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Advanced machine learning theory and related applications

Advances in real-time satellite monitoring of flow in rivers and estuaries

Adversarial Reinforcement Learning and Performance Analysis

Air Pollution Cleanup-based water energy food nexus technology

Animal Logic Scholarship for Light field scanning

Applications and Technology of Electronic Nose

Arterial stiffness prediction based on Noninvasive Pressure Waveforms

Automated part repair using 3D scanning and supersonic 3D deposition

Boron removal using capacitive deionization (CDI) and ion exchange (IX) for Australian seawater reverse osmosis desalination plants

Characterisation of Amorphous Metal Materials for High-Frequency High-Power-Density Transformers

Deep correction of DNA sequencing errors by data mining algorithms

Design and develop of an innovative method for the estimation of diesel vehicle emissions for utilisation with non-invasive optical scanning methods

Development of compact and appropriate onsite sanitation technology for reducing public health hazards and environmental pollution in the urban areas of Bhutan

Development of improved forward osmosis (FO) membrane in collaboration with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) and a comprehensive performance evaluation of MCI FO membranes

Development of improved forward osmosis (FO) membrane in collaboration with Mitsui Chemicals, Inc. (MCI) and a comprehensive performance evaluation of MCI FO membranes

Feasibility study of applying active noise control on nature ventilation windows

Gas Metal Arc Welding Process Monitoring with Acoustic Sensing

Identifying optimal greyhound race track design for canine safety and welfare

Identifying optimal greyhound race track design for canine safety and welfare Phase 2

Implementation of the operational Phase of the Intelligent Internal Tool Kit for Critical Water Mains 

Integrated Directional Sound Reproduction with Parametric Array Loudspeakers

Intelligent sensing and robotics for sewer condition assessment

Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) 2020 competition

NSSN/Sydney Water CUPS Acoustic & Pressure Sensing

Nutrient recovery from urine via membrane bioreactor

PwC-Coke Indoor Delivery Robot

RMCRC-UTS Scholarship-2: Rail Infrastructure Defect Detection Through Video Analytics - student still to be confirmed.

RMCRC-UTS Scholarships - Big Data Analytics for Condition Based Monitoring and Maintenance

Real Driving Emissions and benchmarking of a hydraulic hybrid vehicle platform for commercial vehicles.

Research and development of an in-road scanning device to identify trucks with potentially faulty brakes

SLAM Research Based on Multi-sensor Fusion - Student: Mengya Xu

Stroke Rehabilitation System with Hybrid Human Machine Interface

Sydney Water Operationalisation of the ACAPFP

Technologies to manage wastewater and solid waste for cities and the industry

Trusted Fish Provenance and Quality Tracking System


A Bio-Inspired Climbing Robot for Cleaning and Painting Internal Surfaces of the Arches in the Sydney Harbour Bridge

A compact microphone array system for outdoor low frequency noise measurements

A low energy gravity fed membrane adsorption system for arsenic and bacteria removal from groundwater in developing countries

A new biomechanical model for understanding aging of stored Red Blood Cells

A study into the industrial application of laser Doppler vibrometry

Advanced measurement technologies for globally competitive Australian meat value chains

Characterisation of stormwater in Blacktown

Characterisation of stormwater in ku-ring-gai catchments

Cognitive Information Fusion - Phase 1

Conceptual design of a next-generation wind turbine

Deep Learning Smart Systems for Educational Management

Development of Precision Localisation Technology for a Mobile Platform Operating in Industrial Environment

Electrifying commercial vehicles in Australia

Feasibility study of applying active noise control on enclosures

Hybrid vigour and hybrid mimics in lentils

Industry 4.0 Testlab for Industrial Algae Production

Innovative Vibration Isolation Unit with Quasi-Zero Dynamic Stiffness

Investigative Study of Lead-acid Battery Failure in UPS System

Machine Learning Theory Based on Convex Optimization

Optimal Design of Solar Photovoltaic & Concentrated Solar Power System for Coal- Fired Power 

Pressurized forward osmosis - reverse osmosis processes for seawater desalination

Topology optimisation of mechanical metamaterials with additive manufacture

UTS-AZU Surgical Robotics Research Project Scoping Study

Ultra-Reliable and Cost-Effective Communication Infrastructure for Future Internet of Things (IoT)-Based Railway Applications

Urban liveability and smart cities 

Water Spray Lining Demonstration and Testing


A Bayesian Random Set Framework for Fusion of Hard and Soft Data: Theory and Methods

A Study of AC/DC Switching Power Supplies Performance

A supercapacitor-battery based hybrid energy storage system (HESS) for light Passenger EV application

Acoustic design of large exhaust mufflers for mining applications

Advanced livestock measurement technologies ALMTech Year 2

An Intelligent Robotic System for Underwater Structure Maintenance

Arnott’s Packaging Futures – Pilot Study

Catchment Needs Assessment Framework Phase 2

Developing an innovative functionalized nanofibrous membrane distillation to treat RO brine 13IFIP-B065893-01

Drone on Demand: additive manufacturing  (DIN Project)

