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Journal articles

Faro, B, Abedin, B, Cetindamar, D & Daneshgar, F 2025, 'Dynamic capabilities for nimbleness and resilience in a continuous digital transformation: action design research in an Australian financial services organisation', Journal of Enterprise Information Management, pp. 1-27.
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Hamdi, FM, Ganbat, N, Altaee, A, Samal, AK, Ibrar, I, Zhou, JL & Sharif, AO 2025, 'Hybrid and enhanced electrokinetic system for soil remediation from heavy metals and organic matter', Journal of Environmental Sciences, vol. 147, pp. 424-450.
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Yu, H, Park, MJ, Wang, C, Liang, D, He, T, Naidu, G, Han, DS & Shon, HK 2025, 'Integrated sulfonated poly ether ketone membrane capacitive deionization for lithium recovery from diluted binary solutions', Separation and Purification Technology, vol. 352, pp. 128064-128064.
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