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A Novel Non-GPS Based Positioning, Navigation and Timing Solution for Reconnaissance Missions

A provable privacy-preserving data sharing system for the cloud environment

Advanced machine learning theory and related applications

Animal Logic Scholarship for Lightfield scanning

Applications and Technology of Electronic Nose

Automated Sheep Counting in the Live Export Industry

Automated part repair using 3D scanning and supersonic 3D deposition

Beef Export Supply Chain Tracking - a Pilot Trial

CSIRO-UTS Collaboration on Big Data Technologies

Characterisation of Amorphous Metal Materials for High-Frequency High-Power-Density Transformers

Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Measures

Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning

Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning (Part 2)

Developing a truly intelligent water meter through advanced data analytics (15133)

Enforcing Labour Standards in Supply Chains through Multi-Stakeholder Collaboration (CBSI)

GPU acceleration for simulating financial systems

Image-based phenomics for biodiversity discovery

Imitation learning for structured prediction in Natural Language Processing

Industry 4.0 Testlab for Industrial Algae Production

IoT Data Fabric and Analytics Driven Energy Exchange Between Microgrids and Utility Grids

Learner Attention Analysis via Computer Interaction Behaviours

Low Power IoT Design for Remote Telemetry

Micro-supercapacitors on silicon with superior power densities based on solid source MXenes growth

Network Slicing Demonstrations

Perceptive Cellular Communication Networks

Promoting Wagyu Beef Traceability between Japan and Australia

Quantitative analysis of structure and material based on deep learning segmentation and identification in medical imaging

RMCRC and Sydney Trains: Responsive Passenger Information System - Stage 2

RMCRC-UTS Scholarship-2: Rail Infrastructure Defect Detection Through Video Analytics - student still to be confirmed.

RMCRC-UTS Scholarships - Big Data Analytics for Condition Based Monitoring and Maintenance

Reducing Interference Among 3G/4G/5G Dual-Band Base Station Antenna Array

Scoping Study of Hybrid Antenna Arrays for High Power Jamming Suppression

Smart Beaches - The project will deliver safer and cleaner beaches, better beach facilities and improved provision of beach services. The project will enhance community digital literacy and participation and provide an integrated smart beach analysis and sharing platform.

Stipend for OpenFlow Research

Trusted Fish Provenance and Quality Tracking System

Video analytics and narrative generation

Wearable Realtime Localisation and Dosimeter Device


3D cell tracking for high content screening

A Simple Approach for Audio and Music Separation

APR Internship: Making any pen SMART!

Advanced Data Analytics for Scene Understanding in Large Scale Multimedia Datasets

Advanced Smart City Data Analysis – Advanced Arabic license plate recognition and Speaker verification through voice signal analysis

Behaviour Discovery for Real Time Strategy Games

Beyond Context: Exploring Semantic Similarity for Small Object Detection in Crowded Scenes

BigPrivacy: Scaling privacy preservation for big data applications on cloud

Blockchain based IoT for Supply Chain

Data Security in VANET Cloud

Defence against Data & Device Integrity Attacks in Internet of Things (IoT)

Developing Blockchain-centric quantitative user activeness measures and incentive mechanism over virtual network environment

Distributed Control and Estimation in Networked Environments

Distributed Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Measures

Efficient Coding for Distributed-input Distributed-output Wireless Systems

Electronics of the future: self-powering wireless circuit design

INT - 0527 & Automatic Code Compressions: Kha Anh Vo (Student)

Investigative Study of Lead-acid Battery Failure in UPS System

Machine Learning Theory Based on Convex Optimization

Mobile officing supported by Data Visualisation & Document Recognition of Archive Documents under Extreme Complex Settings

Multi-functional Antenna Arrays for Secure and Reliable Wireless Systems

Natural language processing for analysis of systematic reviews

Natural language processing for analysis of unstructured data

OTFS Study

Optimal Design of Solar Photovoltaic & Concentrated Solar Power System for Coal- Fired Power

Post-partum App - Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy

Predictive Maintenance Models for Sydney Trains

Protect Data in Decentralized Mobile VANETs

Re-Engineering Internet Timekeeping for Scalability, Accuracy, and Trust

Reconfigurable Conformal Antenna Arrays for Broadband in the Sky Networks

Remote Tank Diagnostics and Insight

Scatter Correction and Detector Crosstalk Modelling for Fast CT Imaging Systems.