Dual Input Clutchless Powershifting Transmission for EV and HEV Powertrains

Eco-driving technology for logistics transport fleet to reduce fuel consumption and emissions

Evidenced-based modelling of thin-film lubrication in total hip arthroplasty

Experimentation and Evaluation of Clunking Noise Control Strategies

Image analysis of Fire Trails with P300 - Proof of Concept

Implementation of a Control System for Multiple Underwater Gliders

Improved Navigation for Underwater Gliders

Improved polyelectrolytes for NOM removal to maximise water production in direct filtration water treatment plants

Integrated Passive and Active Control of Humming Noise from KCGM's Haul Trucks Project

Intelligent internal tool kit for critical water mains

Mechanics of Micro manufacturing novel composite micro drills

PWC robotics/mechatronics POC project

Reliable parameter estimation for dynamic systems with big data

SPARK-Miracles project

Securing Networked Control and Estimation Systems and Safeguarding Critical Infrastructure

Statistical Methods in Estimation and Control

Sustainable Process for Treatment of Waste-Water Reverse Osmosis Concentrate to Achieve Near Zero Liquid Discharge

System-Level Active Perception

TRANSFERRED OUT - Non-invasive prediction of adverse neural events using brain wave activity

Technology Development for 3D Human Body Scanning and Measurement

The Effect of Enhanced Biological Process Removal (EBPR) on Biosolids Conditioning and Dewatering

The State of the Art of Robotics and Automation in Construction – Army Applications

Topology Optimization for Integrated Design of Composite Structures and Materials and Applications in Bionic Robots

Variation to RMRCR/Downer agreement - Integrated Passenger Behaviour - Dwell Track

Vibration Analysis and Control of Clunking Noise for Digital Products


3D imaging for phenotypic trait estimation of beef and sheep carcasses

Acoustic design innovations for managing motorway traffic noise by cancellation and transformation

Chronic Pain and calcium permeable AMPA receptors

Development of audio characterisation algorithms and prototype acoustic software tools

Development of nanoparticles and molecular imprinted polymers-immobilized electrospun polymeric nanofibrous mats for environmental remediation

Estimation of oxygen consumption based on wireless wearable sensors

FIAL Proof of concept prototype

Gasworks Water treatment trials

Hybrid Vigour and Hybrid Mimics in crop species

IoT: LED light-based Multichannel Grid Communications Platform – Hardware Design

LED light-embedded Multichannel Grid Communications Platform – Software development

LP140100950 Assistive Robotic Systems for Augmenting Human Strength in Industrial Applications

Lithium Ion Battery Module Packaging and Testing - 1-113

Model-checking quantum Markov chains: towards verification techniques for quantum cryptographic systems

Mohamed Bin Zayed International Robotics Challenge (MBZIRC) 2017 competition

On-farm 3D camera system to assess traits in Angus cattle at feedlot entry

Performance of titanium salts compared to conventional FeCl3 for the removal of algal organic matter (AOM) in seawater

Predictive Analytics to enhance Ausgrid’s Safety Outcomes

Project Corgi - Phase 1 Proof of Concept (POC)

RMCRC Project 3.1.2: Integrated passenger behaviour, train operations diagnostics, and vehicle condition monitoring system

Reconstruction and Navigation for Endovascular Catheter Procedures by Intravascular Ultrasound and Electromagnetic Sensing

Scoping study for Development of Intelligent Robots for Electric Power Transmission Tower Maintenance

Smartphone application development for configuration of smart Bluetooth enabled fan controller

The Algae Prototype Panel (APP) Project

Ultrosound technology cooperation project


A Novel Hybrid Energy Storage System (ESS) for EV and HEV - analysis and experiment - Student Li (Eric) Sun - ID 4-108

Advanced Condition Assessment & Failure Prediction Technologies for Optimal Management of Critical Pipes

An Optimal Electrical Drive System for Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles

BLE-Enhanced Contextual Awareness for Targeted Yahoo Exposure

Built-in-Brake Wear Sensors II - Digital

Converter for Renewable Energy - Student Mohammad Jafari - RES14/913

DC Optimisation based synthesis of systems in control, signal processing and wireless communication network

Design and evaluation of direct metal laser sintered alloy automotive components for lightweighting -ID 1503

Developing an innovative high performance thin-film composite membrane using functionalized nanofibrous support layers for engineered osmosis

Development of Globally Optimal Solutions to Simultaneous Localization and Mapping for Robot Navigation

Dissecting key steps of the miRNA-mediated gene regulation and its implication in immune response and cancer

Enabling Methodologies for Automated Monitoring and Control of Robotic Grit-Blasting Process and Multi-Robot Collaborative Blasting

Enhanced and highly specific delivery of small interfering RNA and oligonucleotides as therapeutics for gene silencing

Evaluating the Benefits of Smart Technology in In-home Care Practice, Illawarra Retirment Trust (IRT) Foundation

Extended Life of 3D Injection Moulding Tool Inserts

Fault Detection and Isolation with Power Optimization in Wireless Body Sensor Networks

Feasibility Study of a Concept for a Rapid Response Internal Condition Assessment Tool

Incorporation of innovations in the 3D scanning process of manufacturing custom-shape inserts

Investigation of fatigue properties of direct metal laser sintered parts for automotive applications - ID1502

Longitudinal testing of Combitile impact attenuation flooring prototype

Maker Lab – Community Access to 3D Manufacturing

Multi-objective topological optimization with multiple constraints for complex structures

Non-destructive condition assessment of pole/pile/foundation structures and bridges based on guided waves and vibration measurements.

