fixed Automation Solution to the First Gambrel Transfer in Sheep Processing

A New Photocatalysis Hybrid System in Wastewater Treatment for Reuse

A hands-free assistive control system for the severely disabled capable of operating under stressful and fatiguing conditions

A large memory, high performance computing system

ACID Scholarship - Adaptive Media - Damien Hills

ACID Scholarship - Adaptive Media - Julien Phalip

ACID Scholarship - Adaptive Media - Sarah Moss

Amphipod embryogenesis as a rapid bio-indicator of sediment quality

An Innovative Framework and Techniques for Trusted Mobile Interaction

An Innovative Fuzzy-based Modelling for Sustainable Cost Effective Management of Stormwater Drainage Assets

An Intelligent Automated Essay Marking Tool-MarkIT for Education Sector

Australian Research Council Network for Parasitology

Australian Research Council Network for Parasitology - partner contributions

Automatic real-time detection of infiltrated objects for security of airports and train stations

Communication in Family Planning Consultations: Comparing the Experience of Clients and Medical Practitioners

Community Networks: Human Communication as a source of sustainabilty in global Australia

Complex Resistivity Measurements of Interactions between Organic Chemicals and Sediments - 1-1-02-05/6

Constructing high resolution images from low resolution images for face recognition and other applications

Creating Sustainable Value Through Partnership Arrangements

Creator Project (Creative-cluster)

Data mining techniques for life long media applications

Design of Service Interfaces for e-Business Applications

Design of Wireless sensor and communication networks with fixed and mobile nodes.

Development of Low Cost High Performance Motor Drives for Electrical Appliances using New Soft Magnetic Composite Materials

Distributed Sensor Networks

Drivers of change: economic and management approaches to understanding efficiencies, effectiveness and innovation in selected major nonprofit performing arts companies

Ecological impacts of QX Oyster disease and its management strategies

Effect of Deep-Sea Drilling on Sustainability of Deep-Sea Ecosystems

Efficient Techniques for Mining Exceptional Patterns

Efficient and Effective Interactive Visualization of Large Graphical Information Spaces

Empirical and Analytical Study of Induction Temperature Sensing in Automated Production Processes

Engaging New Media: A Case Study on Community Building Through Digital Media in Western Sydney

Enhancing Mobility and Controlability of Powered Wheelchairs - Stage 1

Enhancing the independence of the severely disabled: Improving the detection rates of an EEG based brain computer interface (BCI)

Establishing the relationship between water characteristics and fouling of membranes used in water reuse

Evaluation Of Filtration Media Containing Recycled Organic Materials For Storm-Water Treatment

Expansion of Tissue Culture Facilities for a Preclinical Trial: Reversal of Diabetes in Dogs Using Liver Directed Gene Therapy

Gastrointestinal parasites and their diagnosis

Gradient Permeable Reactive Barrier for Groundwater Remediation - 2-5-05-05/6

Gradient Permeable Reactive Barrier for Groundwater Remediation - 2-5-05-05/6 - Research Scholarship Agreement

Impact of chemicals used in irrigation agriculture on macroinvertebrate biodiversity

Improving the Formative and Summative Assessment of Novice Computing Programmers

Indigenous Digital Collections for the Public Domain

Instant Concrete - Phase 2

Intelligent Agent and Semantic Web empowered eFinance: A Knowledge Management Approach to enable and sustain Innovation

Intelligent Task Allocation and Path Planning in Fully Automated Container Terminals

Investigating the impact of social and economic reforms on the construction cost management systems in China - A Beijing case study

Managing quality of experience delivery in new generation telecommunications networks with e-negotiation

Microwave Differential Imaging of Myocardium for Assessment and Therapeutic Monitoring of Transcatheter Cardiac Ablation

Mining Activity Transactions to Strengthen Debt Prevention

Musculotendinous stiffness and soft-tissue injury risk in elite Australian Rules Footballers