Scoping Study for Massive MIMO Beamforming for Tactical Communications

Security for 5G/IoT Network Infrastructures using SDN/NFV Technologies

Ship type identification from learned satellite image databases

Sydney Trains bus replacement timetables using advanced optimization

The Data Ring: Privacy-Preserving Distributed Data Analytics

Towards Reliable Traffic Surveillance Via Camera

Ubiquitous Communications for 5G Networks

Ultra-Reliable and Cost-Effective Communication Infrastructure for Future Internet of Things (IoT)-Based Railway Applications

Variation to RMRCR/Downer agreement - Integrated Passenger Behaviour - Dwell Track

WiFi Sensing for Behavior Recognition


A Study of AC/DC Switching Power Supplies Performance

Advanced Smart City Data Analysis – License plate and audio event recognition

An Energy Efficient and Secured Scheme for Adaptive MAC Protocols in Sensor Networks with application to Underwater Acoustic Networks

CSIRO (manufacturing) post graduate top up scholarship

Comparative Verdicts Machine Learning Proof of Concept

Comprehensive Cloud Application

D X-­‐ray screening to support productive and efficient processes in the meat industry

Drone on Demand: additive manufacturing  (DIN Project)

Embedding SDN capability into the Exablaze suit of switches and NICS - Stage 2

Emergency Treatment Performance Master Classes

Experimentation and Evaluation of Clunking Noise Control Strategies

Frequency Based Timetable using advanced Optimisation

Graphene on SiC as outstanding functional and structural nanomaterial for applications from the nano- to the macroscale

IoT-enabled water controller research and implementation

Jollychic Intelligence Design System

Optimal Targets for Emergency Treatment Performance

Scheduler UI/UX research and implementation

Shared Curriculum Design, Delivery and Assessment in Engineering Fundamentals

Synthetic Aperture Radio Holography for High Resolution Remote Sensing

TRANSFERRED OUT - Cost efficient scheduling of big data application workflows on cloud through information correlation

Tactical Behaviour Discovery - Real Time Strategy Games

Tailor’s Mark: UI/UX Prototype Development (Stage 1)

Technology Development for 3D Human Body Scanning and Measurement

The State of the Art of Robotics and Automation in Construction – Army Applications

UAV Flight Formation with Deep Matching

User-based Radio Spectrum Harvesting System

Vibration Analysis and Control of Clunking Noise for Digital Products

Virtual anatomy and medical tomography image restoration for clinical medical diagnosis and surgery rehearsal

Wireless Data Delivery for Workplace Wearable Technology





Airports of the Future

Big Data, Big Impact Grant: Generating Actionable Knowledge from Complex Genomic Data for Personalised Clinical Decisions.

Cloud Data Storage Security and Privacy Issues - Student: Xuyun Zhang

Collaboration with Shanghai Jiaotong University and other partners to build a Research Network for Big Data Analytics

Collaborative Sensing and Information Delivery in Future Internet of Things

Cost effective storage of massive intermediate data in cloud computing applications

Debt Collection Optimisation

Detecting Significant Changes in Organisation-Customer Interactions Leading to Non-Compliance

Effective Profiling and Detection of At-Risk Taxpayers to Strengthen ATO Compliance

Exploring new tools in non-linear filtering and control - DP110105066

Fertilisers as draw solutes for forward osmosis desalination: A novel approach for fertigation in the Murray Darling Basin

Membrane flocculation hybrid system as pretreatment to brackish and sea water reverse osmosis desalination system: Emphasis on chemical use reduction and recovery

Performance testing of broadband networks

Properties and Characterisation of Magneto-Rheological Materials under Rotating Magnetic Field Excitation...

Quality of Service (QoS) of 4G Broadband Wireless Networks

Step-climbing attachment for powered wheelchairs - prototype development

Using Smart Phones and Integrated Methodology in a Field Trial to Understand Tourist Dispersal Beyond Gateway Cities

Virtual Clothing Fitting by using a Mobile phone

















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