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A comparison of DCEs with choice sets of size 2 and DCEs with various choice set sizes for the valuation of the EQ-5D

A sustainable and supported clinical pathway for managing anxiety and depression in cancer patients: Developing and evaluating components and testing implementation strategies

Advance Care Planning in outpatient clinics study – extension

Assessing preference heterogeneity with respect to MND treatment. A discrete choice experiment

CSRI questionnaire data analysis (CHERE)

Development and psychometric testing of EQ-5D-5L bolt-on descriptors for vision and cognition: A study in the UK and Australia

Economic evaluation of the impact of speech pathology on criminal justice outcomes

Evaluation of early implementation of the Connect to Wellbeing Service (CHERE)

Exploring methods to evaluate and compare primary care spending (CHERE)

MSAC 1590: Review of Immunoglobulin use funded under the National Blood Agreement for Multifocal motor neuropathy (MNN) - (CHERE).

NHMRC The CRISP Trial: an RCT of risk assessment and decision support to implement risk-stratified colorectal cancer screening in primary care.

NSW Health ABF costing project

Price setting and price regulation in the residential/long term care sector: Case study for Australia (CHERE).

Provision of a consultancy for the evaluation project for the Health Care Home model

Temperature-related thresholds for mortality and health service use in Victoria

The Medicare Safety Net and its impact on moral hazard, equity and welfare


A multi stage multi centre international randomised trial of Conventional care Or Radioablation (stereotactic body radiotherapy) for Extra-cranial oligometastatic disease in lung, breast and prostate cancer (CORE)

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) - Extension

Centre of Research Excellence in Medicines and Ageing APP1060407

Centre of Research Excellence in the Finance and Economics of Primary Care

Comparative analysis of remote health and aged care services (CHERE)

Demonstrating the Role of Intermediate Clinical Endpoints for Cancer of the Prostate (ICECaP) in Estimating Economic Value”

Development of an Ethical Framework and Resources for Decision-making in the Application of Genomic Sequencing and Personalised Medicine in Paediatric Oncology

Evaluating a shared care pathway intervention to reduce chemotherapy outpatients’ unplanned presentations to hospital (ESCAPI)

Framing effects when valuing EQ-5D-Y health states in a latent scale DCE

Health Technology Assessments and critiques for MSAC

Healthy Living after Cancer

Hospital Costs Analysis for IHPA: A Multilevel Modelling Approach

Increasing the use of long-acting reversible contraception: The Australian Contraceptive ChOice pRoject (ACCORd)

Independent Review Work with Agency for Care Effectiveness (ACE), Singapore

Long-term Nerve Damage in Cancer Survivors: Identification of Risk Factors and Optimal Assessment Strategies GNT1080521

Low dose computer tomography (CHERE).

People-centred health systems

Quantitative evaluation of patient preferences for diabetes interventions

Reducing Inappropriate Polypharmacy for Older Australians

Review of the Multi-Purpose Services (MPS) Program

SCORE: Shared care of Colorectal cancer survivors – A randomised controlled trial of hospital-based follow up versus shared hospital / community follow up for survivors of colorectal cancer

STATEC: A randomised trial of non-selective versus selective adjuvant therapy in high risk apparent stage 1 endometrial cancer

Services for Impact Analysis of Allocating Residential Aged Care Places to Consumers

Specialist analysis of the aged care sector

The implementation of a Decision Aid for women with early-stage breast cancer considering contralateral prophylactic mastectomy: a pilot study

The proPSMA study (A prospective multicentre study of the impact of Ga-68 PSMA-PET/CT imaging for staging high risk prostate cancer prior to curative-intent surgery or radiotherapy)


Advise on the design, analysis and evaluation of a preference-based measure to value quality of life for people with a diagnosis of dementia or cognitive decline

Assisting in developing a trial in early stage non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) which will compare surgery with a form of radiation therapy called stereotactic ablative radiotherapy (SABR)

Australian Predicting Infectious ComplicatioNs In Children with Cancer (PICNICC) project

Australian-American Health Policy Fellowship Program

Birth Costing The Place of Birth in NSW

CMCRC PhD Scholarship - Mohammad Habibullah Pulok

Crusted Scabies Elimination Program

Determining The Best Outcome Measures For Assessing Cost-Effectiveness Of Interventions For Childhood Mental Disorders

Does continuity of primary care reduce demand on emergency department presentations and hospital admissions? - GNT1078345

Evaluation of the Statewide Eyesight Preschooler Screening (StEPS) Program

Evaluation of the Western NSW Integrated Care Strategy

Extending the QALY project – testing the face and content validity of candidate items within the Australian context

Furthering the DCE research agenda: Comparing anchoring and design methods for the valuation of EQ-5D

Harvard University international health care costs study

Health economic and Pharmaco-economic National services for 13 Multi-site National Cancer Collaborative Clinical Trials groups

Investigating the safety and efficacy, quality of life, cost-efficiency and immune potential of high precision lung radiotherapy

Learning and Growth for Mental Health – Evaluation of the South Eastern Sydney Recovery College

Markov Modelling versus Partitioned Survival Modelling to determine the real-world cost-effectiveness of oncology drugs.

