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Active Management of Complex Non-self finalising Behaviours through Deep Analytics

Adaptive robust closed-loop real-time BCI systems with minimum calibration (BCI-ARMC)

Analytics Model to Support Strategic Planning in a Regulatory Environment

Artificial Intelligence enhanced life insurance underwriting automation and optimisation

Big Data Machines: Internet-Scale Machine Learning Techniques to Combat the Curse of Big Data

Close Environment Optimization of Intelligent-Smart LED Systems (Phase 2)

DP150103008 - UQ Led - Indexing Large Video Databases to Support Efficient Query Processing

Development of self-learning algorithms for decision support tool for smart aviation maintenance

Donation to UTS Innovation & Enterprise Research Laboratory

Enhancing Communication using Small Quantum Devices

Exploring new interaction techniques for mobile applications used by field technicians - Phase 1

Mutually Adaptive & Closed-Loop Overall Performance Management System (BCI-maBCI)

Semantic Indexing of Large Scale Video Archives

Study and Validation of Pervasive Sensor Systems for Logistics

Supporting the Build of Project Sentinel

Tailor’s Mark: UI/UX Prototype Development (Stage 1)

The Analysis and Interpretation of Real-Life EEG and non-EEG Data Collected in Two Unprecedented Longitudinal Studies (RWN-VDE2)

Transport Data Science and Advanced Analytics

TreeManager 2

UAV Flight Formation with Deep Matching

Unlocking the value of data across the red meat industry value chain

Verification of quantum cryptographic protocols: a process algebra approach

Visual Computing and Big Data Research


ASIC Executive Analytics Workshop

Adaptive Digital Business Ecosystem Modelling

Advertisement Recommender and Visual Analytics Tools

Algorithms and complexity for testing isomorphism of algebraic structures

Big Data Big Impact Grant: Deep Learning of Complex Genomics Data for Effective Clinical Decisions

Call Log Analysis via Text Mining

Close Environment Optimization of Intelligent-Smart LED Systems

Colonial First State (CFS) Internship

Content recommendations based on user interactions and unstructured data within Atlassian's Confluence product

EU FP7 CIP ICT PSP 2013 VOICE - Virtual Open Incubation Ecosystem - led by Aalborg University

Enabling User-Centric Wisdom Engines for Big Information Network Search

Energy Consumption Model

EnviroFrontier - Tree Manager System

Fuzzy Transfer Learning for Prediction in Data-Shortage and Rapidly-Changing Environments

Health Linked Data Utility Analysis - Risk Stratification Tool for Australia Health Care Home

Indexing Large Video Databases to Support Efficient Query Processing

Indexing Large Video Databases to Support Efficient Query Processing

Intelligent cloud based applications for milk logistics (Phase 2)

Interactions between aberrant transcriptional programs and methylation in primary myelodysplasia and leukaemia

Learning under Concept Drift for Adaptive Decision Support Systems (DP150101645)

Location-aware Frequent Pattern Mining from Uncertain Spatial Transaction Data

Model-checking quantum Markov chains: towards verification techniques for quantum cryptographic systems

Nonlinear Transfer Distance Metric Learning for Gleaning Knowledge from the Crowd

On Improving the Efficiency of Video Recognition

Optimising teaching and learning with mobile intensive pedagogies DP150101214

Post Thesis Industry Scholarship

Quantum Privacy: A Mathematical Foundation and Novel Solutions for Highly Secure Communications

Research & demonstrate at concept level a Real-time Data Supply System for a planned Cloud-based Milk Tanker road-safety Anti-roll-over monitoring system for a tanker manufacturer.

SharkSafe: Automatic Shark Detection

Supra-classical quantum simulation in physically restricted models of quantum computation

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A Commercially Viable, Innovative XML - Enabled Association Rule Framework

ACID Scholarship - Adaptive Media - Damien Hills

ACID Scholarship - Adaptive Media - Julien Phalip

ACID Scholarship - Adaptive Media - Sarah Moss

An Intelligent Automated Essay Marking Tool-MarkIT for Education Sector

Community Networks: Human Communication as a source of sustainabilty in global Australia

Creator Project (Creative-cluster)

Efficient Techniques for Mining Exceptional Patterns

Efficient and Effective Interactive Visualization of Large Graphical Information Spaces

Improving the Formative and Summative Assessment of Novice Computing Programmers

Intelligent Agent and Semantic Web empowered eFinance: A Knowledge Management Approach to enable and sustain Innovation

Managing quality of experience delivery in new generation telecommunications networks with e-negotiation

Mining Activity Transactions to Strengthen Debt Prevention

Network Jamming

Next Generation Municipal Mesh Network Technologies for Rural and Regional Broadband Provision and Community Development

Project Order Variation - ACID Scholarships - Damien Hills, Sarah Moss, Viveka Weakley + Julien Phalip (new)

Reconceptualising heritage collections: Multidisciplinary Approaches to Museum Collections and Documentation

Strategies and approaches to teaching and learning cross cultures

Supporting Student Self and Peer Assessment in Large Group Work Projects

Trusted environment for virtual collaboration

Uncertain Information Processing for Situation Awareness and Dynamic Decision-Making in Emergency Management

Urban Interfaces

Urban Interfaces Scholarship - Viveka Weiley