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(Phase 2) Data-driven and intelligent human resource hiring, upskilling and churn prediction

ARC Centre of Excellence for Mathematical and Statistical Frontiers of Big Data, Big Models, New Insights

Adversarial Machine Learning for Input Feature Obfuscation

Automated, real-time monitoring of bird and flock movement and behaviour.

Beyond Video Captioning: Video Storytelling and Surveillance Using Deep Learning Techniques - Student: Zhanzhong Gu

Blockchain driven payroll management application (Phase 2)

Colonial First State Investments Limited Research Collaboration

Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Measures (additional hardware purchase for 325720/1032875/PRO19-8977)

Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning

Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning (second extension)

Detect, Explore and Neutralize NEW threats using advanced Machine Learning

Digitisation of mobility solutions process and costing

Dose and Pattern of Adverse Effects in the Diagnosis of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders: A Secondary Analysis of Data from Five Cohorts (TBC - resubmission)

Food Agility CRC- Research Theme Convenor (RTC) and Deputy Chief Scientist (DCS)

Improving the Faculty of Engineering and IT Building's Visibility

Industry 4.0 implementation in a short-run sheet metal manufacturing environment

Intelligent machine-learning methodology for real-time network management framework

Intelligent technological integrations for enhancing LED uptake

Manufacturing SME Database Design to Service Digital Twin Capability

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Advanced Stochastic Interference - Student: Yunce Zhao

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Fog Computing: A Cloud to the Ground Support for Large Scale Machine-to-Machine Networks - Student: Wenhua Wang

PHD Programme with Southern University of Science and Technology - Research on Complex Event Detection Based on Multiple Modalities and Skip-Gram Model - Student: Xin Zheng

Product Recommendation Systems with Multimodal Content Analysis and Optimisation

Reshaping superannuation practice in Australia using big data analytics

Smart Batteries Using Predictive Data Analytics at Cloud

Trajectory completion via deep learning


(Extension No. 2) QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

AI Enhanced Life Insurance Underwriting System and Insights of Mental Health

Automated Sheep Counting in the Live Export Industry

Blockchain driven payroll management application

Childhood cancer from the inside out: using virtual reality to create certainty in clinical decisions using complex Genomics

Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Measures

Data Streaming Platform with Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Assets

Data-driven and intelligent human resource hiring, upskilling and churn prediction

Deep Bypass: Clear & Dark Real-time Traffic Profiling with Deep Learning (Part 2)

Deep correction of DNA sequencing errors by data mining algorithms

Diary provenance - From the farm to the consumer's table

GPU acceleration for simulating financial systems

Garuwanga: Forming a Competent Authority to Protect Indigenous Knowledge

Imitation learning for structured prediction in Natural Language Processing

Implementing a national clinical pathway for pain to ensure equitable, cost-effective, evidence based, person-centred care for people with advanced breast cancer

Industry 4.0 Testlab for Industrial Algae Production

IoT Data Fabric and Analytics Driven Energy Exchange Between Microgrids and Utility Grids

KeyPlayer FinQ Android App Development

Learner Attention Analysis via Computer Interaction Behaviours

Long non-coding RNA expression improves the risk profiling and treatment outcomes for patients with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

Low Power IoT Design for Remote Telemetry

Measuring financial literacy

Multi-factor automation, intelligent processes and data capture for digital Human Resources (HR) (Phase 2)

Next Best Action Analytics

QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

RMCRC and Sydney Trains: Responsive Passenger Information System - Stage 2

RMCRC-UTS Scholarship-2: Rail Infrastructure Defect Detection Through Video Analytics - student still to be confirmed.

RMCRC-UTS Scholarships - Big Data Analytics for Condition Based Monitoring and Maintenance

SFRC establishment and pilot work of using game theory and time series based prediction model for renewable electricity pricing forecasting

Smart Beaches - The project will deliver safer and cleaner beaches, better beach facilities and improved provision of beach services. The project will enhance community digital literacy and participation and provide an integrated smart beach analysis and sharing platform.