NPS Impact Evaluation

Pharma cluster Australian expert

Post-reform accommodation payments in residential aged care facilities

Postdoctoral Researcher Scholarship - CMCRC

Precision medicine and health economics

Preparation of briefing papers for ELDAC

Price Setting and Price Regulation in Health Care: Case Study for Australia

Provision of Product Evaluation Services

Resolve: A new treatment - sensorimotor retaining with Explaining pain - for chronic low back pain

Returns on investment to workplace mental health interventions

Risks And Imminent Danger: an analysis of the endogeneity between high-risk prescribing, potentially preventable hospitalisations, age and time to death (RAID)

Systematic literature review and a costing model of the Australian patient population with Crohn disease or ulcerative colitis that is hypersensitive to sulphonamides

The CRISP Trial: an RCT of risk assessment and decision support to implement risk-stratified colorectal cancer screening in primary care

The identification of unmet need for people requiring Palliative Care

The impact of the new Indigenous Australians’ Health Program Funding

Understanding how patients and carers make decisions in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Treatment

Valuing EQ-5D-5L in Australia: A comparison of the EQ-VT protocol and DCE with duration


A qualitative approach to understanding what aspects of health are important to people

A qualitative approach to understanding what aspects of health are important to people – Australian extension

CHEST Australia: reducing time to consult in primary care with symptoms of lung cancer

Chemotherapy- induced Peripheral Neuropathy: Assessment strategies, treatment and risk factors - 14/TPG/1-05

Comparing DCE designs that can be used to value EQ-5D-5L

Detailing the costs of preparing paediatric transplant materials

Developing an Australian valuation for the EQ-5D-5L Quality of Life Instrument

Estimating the willingness to pay to estimate to avoid the negative impacts of foodborne disease

Evaluation of the Brisbane North Team Care Coordination

Explaining recent trends in enterprise agreement making

Health Outcomes Analytics

Mental Health of Young People with Developmental Disabilities

Nanny state or good public policy: Do the benefits of mandatory health programs justify the loss of consumer choice?

National Registration and Accreditation Scheme: Review of Accreditation Systems

OECD Health Committee 2017-2018 study of Primary Care

Preparation and scoping for the Health Economics portion of the ASCOLT Study

Risk management and funding structures: an econometric panel data analysis of health insurance in Australia - ARC DP110100729

The relationship between the EQ-5D and surgical outcomes in a large Australian registry of percutaneous intervention patients

Validity of quality of life measures: the perspective of people with dementia and their caregivers

Valuing health using a new quality of life instrument


ARC MIA - Leveling the playing field: Starting with the School Playground, (Lead USyd), DP140101792

Desktop Review and rapid stakeholder consultation of the palliative care needs of people aged between 25 and 65 years facing an anticipated premature death.

Discrete choice experiments (DCEs) to explore a range of attributes of food labelling in relation to irradiation

Economic modelling of the South Australian Statewide survivorship network

Estimating the Positive Benefits of Schedule 3 Consumer Advertising

Health economics services for the feasibility study of an integrated, patient-centred psychosocial care model for patients with urological and head and neck cancers

High Risk Prescribing in older Australians

IDEAL project: Improving Dementia End of Life Care at Local Aged Care Facilities

New approaches to describing and valuing quality of life: application and implications for economic evaluation - Australian Public Health Fellowship

Provision of expert consultants to evaluate submissions to the pharmaceutical benefits advisory committee

Scoping literature around costs/health care resource use in cancer patients with an anxiety disorder

The Provision of a Report on the Effectiveness of Mandatory Folic Acid Fortification of Wheat Flour for Bread Making, and Mandatory Iodine Fortification of Bread

The impact of duration on EQ-5D-5L value sets derived from a Discrete Choice Experiment

The relative value of social outcomes in Health Technology Assessment

Using DCE with duration to value EQ-5D-5L: Simplifying the task completion process

Valuing health states in context