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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander participation in child protection decision making in NSW

Australia and EU roadmap for sustainable finance: A comparative study (CBSI)

Blockchain based IoT for Supply Chain

Connecting Communities: A Project to Prevent Modern Slavery

Copyright and Cartography: Understanding the past, shaping the future

Creating a National Framework for Student Partnership in University Decision-Making and Governance

Current Issues for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Consumers of Financial Services & Successful Regulatory Measures to Achieve Effective Consumer Protection

Designing Responsive Regulation: Consumer and public participation in rule-making within a converged communications environment

Evaluation: Northern Territory Legal Aid Commission Social Support Worker Initiative

Garuwanga: Forming a Competent Authority to Protect Indigenous Knowledge

Improving Gender Diversity in Companies (CBSI).

Multinational Corporations and their Subsidiaries (CBSI)

Regulating Relations: Forming Families Inside and Outside Law's Reach

Regulation of Indigenous Safety Strategies: Night Patrols and Policy

Research participation by older people with impaired decision-making capacity: a scoping review of consumers’ perspectives and experiences.

Student Voice Pilot: initiating a sustainable program for student partnership in Australia.

The Australian Environmental and Planning Law Library

The Last Outlaw: Making a Nation from the Crimes of Jimmy Governor

The Legal Regulation of Behaviour as a Disability

Transformative Technology for Migrant Workers

What is a Document? Evidentiary Challenges in the Digital Era



AAG - NEMP Evaluation

AAG- Recovery From Non-natural Disaster Event

AGD4: Forced Marriage Grant

An Evaluation Framework for Tax Incentives and Concessions

Asbestos Safety and Local Government

Bellingen Service Delivery Reviews

Brighton Council -Workforce Planning Training for South East Tasmanian Councils

City of Sydney- Creative Spaces

Civica- Perspectives on the Library Digital Space Experience.

Civica- The Challenges of Leading in a Digital-First Environment

Development of the Implementation Plan to support Jobs for people with disability: A plan for the NSW public sector

Dubbo Regional Council- Councillor On-Boarding Training

Dubbo Regional Council- Development of an Organization Structure

GER - Development of Strategic Plan for Great Eastern Ranges Limited

Gwydir Council- 2017 Local Government Innovation Grant Deliberative Panel

International Students and the Fair Work Ombudsman

Jewish House Crisis Accommodation Program

Lismore City Council -Richmond Tweed Regional Library Governance Model

Litchfield Council Library Services

Livingstone Shire Council- Organizational Health Check Review

MIDROC Regional Strategic Plan & Development of Entity

Mornington Shire Council- Service Mapping and analysis

NSW EPA - Bin Trim Success Factors and Legacy

NSW LaHC-Social Infrastructure Needs Analysis and Social Impact Assessment

NSW State of Inclusion Conference

National Indigenous Research and Knowledge Network

Options to Enhance the Australian Health Service Safety and Quality Accreditation Scheme

PMHC - Analysis of Operating Efficiency

PMHC - MIDROC Regional Strategic Plan & Development of Entity

Penrith City Council- THINK BOLD Forum and Development of Place-based Organizational Architecture

Port Macquarie-Hastings Council - Analysis of Financial Ratios

Research related position funded by a gift/donation from the Neilson Foundation to Anti-Slavery Australia

Residential Apartment Strategy - Strata Sector Baseline Research

Shoalhaven Council - Community Development Service Review

Social Impact Assessment for the Sydney Zoo

Sylvester & Browne Lawyers - Social Impact Expert Witness regarding the Development Application D/2016/810 for 37-41 Oxford Street, Surry Hills


















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