Smart Infrastructure and Transport Analytics

TreeManager2 Ranking Matrix

Trusted Fish Provenance and Quality Tracking System

Video analytics and narrative generation


3D cell tracking for high content screening

A Simple Approach for Audio and Music Separation


Advanced Analytics on a Data Platform without Data

Advanced Data Analytics for Scene Understanding in Large Scale Multimedia Datasets

Advanced Data Mining Methods for Analysing Real Estate Data

Advanced Data Mining Models for Stock Market Analysis

Behaviour Discovery for Real Time Strategy Games

Beyond Context: Exploring Semantic Similarity for Small Object Detection in Crowded Scenes

Big Data Machines: Internet-Scale Machine Learning Techniques to Combat the Curse of Big Data

Blink Secure Tech: Machine Learning-based approach for enterprise security assessment (Phase 1)

Capital Markets Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) - Extension

Catchment Needs Assessment Framework Phase 2

Catchments needs assessment framework 3 for NSW rivers (CNAF3, variation to Phase 2)

Data Science Innovation - Customer Representations and Chatbot

Data Security in VANET Cloud

Data mining to measure financial advice value in superannuation

Data mining to measure superannuation engagement

Deep Learning Smart Systems for Educational Management

Developing Blockchain-centric quantitative user activeness measures and incentive mechanism over virtual network environment

Distributed Counter-Unmanned Aerial System Measures

Economically Efficient Green Logistics through Cyber Physical Systems

Evaluation of various technologies for engineering GPU-based High-Performance Cloud

Explore and model the relationship between price, supply and demand in the container shipping market

Extension No.1: QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

HBGDki collaboration - Quantifying Healthy birth, growth and development knowledge integration

INT - 0475 & Data Fusion for Household Surveys:  Sohelia  Gheisari (Student)

Intelligent data-driven market gap prediction for developing new products and services

Intelligent digital concierge for hotel micro-stays and recommendations to customers

Learning from Multi-modal and Multi-source Data

Leverageing artifical intelligence and genome editing for treatment of AML

Mobile officing supported by Data Visualisation & Document Recognition of Archive Documents under Extreme Complex Settings

Natural language processing for analysis of systematic reviews

Natural language processing for analysis of unstructured data

PSC - PMES Data Analytics

Predictive Maintenance Models for Sydney Trains

Random Number Generation and Analytics for Client Understanding

Remote Tank Diagnostics and Insight

Robust Intelligence: Rational Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty

Study of on-road vehicle vibration patterns and their co-correlation and relationship to item use, maintenance events and life cycle

Sydney Trains bus replacement timetables using advanced optimization

Targeting leukaemia specific regulatory elements for the treatment of intermediate and high risk patients

Towards multi-factor automation, intelligent processes and data capture for digital Human Resources (HR)

Using advanced analytics and AI techniques in digital traffic systems & guided selling


Active Management of Complex Non-self finalising Behaviours through Deep Analytics

Analytics Model to Support Strategic Planning in a Regulatory Environment

Artificial Intelligence enhanced life insurance underwriting automation and optimisation

Australian Red Cross - Joint Research Appointment of a Biostatistician

Big Data Big Impact Grant: Deep Learning of Complex Genomics Data for Effective Clinical Decisions

CSIRO - Appointment to adjunct science Fellow within the division of Mathematics, Information & Statistics - Dr Louise Ryan

Close Environment Optimization of Intelligent-Smart LED Systems (Phase 2)

Comparative Verdicts Machine Learning Proof of Concept

D X-­‐ray screening to support productive and efficient processes in the meat industry

Donation to UTS Innovation & Enterprise Research Laboratory

Emergency Treatment Performance Master Classes

Frequency Based Timetable using advanced Optimisation

IP Australia Machine learning research

Incentive Design for Ethereum-based Stablecoin Systems

Joint Research Appointment of a Biostatistician with the Sax Institute

Jollychic Intelligence Design System

One year extension to Louise Ryan project with Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Optimal Targets for Emergency Treatment Performance