Pilot-scale test operation of an integrated forward - reverse osmosis system for mining wastewater treatment for reuse

Project Agr - Transmission for Plug-in Electric Vehicles (AutoCRC)

The function of small ribonucleic acid derived from the 5´ end of transfer ribonucleic acid (5´tRFs) in the regulation of gene expression and the control of the cell cycle

Understanding and predicting freezing of gait in Parkinson's Disease

Variation - Advanced Condition Assessment & Failure Prediction Technologies for Optimal Management of Critical Pipes

 Smart Incontinence Management method during normal physical activity with simulated urinary incontinence


A study of policies on consumer adoption of electric vehicles

An Image Processing Based Method to Estimate Cotton Requirements for Nitrogen Fertiliser

Control of the Honda Walking Assist device based on active admittance and inertia compensation

Cross Car Beam - Aluminium Foam for Down Gauging

Development of EMG-based Decision Support Tool for Diagnosis of Neuromuscular Disorders

Development of a Deployable Climbing Robot for the SHB Inspection and Condition Assessment

Development of assays for the capture and detection of prostate (cancer)-derived exosomes and exosomal markers

Electricity Demand: Emerging Trends, Underlying Influences and Issues

Heavy Metal/Metalloids Remediation from Drinking Water by Innovative Adsorbents

High quality water reuse through devloping of membrane hybrid system for persisting organic pollutants removal including PPCPs

Improved design and control of brushless doubly-fed reluctance machine generators for wind power applications

Intelligent Robotic Diver for Underwater Bridge Pylon Cleaning and Inspection -- Scoping Study and Robot Design

Machine alignment system for remote operation

Membrane adsorption bioreactor hybrid system as a pre-treatment to reverse osmosis desalination - EOI accepted - NCED

New Dawn for Value Based Trading Systems in the Beef and Sheep Meat Industries - NSW DPI

Recommending local vehicle charging standards: a comprehensive review of vehicle charging standards, international trends, Australian fleet trends

Road-Deposited Sediment Pollutants: Measurement of Mobility and Bioavailability

Simulating the Australian carpark: Modelling vehicle-life CO2, fleet mix and policy levers

Smart sewer monitoring system

The Optimisation and Improvement of Direct Filtration Pre-treatment to Reduce both Organic and Bio-fouling of RO Membranes

The Potential of Non-coding RNAs in Saliva and Urine as Biomarkers of Prostate Cancer

The improvement of whiplash performance through the application of a reactive lumbar support system

Vehicle objects detection and road terrain classification

Water4India - Smart, Cost-effective Solutions for Water Treatment and Monitoring in Small Communities in India. Decison Support System Integration - EU FP7-ENV-2012-one-stage SP1 Co-op Collab Project







A Fixed Automation Solution to the First Gambrel Transfer in Sheep Processing

A hands-free assistive control system for the severely disabled capable of operating under stressful and fatiguing conditions

An Innovative Fuzzy-based Modelling for Sustainable Cost Effective Management of Stormwater Drainage Assets

Design of Wireless sensor and communication networks with fixed and mobile nodes.

Development of Low Cost High Performance Motor Drives for Electrical Appliances using New Soft Magnetic Composite Materials

Distributed Sensor Networks

Empirical and Analytical Study of Induction Temperature Sensing in Automated Production Processes

Enhancing Mobility and Controlability of Powered Wheelchairs - Stage 1

Enhancing the independence of the severely disabled: Improving the detection rates of an EEG based brain computer interface (BCI)

Expansion of Tissue Culture Facilities for a Preclinical Trial: Reversal of Diabetes in Dogs Using Liver Directed Gene Therapy

Gradient Permeable Reactive Barrier for Groundwater Remediation - 2-5-05-05/6 - Research Scholarship Agreement

Intelligent Task Allocation and Path Planning in Fully Automated Container Terminals

Managing quality of experience delivery in new generation telecommunications networks with e-negotiation

Microwave Differential Imaging of Myocardium for Assessment and Therapeutic Monitoring of Transcatheter Cardiac Ablation

NZL Management Practices Project

Preparation of visible-light responsive titanium oxide (TiO2) nanoparticles with cationic and anionic dopants from wastewater

Robust State Estimation of Complex Multi Object Systems

Scholarship: Othman Al-Mashaqbeh - Performance of Reactive Filtration Material for Stormwater Treatment

Spider neurotoxins and molecular toxinology of ion channels

Trialing and Evaluation of Results for an Unmanned Underwater Vehicle












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