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A New Photo-Bioreactor For The Large-Scale Axenic Culture Of Coral Symbiotic

A low energy gravity fed membrane adsorption system for arsenic and bacteria removal from groundwater in developing countries

Analytics to predict anaerobic codigestion & downstream process performance

Characterisation of stormwater in Blacktown

Characterisation of stormwater in ku-ring-gai catchments

Characteristics and Analysis of Water Treatment Coagulants

Development of a novel adsorbent and cost-effective method to extract economically valuable rubidium from sea water DP150101377

Endpoints for Petroleum LNAPL Remediation - Technology Performance and Risk Reduction

Energy efficient membrane-based hybrid system for sustainable desalination

Engineering photosynthesis for sustainable food, fuels and chemicals

Field assessment of the botanical biofiltration of air pollutants

Industry 4.0 Testlab for Industrial Algae Production

Liquid-phase hydrogen carriers for energy storage and delivery

New Polyelectrolytes to Improve Natural Organic Matter Removal from Water

PJ Scientific Donation for PG C3 Research Support

Past experiences and recent advances on use of intelligent compaction for earth fill, granular and stabilised soils

Pressurized forward osmosis - reverse osmosis processes for seawater desalination

Removing a Key Barrier for Autotrophic Nitrogen Removal from Wastewater

Resolving the warming East Australian Current's impact on a marine food web

Rheological measurement of digested sludge

Understanding the molecular basis of hybrid vigour in rice - Student: You Zhang

Urban liveability and smart cities

Validation of technology developed for organic micro-pollutant removal from the Sydney Olympic Park Water Reclamation and Reuse Scheme

Young Henry's Algal Carbon Capture




210Pb and radiocarbon dating reveal history of carbon sequestration in coastal wetlands

A Dynamic Model for Australian Seagrasses - Bojana Manojlovic (student)

A semi-pilot scale absorption study for heavy metals removal from wastewater

Curtailing the Adverse Effects of Expansive Soils on Roads Applying a New Remediation Technique Incorporating Bagasse Ash and Fibre

Developing an innovative high performance thin-film composite membrane using functionalized nanofibrous support layers for engineered osmosis

Enhanced Analysis of Load Transfer Mechanism and Deformation Estimation for Ground Improvement using concrete injected columns (CIC)

Fate of Light in Optically Complex Coastal Waters and the Physiological Implications of Bio-optical Niche Partitioning for Carbon Cycling by Phytoplankton - Student: Charlotte Robinson

Novel Solar-driven Fibreoptic Photocatalysis Hybrid System for Groundwater Treatment (

PS Optimization of High Lipid Yield Microalgae - Supriya Guruprasal (student)

PS and Heterosis in Flowering Plants - Tina Liu (student)

Pilot-scale test operation of an integrated forward - reverse osmosis system for mining wastewater treatment for reuse

Polytitanium coagulant for water purification: A systematic investigation to identify mechanisms and benefits over today's technologies

Testing a novel green wall system for bioparticle emission and the abatement of indoor air pollution

Testing the waters: impacts of contaminants on ecosystem structure and function in urban waterways

The feasibility of algae building technology for inside energy generation in Sydney


Australian Rainfall and Runoff - Technical Editor: Research Editorial and Publishing Support

Can coral optics explain coral bleaching susceptibility?

Development of a molecular biology tool kit to monitor dredging-related stress in Zostera muelleri ssp. capricorni in the Port of Gladstone

Environmental Risk Assessment of Nanomaterials for Soil and Groundwater Remediation (3.1.2-11/11)

Heavy Metal/Metalloids Remediation from Drinking Water by Innovative Adsorbents

High quality water reuse through devloping of membrane hybrid system for persisting organic pollutants removal including PPCPs

Influence of contamination on Sydney Harbour Bacterioplankton

Macromolecular mapping of coral symbionts under bleaching stress conditions

Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster

Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster - WP 1 - Carbon sequestration, stroichiometry and stores potential or representative Australian coastal ecosystems

Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster - WP 2 - Bethnic Community Metabolism and Benthic-Pelagic Coupling

Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster - WP 3 - Pelagic Community Metabolism in Australian Coastal Waters

Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster - WP 4 - Scaling up to Regional Inventories and Data Assimilation and Parameter and Model Uncertainties

Marine and Coastal Carbon Biogeochemistry Cluster - WP 5 - Communication

Membrane adsorption bioreactor hybrid system as a pre-treatment to reverse osmosis desalination - EOI accepted - NCED

Novel Oxygen Sensing Tools for Monitoring the Effects of Dredging on Australian Seagrass Communities

Ocean acidification and marine trophic dynamics: investigating macromolecular changes in Antarctic phytoplankton in high CO2 waters

Response to and Recovery from Heat Stress: Thermal Tolerance of Australian Arid Land Vegetation

Road-Deposited Sediment Pollutants: Measurement of Mobility and Bioavailability

Synthesis and characterisation of thin film nanocomposite membrane for low energy forward osmosis desalination application -(Student Scholarship Soleyman Mamisaheby)

The Optimisation and Improvement of Direct Filtration Pre-treatment to Reduce both Organic and Bio-fouling of RO Membranes