NZL Management Practices Project

Network Jamming

New Mobile Interface Techniques for Accessing Desktop Applications from Mobile Devices

Next Generation Municipal Mesh Network Technologies for Rural and Regional Broadband Provision and Community Development

Outside the Box: Australian television 2016

Performance of Reactive Filtration Material for Stormwater Treatment

Preparation of visible-light responsive titanium oxide (TiO2) nanoparticles with cationic and anionic dopants from wastewater

Project 13: Rational Method Developments

Project Order Variation - ACID Scholarships - Damien Hills, Sarah Moss, Viveka Weakley + Julien Phalip (new)

Providing End-to-End Quality of Service to Internet Applications

Reconceptualising heritage collections: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Museum Collections and Documentation

Robust State Estimation of Complex Multi Object Systems

Salinity and river biodiversity: varying salinity and other stressors

Scholarship: Othman Al-Mashaqbeh - Performance of Reactive Filtration Material for Stormwater Treatment

Setting an agenda: A study of political commentary in the media outlets of News Corporation

Situated design computing: a new paradigm to support design

Spider neurotoxins and molecular toxinology of ion channels

Stochastic rainfall generation for design flow estimation

Strategies and approaches to teaching and learning cross cultures

Supporting Student Self and Peer Assessment in Large Group Work Projects

The biosynthesis of structural proteins in parasites

Trialing and Evaluation of Results for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle

Trusted environment for virtual collaboration

Uncertain Information Processing for Situation Awareness and Dynamic Decision-Making in Emergency Management

Urban Interfaces

Urban Interfaces Scholarship - Viveka Weiley


A novel filtration-bioadsorption hybrid system in water treatment: Cleaner and safer water for small communities

ARHRF S'ship

An empirically-derived conceptual framework for designing usable and useful wireless mobile applications

Applying Method Engineering Techniques to the Construction of Agile Methodologies

CMCRC Scholarship

CMCRC Honours Scholarships For 2007 For Fiona Ball & Jie Liang Supervisors Prof D Stokes And Prof Mao Huang

COST 2100 Research Collaboration

China CIO Leadership Research Project

Communicating Shared Traditional Knowledge

Developing an Electronic Clearinghouse for Efficient and Unified Government and Corporate Online Procurement using Ontology-based Technologies

Development of Robust Control Systems for Magneto-Rheological Fluid-Based Smart Structures

Ensuring the Supply and Quality of Engineering Graduates with Attributes for the New Century

Gastrointestinal parasites and their diagnosis

Ground Water Modelling Projects: Cox's Creek Project

Grounding Cognitive Agent Behaviour in Virtual Worlds

Healthier Water: Innovative Processes for Arsenic Removal and Sludge Management

Innovative Engineered Timber Building Systems for Non-Residential Applications

Instant Concrete

Investigation into on-road vehicle rollovers using a combined rigid and flexible multibody model

Investigation of factors that render Indigenous communities in NSW more or less prone to crime

Linuxgym: A sustainable and easy to use automated developmental assessment tool for computer scripting skills

LittleBrother: Vision Systems Supporting Detection of Offenders in Public Places


Monitoring and Evaluation of Commonwealth Local Government Pacific Regional Project

Non-Invasive hypoglycemia detection using physiological responses

Ontology-Based Group Pattern Discovery Systems for Mining Multiple Data Sources

Our Content

Parklands, culture and communities: strategic research for building social, cultural and environmental capital in urban parklands

Phosphorous Release in Gross Pollutant Traps

Preventive health care: How compatible are clinicians' identity and practice with transition to the new roles that health reform requires?