Semantic Indexing of Large Scale Video Archives

Study and Validation of Pervasive Sensor Systems for Logistics

Supporting the Build of Project Sentinel

Tactical Behaviour Discovery - Real Time Strategy Games

Tailor’s Mark: UI/UX Prototype Development (Stage 1)

Technology Development for 3D Human Body Scanning and Measurement

Transport Data Science and Advanced Analytics

Virtual anatomy and medical tomography image restoration for clinical medical diagnosis and surgery rehearsal

Wireless Data Delivery for Workplace Wearable Technology


ASIC Executive Analytics Workshop

Advertisement Recommender and Visual Analytics Tools

Aggregated passenger number prediction for transport for NSW

An Evaluation Framework for Tax Incentives and Concessions

Call Log Analysis via Text Mining

Close Environment Optimization of Intelligent-Smart LED Systems

Colonial First State (CFS) Internship

Content recommendations based on user interactions and unstructured data within Atlassian's Confluence product

Data Analytics System for VET Industry Private and Public Stakeholders

EU FP7 CIP ICT PSP 2013 VOICE - Virtual Open Incubation Ecosystem - led by Aalborg University

Enabling User-Centric Wisdom Engines for Big Information Network Search

Health Linked Data Utility Analysis - Risk Stratification Tool for Australia Health Care Home

Intelligent cloud based applications for milk logistics (Phase 2)

Interactions between aberrant transcriptional programs and methylation in primary myelodysplasia and leukaemia

Location-aware Frequent Pattern Mining from Uncertain Spatial Transaction Data

Mining Large Negative Correlations for High-dimensional Contrasting Analysis

Non-compliance regulatory hot-spots

Nonlinear Transfer Distance Metric Learning for Gleaning Knowledge from the Crowd

Optimizing Bus-Bridge during Train Service Interruptions

Post Thesis Industry Scholarship

Predictive Analytics to enhance Ausgrid’s Safety Outcomes

Predictive agricultural forecasting

Research & demonstrate at concept level a Real-time Data Supply System for a planned Cloud-based Milk Tanker road-safety Anti-roll-over monitoring system for a tanker manufacturer.

Roam cvm comparison and visualization for transport for NSW

TRANSFERRED OUT - Multiview Complete Space Learning for Sparse Camera Network Research

Thermal Analytics on Object Temperature Changing in Mining Environment

Unsupervised Multi-Author Document Decomposition

Waiting times operational forcast for transport for NSW


A Framework for Physical and Social Collaboration: Towards the Smarter Planet Vision

A Machine Learning Perspective to Image Processing and Understanding

Advanced Analytics to Reveal Novel Insights into ‘Worth of Water’

Analytics Engagement Framework for NSW Trustee and Guardian

Analytics for Client Engagement- W/O no 15.11-1-1-1

Asset Pricing with Social Interactions, Adaptive Learning, and Differences in Opinion - DP130103210

Attention and Intention of Social Robotics

Building Deep Insights and Advanced Care Giver - Client Workforce Modeling

Detection of Sybil Attacks and their Countermeasures in Cluster-based LEACH Protocol - Student Mian Ahmad Jan

Developing Predictive Models for Income Protection Insurance Claims

Development of Mahout-based recommender engine for real-time streaming health data (Phase 1)

Discovering Deep Insights Into SG Contribution

Implementation of intelligent process mining frameworks for IoT-enabled devices

Integrated Power Systems for Caravans and RV's

Integrating Choice Set Formation and Taste Heterogeneity in Market Segmentation

Intelligent Cloud-based system for remote monitoring of production supply chains (Stage 1)

Massively Parallel Algorithms for Bayesian Inference and Decision Making

Modelling and Discovering Complex Interaction Relations Hidden in Group Behaviours in Businesses, Online and Social Communities

PSC Workforce Profile Data Quality Assessment and Potential for Advanced Analytics

Real Time 3D Non-rigid Surface Tracking Through Microsoft Kinect Platform

Technology and Prototype Development of Human Action Recognition in Shopping and CheckOut Areas 

The paradox of choice: Unravelling complex superannuation decisions














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