Volume Reduction and Biosolids Conveyance

Water4India - Smart, Cost-effective Solutions for Water Treatment and Monitoring in Small Communities in India. Decison Support System Integration - EU FP7-ENV-2012-one-stage SP1 Co-op Collab Project


A new end use of recycled water for sustainable Australian water

A novel forward osmosis electrosorption hybrid system for energy-efficient operation and life cycle assessment

A transportable containerised laboratory for rapid cell sorting and high-resolution bioimaging of living aquatic microbes in field locations

Characterising the Performance and Fouling of Hollow Fibre Membranes (AWRCoE Fellowship)

Characterising the performance and fouling of hollow fibre membranes

Development of a 20m span Bridge for PNG using Engineered Wood Products

Does urban greening influence the indoor and outdoor air quality of the City of Sydney?

Dynamics of Sedimentary Carbon in Seagrass Meadows - PADI

Evaluation of 8040 Forward Osmosis Module

Fertilisers as draw solutes for forward osmosis desalination: A novel approach for fertigation in the Murray Darling Basin

Marie Curie Fellowship - Advanced concentrate treatment for integrated membrane based water reuse systems (ACTIWATE)

Membrane bioreactor as a pre-treatment to sea water reverse osmosis desalination and water reuse - Student: Anil Shrestha

Membrane flocculation hybrid system as pretreatment to brackish and sea water reverse osmosis desalination system: Emphasis on chemical use reduction and recovery

Novel technologies to resolve the role of organic matter on iron chemistry and bioavailability in the South Pacific Ocean

Peridinin-chlorophyll-protein complex: unraveling the unique photosynthetic apparatus of dinoflagellates in response to climatic variation.

Photodesorption Phenomena and Photoreactive Nanosorbent Materials for Water and Wastewater Purification

Pilot-Scale Fertiliser Driven Forward Osmosis Desalination of Brackish Groundwater for the Murray River - National Centre of Excellence in Desalination (NCED)

Recycling water and nutrients using a high-rate membrane bioreactor coupled with an ion-exchange system

Tjunjunjarra Remote Inland Indigenous Community Solar/Waste Energy Groundwater Desalination Project





Advanced Membrane Technology for Enhanced Desalination

An Optimal Integrated Immersed Membrane System as Pre-Treatment for Reverse Osmosis Desalination

Analysis of Rainfall Spatial Variability in Warragamba Catchment

Cost effective in-line filtration system to improve water quality in rainwater tanks

Development of a new, efficient and cost effective advanced membrane bioreactor for Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Environmental sustainability of water re-use using pulp mill effluent for irrigation

Fluidised bed biosorption-flocculation granular activated carbon (FBBSF-GAC) for membrane filtration in wastewater reuse

From the Ice to the Open Ocean: Threats to Phytoplankton Productivity in Antarctica from a Changing Climate - Scholarship: Katerina Petrou

Gradient Permeable Reactive Barrier For Groundwater Remediation (2-5-05-05/6) - (Scholarship Variation)

How Does Grazing Contribute to the Development of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Drinking Water Reservoirs?

How Does Grazing Contribute to the Development of Cyanobacterial Blooms in Drinking Water Reservoirs?

Impact of The East Australian Current on Water Chemistry, Bio-Optical Properties and Coastal Primary Productivity in the NSW Region

Improving a Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination (SWRO) Process: Novel Ti-Salt Flocculation as Pretreatment

Improving the Reliability of Catchment Modelling for Prediction of Large Floods

Investigating phytoplankton population structure to assess connectivity along Australia's East coast - Visit to North America.

Multi-dimensional information of seawater quality in Australia

Provision of Production Data to Support Biogeochemical Modelling of Water Storages


A New Photocatalysis Hybrid System in Wastewater Treatment for Reuse

An Innovative Fuzzy-based Modelling for Sustainable Cost Effective Management of Stormwater Drainage Assets

Establishing the relationship between water characteristics and fouling of membranes used in water reuse

Estimating Primary Production in Reservoirs Using Advanced Optical Techniques

Evaluation Of Filtration Media Containing Recycled Organic Materials For Storm-Water Treatment

Gradient Permeable Reactive Barrier for Groundwater Remediation - 2-5-05-05/6

Gradient Permeable Reactive Barrier for Groundwater Remediation - 2-5-05-05/6 - Research Scholarship Agreement

Improved Phytoplankton Community Composition Estimates Using HPLC

Performance of Reactive Filtration Material for Stormwater Treatment

Photosynthetic condition of Southern Ocean phytoplankton

Preparation of visible-light responsive titanium oxide (TiO2) nanoparticles with cationic and anionic dopants from wastewater

Project 13: Rational Method Developments

Salinity and river biodiversity: varying salinity and other stressors

Scholarship: Othman Al-Mashaqbeh - Performance of Reactive Filtration Material for Stormwater Treatment

Seagrass tolerance of oil spills - scaling of pollution impacts

Stochastic rainfall generation for design flow estimation

Unraveling foodweb relationships in the Northern Tasman Sea: A hotspot for climate change

When corals bleach, what is the weakest photosynthetic link?

Zooplankton as Indicators of Water Quality in Reservoirs












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