Remotely Accessible Laboratories - Enhancing Learning Outcomes

Retrofit of Reinforced Concrete Beam-Column Connections with Fibre Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Composites

Spinal cord injury and other neurological conditions

Stories Told, Stories Heard? The role of leadership in communicating CSR policies within corporations and to the wider community

Supporting co-evolution of business processes and Web systems

The Curious Negotiator - committing only to that which is maximally non-committal

The Development of a Model for Confined Water Sensitive Urban Design (WSUD) Stormwater Filtration/Infiltration Systems for Australian Conditions

The Teaching of Novice Computer Programmers: Bridging the Scholarly Approach to Australia

The molecular basis for oocyst and cyst wall formation in apicomplexan parasites

Transforming the Blue: Changing the transport industry

Wellfield Optimisation using Particles as Surrogates for Groundwater Contamination - 1-1-03-05/6


A Novel System for Surveillance of Moving Objects

A Study on the Sustainable Urban and Natural Water

Assessing the endocrine disrupting capacity of treated sewage effluent using the estrogen receptor competitive binding assay

Autonomous Systems for Road Bridge Maintenance - Stage 1

Challenging Collaborations: Understanding and Facilitating Inter-Organisational Networks

Changing schools in changing times: Stabilising and sustaining whole school change in schools serving low-income communities

Characterisation and Analysis of Sol-Gel Derived Hydroxyapatite and Zirconia Nano-coating Interfaces with Anodised Titanium Sustrates

Compositional Variation of Organic Detritus in Botany Bay during the Holocene

Convex optimisation for control, signal processing and communication system

Creative Communities (original PO revision plus variations 1, 2 and 3)

Development of IFACCA Community Website

Development of Miniaturized Microwave Catheter Antennas and Monitoring Systems for Transcatheter Ablation for the Cure of Arrhythmias

Development of Visual Grading Rules for Recycled Timber - Timber Queensland

Dynamic decision making with uncertain information processing in emergency management

Efficient Strategies for Mining Negative Association Rules

Emergency Communication: Addressing the Challenges in Health Care Discourses

Exploring and supporting home literacy practices in low income families: Redfern, Waterloo, Glebe

Human Factors in Telepresence - Secondment to CSIRO ICT Centre

Identification of structural proteins in the tissue cyst wall of Toxoplasma gondii

Improving quality of life, learning outcomes and mental health in behavioural school students: An innovation psychosocial intervention.

Innovative Techniques to Optimise Aquaculture Yields using next Generation Sensing and Control Technologies

Lifted from the Ironing Board: The ABC Women's Session, 1935-1973

Low Emission Oil - Less Two Stroke Engine

Managing Knowledge in Web-Driven Organisational Evolution

Metamodel-based Methodology for Developing Agent-Oriented Systems

Microstructural study of VO2 phase transition

Mining Activity Transactions to Strengthen Debt Prevention: A pilot study

Natural Attenuation of Petroleum Hydrocarbons, Chlorinated Solvents and Other Chemicals in Groundwater Environments - 2-4-02-05/6

Novel Early Warning System for Hypoglycaemia

Numerical Modelling of a Prototype Free Piston Engine

One Step Pre-forms for Microstructured Polymer Optical Fibre

Optimal Transcutaneous Energy Transmission System (TETS) for an Implanted Artificial Heart

Optimised Calibration of Internal Combustion Engines Using Neural Networks

Relationships amongst water-use efficiency (carbon isotope discrimination) climate and hydraulic architecture of Australian trees

Review Current Activities And Organisational Structure, Regulatory Policies And Forecast Future Scenarios Of World's Leading Convergent Regulators

Scholarship top-up to Zia Moghaddam

Sir William Tyree Innovation Scholarship

The Evolution of Business Networks in Virtual Marketplaces

The impacts of nutrient enrichment and blue swimmer crabs on seagrass growth and survival in the Hawkesbury river estuary

Timber Framed Domestic Construction

Vegetation Water Use and Groundwater Recharge

Ventrassist Motor Characterisation

Virtual Communities (original PO plus variations 1,2 and 3)

Welcome to Television: A Cultural History of Australian Television 1956-1992


80046 - Implications of mega trends for Australia as a sustainable destination

80049 - A multi level tourism enterprise business planning simulator

A management model for preserving baseflow derived from the Kulnura - Mangrove Mountain aquifer

