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Journal articles

Bell, DA & Zhang, C 1990, 'Description and Treatment of Deadlocks in the Hecodes Distributed Expert System', IEEE Transactions on Systems, Man and Cybernetics, vol. 20, no. 3, pp. 654-664.
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Jay, CB 1990, 'A note on natural numbers objects in monoidal categories', Studia Logica, vol. 48, pp. 389-93.

Jay, CB 1990, 'Languages for triples, bicategories and braided monoidal categories', Cahiers de Topologie et Géométrie Différentielle Catégoriques, vol. 31, pp. 67-81.

Jay, CB 1990, 'The structure of free closed categories', Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, vol. 66, pp. 271-285.


Stewart, BW & Catchpoole, D 1990, 'Structural analysis of replicating DNA following exposure to cytotoxic drugs: implications for current models of DNA synthesis in mammalian cells', Anti-Cancer Drug Design, pp. 141-147.
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Jay, CB 1990, Extending properties to categories of partial maps, no. ECS-LFCS 90–107, Edinburgh Univ., Dept. of Comp. Sci..