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(Extension No. 2) QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

A General Neural and Fuzzy Fusion Engine for Human-Machine Autonomous Systems

AI Enhanced Life Insurance Underwriting System and Insights of Mental Health

An automation tool for detecting and consulting code compatibility on Android apps

Big Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) Data Retrieval and Classification Based on Cognitive Style

Blockchain driven payroll management application

Characterisation of Amorphous Metal Materials for High-Frequency High-Power-Density Transformers

Childhood cancer from the inside out: using virtual reality to create certainty in clinical decisions using complex Genomics

Data Streaming Platform with Artificial Intelligence for Industrial Assets

Data-driven and intelligent human resource hiring, upskilling and churn prediction

Deep correction of DNA sequencing errors by data mining algorithms

Developing a truly intelligent water meter through advanced data analytics (15133)

EEG Neurofeedback as a Treatment for Spinal Cord Injury Pain: A Pilot Study

Efficient Processing of Large Scale Multi-dimensional Graphs

Fast convolutional neural network structue for mobile devices

How Fatigue Changes Autonomy Use

IoT Data Fabric and Analytics Driven Energy Exchange Between Microgrids and Utility Grids

Micro-services-based architecture for unstructured and structured data storage and data analytics

QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

Recommendation for Billboard Advertising Space with Deep Learning

SUSTech Scholarship - Jinliang Deng

TreeManager2 Ranking Matrix


A Bibliometric Study for Australia’s Artificial Intelligence Research: Methodology and Case Study


Adaptive Value-Flow Analysis to Improve Code Reliability and Security

An Automatic Software Application Prototyping System

Big Data Machines: Internet-Scale Machine Learning Techniques to Combat the Curse of Big Data

Blink Secure Tech: Machine Learning-based approach for enterprise security assessment (Phase 1)

Brain-state drift detection and management for uncertainty estimation and human performance modeling (ACA-BSDD) & related projects

Bussing Optimization Model Validation and Implementation

Combining Hand-Crafted and Deeply Learned Features for Logo Detection over Large Scale Imaginary Data

Data mining to measure superannuation engagement

Deep Learning Smart Systems for Educational Management

Deep Learning for EEG-based Fatigue Assessment

Economically Efficient Green Logistics through Cyber Physical Systems

Efficient and Scalable Subgraph Search from Big Graphs in Cloud

Evaluation of various technologies for engineering GPU-based High-Performance Cloud

Explore and model the relationship between price, supply and demand in the container shipping market

Extension No.1: QScreen – A novel and innovative system for pre-employment healthcare assessments

Face Detection, Verifcation and Recognition in Video Frames

HealthSense: Technological Human Health sensors capable of providing feedback and Intervention

INT - 0475 & Data Fusion for Household Surveys:  Sohelia  Gheisari (Student)

Intelligent data-driven market gap prediction for developing new products and services

Intelligent digital concierge for hotel micro-stays and recommendations to customers

Random Number Generation and Analytics for Client Understanding

Recommender Systems for New Properties

Robust Intelligence: Rational Decision-Making under Risk and Uncertainty

SharkSafe: Automatic Shark Detection

Study of on-road vehicle vibration patterns and their co-correlation and relationship to item use, maintenance events and life cycle

Towards multi-factor automation, intelligent processes and data capture for digital Human Resources (HR)

Using AI and Drones for Security and Surveillance


Adaptive robust closed-loop real-time BCI systems with minimum calibration (BCI-ARMC)

Adding Artificial Intelligence into Playtec for user experience enhancement

Algorithms and complexity for testing isomorphism of algebraic structures

Applying NLP and Text Mining to enhance Therapeutic Goods Administration’s capabilities in data analytics

Artificial Intelligence enhanced life insurance underwriting automation and optimisation

Big Data Big Impact Grant: Deep Learning of Complex Genomics Data for Effective Clinical Decisions

Catchment Needs Assessment Framework Phase 2

Close Environment Optimization of Intelligent-Smart LED Systems (Phase 2)

DP150103008 - UQ Led - Indexing Large Video Databases to Support Efficient Query Processing

Development of self-learning algorithms for decision support tool for smart aviation maintenance

Donation to UTS Innovation & Enterprise Research Laboratory

Image analysis of Fire Trails with P300 - Proof of Concept

Incentive Design for Ethereum-based Stablecoin Systems

Learning under Concept Drift for Adaptive Decision Support Systems (DP150101645)

Modeling and Analysis of Stochastic Systems with Perturbed Parameters

Mutually Adaptive & Closed-Loop Overall Performance Management System (BCI-maBCI)

Semantic Indexing of Large Scale Video Archives

Study and Validation of Pervasive Sensor Systems for Logistics

Supporting the Build of Project Sentinel

The Analysis and Interpretation of Real-Life EEG and non-EEG Data Collected in Two Unprecedented Longitudinal Studies (RWN-VDE2)

UAV Flight Formation with Deep Matching