A scoping study of river flow measurements

An Abstracted Ontology and Application Generator for Web-Based Tourism Systems and Services - 80051

An innovative wastewater treatment system for the removal of persisting organic pollutants (POPs)

An ontology driven framework for legal software

Application of the MIEX DOC process to membrane hybrid systems for water reuse

Applying Method Engineering Techniques to the Construction of Agile Methodologies: A pilot project

Architecture-based Open Network Management Systems for Next Generation Telecommunications

Audit Report on the Performance of the Floodgate Server from Position Networks Pty Ltd

Australia - China Autonomous Entertainment Robot Service Grid

Cloud seeding and rainfall - fresh insights through a complex systems approach

Contagion: Screen based interactive

Cooperative Research Centre for Satellite Systems

Creative Collaboration - Use of Broadband Technology in Commercial and Public Spaces (Multiple Sensor Software)

Data Mining for trading signals in stock market

Debonding failure in CFRP strengthened concrete structure

Design-Driven Requirements for Internet-Enabled System Development

Development of a fuel control system for small two-stroke engines

Development of a passive sampler device for polar pesticides

Development of new-generation autoclaved cellulose fibre-cement composites using alumina-silica rich industrial waste

Digital Story Telling: As A Contribution To DADHC's Knowledge Management

Dynamic characteristics of hydraulically interconnected Kinetic Suspension systems

Effective management of challenging behaviours in cognitively impaired aged care residents through a research-based nursing care model

Enhancing Quality of Service of Multimedia Communications and Interactions over the Internet

Evaluating the role and impact of forensic DNA profiling in the criminal justice system

Gradient Permeable Reactive Barrier for Groundwater Remediation - 2-5-01-05/6 - Literature Review

Groundwater Modelling Project - Scoping Studies

Groundwater Scoping Studies Queensland - Project Number 2.2.10

Health Improvement Katoomba Program

Hydrodynamic Stability of the VentrAssist Blood Pump, an Experimental and Numerical Investigation

Intellectual Property in the Engineering syllabus - a model for integrating key but not core concepts across the disciplines.

Investigating the effectiveness of a new soil drainage and irrigation technology

Investigation into Dynamics of Powertrain equipped with Large Torque Continuously Variable Transmission

Maintaining Data Consistency in Weakly Connected Distributed Applications

Novel Procedures for the Forensic Analysis of Trace Evidence

Ontology Based Multisite Distributed Software Development

Ontology based enhancement of Corporate Tourism Systems: Pilot Project - Sub Contractors Agreement

Ontology based enhancement of corporate tourism systems: A pilot project

Outsourcing - Leveraging productivity improvements and better performance from new approaches

Protocols and Techniques for Characterising Sites with Subsurface Petroleum Hydrocarbons (Literature Review) 1-3-02-05/6

Provision of Income Reporting Data Analysis Services

Seagrass tolerance of oil spills - scaling and modelling pollution impacts

Security for Wireless Mobile Ad hoc Networks

Stream data mining in stock market

Suburban Communities

Technology Evaluation Agreement - Pilot Scale Experimental Investigation of a Combined Powder Activated Carbon Adsorption and Membrane Filtration Hybrid System for Wastewater Reuse

The BYSTANDER FIELD: immersive feedback environments for exhibiting and dramatically interacting with semiotic, aesthetic and emotional patterns in archived imagery.

The effects of customer club structure on club performance: A preliminary study to develop and validate scales

Virtual Collaborative Logistics and Partner-to-Partner Information Systems


A community learning centre to promote a culture of learning

A high level information architecture for the Australian Tourism Industry - 70042

Agent Oriented Concept Management

CLGF Asia Pacific Symposium on Local Government Service Partnerships

Commission Agreement - ACMI - Ernest Edmonds - Absolute_5 project

Components for Active Knowledge Portals

Design and Control of Sensorless, Brushless, Linear Permanent Magnet Motors for Fluid Pumping

Development of a new generation of sunbeam victa two-stroke engine

Diesel engine fault simulation and automated diagnostics

Electrical Imaging of Furrow Irrigation

Evaluation for Phase 2 of the Bridges Project

High Efficiency Low Cost Low Noise Variable Speed Compressor Drive for Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Systems

Mitigating soil acidity and minimising recharge of groundwater through coal-ash treatment

Mt Druitt Community Leadership Development Strategy

Outsourcing: Leveraging Productivity Improvements and Better Performance from New Approaches

Sustainable membrane bioreactors (MBR) : advancing from household to industrial - scale applications

UTS-RNSH Joint Fellowship for Development of High Performance Linear PM Motor Drive and Miniature Implantable Device

Understanding Online Gender: Structures and Use of Computer Mediated Communication and its Social Environments.

Understanding Quality of Experience in Experience Enriched (Next Generation) Networks

Using Panning Cameras for Non-Motion Detection

White noise and the moving image

World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII): Australia's lead role in creating global legal research infrastructure (Stage 3)


A Fundamental Study Of The Behaviour Of Clay Brick Fines In Autoclaved Calcium Silicate Based Building Products

A better way to remove arsenic from drinking water

Agreements, treaties and negotiated settlements with indigenous peoples in settler states: their role and relevance for indigenous and other Australians

CENTIE Telecollaboration

Developing natural herbal product to manage metabolic syndrome and prevent type 2 diabetes mellitus

Development of a novel filtration hybrid system in wastewater treatment and reuse

Development of electrical probes and advanced classification algorithms for early detection of cancer

Elemental Analysis of Layers in Banded Opals

Group Decision Support Systems for Fuzzy Multi-objective Decision Problems

Innovative Assistive Technology for Severely Disabled People

Mind Switch control of implantable stimulators for the profoundly disabled

Model Farms High School and Pioneer Street WSUD Investigation - Upper Parramatta River Catchment Trust

New Technology to Fight Crime and Terrorism: Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometer Facilities (LA-ICP-MS)

Novel Antenna Techniques For High Performance Indoor Wireless Communication Systems For Home and Business

Shaping E-markets by Timely Information Discovery

Stormwater Trusts Grant Stage 3 Project

Supply Chain Management and E-Procurement

To utilise the siphonic drainage knowledge and programming expertise of UTS researcher

Ventrassist Inverter Development

World Legal Information Institute (WorldLII): Australia's lead role in creating global legal research infrastructure (Stage 2)


20kW transverse wind turbine generator

A low cost solution to minimize hydrocarbon emission of small two-stroke engines

Creating and Assessing Processes for Object-Oriented and Component-Based Software Development

Developing a process of whole school reform focussed on learning in schools serving low SES communities: a collaborative action research project

Development of a downflow aerobic floating medium biofilter for wastewater treatment

Development of performance-improving structures for power station cooling towers

Discovery of temporal relations for pairs trading

Effective Techniques and Methodologies for Multi-Database Mining

Elemental analysis of layers in banded opals

Hanging sponge aerobic bioreactor and membrane - adsorption hybrid system: a novel two stage system in wastewater reuse.

Implementing Cost-effective Asessment Techniques to Facilitate the Management of Local Government Bridge Assets

Measurement and Modelling of 3D Magnetic Properties of Soft Magnetic Materials

Measuring and enhancing community capacity in outback NSW: the case of Broken Hill

Nanofiltration in Wastewater treatment for Reuse: Effect of Pretreatment for Long-term Application

Patterns of Knowledge Agreement

Quality of Service Control Mechanisms for Wireless Internet

Salinity Management in South-Eastern Australia, North-Eastern Thaliand and Lao PDR

Sir William Tyree Innovation Scholarship - Innovative product design conceptualisation with oil-less two-stroke engine as a case study

Strengthening energy policy analysis skills of energy professionals from Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam

The computational expression of interest by creative users

Transient Characteristics of Automative Transmissions








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